Fix the YouTube Kodi addon



Fix the YouTube Kodi addon. Recently due to API licenses and support being stopped. The official YouTube addon for Kodi has stopped working resulting in a broken Kodi addon.

This has impacted a few addons that use YouTube videos within their content.


So if you have the official YouTube Kodi addon installed and have been facing problems. Fear no more the guys over at KAOSbox have fixed the problem by modifying the original addon with a new API license.

This will simply update your YouTube Kodi addon to make it work properly again. This will fix the YouTube Kodi addon problem that many of you have been facing. This will also fix the problem in other addons that use YouTube for some of their video content.


So, to Fix the YouTube Kodi addon simply:


  • Go to SYSTEM.
  • Select from the submenu FILE MANAGER.
  • Double click on ADD SOURCE.


Fix the YouTube Kodi addon


  • Enter and click DONE.


Fix the YouTube Kodi addon


  • Select NONE and enter something, let’s use Kodimaster.


Fix the YouTube Kodi addon


  • Click DONE and then OK.
  • Go to HOME once again and select SYSTEM.
  • Select Kodimaster.
  • Download the
  • Now go back.
  • Select Kodimaster Repository.
  • Select Add-on Repository.
  • Select KAOSbox Repo.


The YouTube addon is now updated and ready to use in your addons.


Enjoy guys!


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Once again, until next time … Peeeaacccee!


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