Fix YouTube Error on your Kodi Setup

Good Evening Guys and Girls I have had lots of tweets regarding the YouTube error that a lot of you are getting on your Kodi Devices when using a Third party addon that scrapes Youtube for its content. Thanks to FrenchDj for this very quick and easy fix. Hope this helps guys.


Fix YouTube Error on your Kodi Setup

Fix YouTube Error on your Kodi Setup

Good Evening Guys I have had quite a few Tweets regarding an Error that a lot of the Kodi Addons that scrape YouTube are giving an unexpected YouTube Error when trying to play a video. Here is the very simple fix.

Big Thanks to FrenchDJ the dev of AliveHD and Documented HD for this fix until the YouTube Addon is officially updated.

You will need to Download and update to Version 6.0~Alpha 6 Bromix version which is available via its Github Page HERE

Install the addon

Home Screen -Addons – Settings -Enable Unknown Sources.

Home screen – Addons – Addon Browser

Install from zip file – Locate the zip you just saved –

Wait for Addon enabled notification.

Hopefully this will help a few of you out until YouTube addon is updated.

Thanks again FrenchDJ



Fix YouTube Error on your Kodi Setup


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