Forking Hell – What is a Forked Addon Kodi

Forking Hell - What is a Forked Addon Kodi

Welcome to If you are reading this elsewhere click HERE to read original.In This blog we take a look at what a Kodi addon is,What a fork of a Kodi addon is. We take a look at the recent boom in Kodi Fork addons and which ones are the best to use at the moment.


Forking Hell – What is a Forked Addon Kodi

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Forking Hell – What is a Forked Addon Kodi

How a Kodi Addon works.

A Kodi addon is a basic plugin that you can install onto Kodi Media Centre. It is coded in Python which is widely taught in our schools to secondary school pupils.

This could inspire one of you to have a go at making your very own addon. I have also included a video from our friends over at Noobs and Nerds that claims you could become a Kodi Developer within an Hour.


A Scraper Kodi addon is coded very much like a Search Engine depending on the addon it may scrape Multiple sites (Covenant, Elysium) or as my example below just one site :-

This is ​ site new episodes page.


How a Kodi addon works




This is ​rlseries addon new episodes page.

How a Kodi addon works




The add-on scrapes the information off of the site. i.e picture, link to page (where the hosts or seasons are) & Name.



This is the next page on the site Episodes are displayed.

How a Kodi addon works


This is the next page on the add-on. Episodes ​are displayed

How a Kodi addon works


As you can see on this page the addons scrape the info about the episode, The IMDB info & the Names & links to the next pages where the links are.



This is the last page where the links to the host are displayed on the site




On this page are the links/hosts that you can use to stream links that are supported in URLresolver & the Debrid resolver if you have an account they will show up in the add-on.

This is where the add-on passes over to URLresolver which will resolve the link & play via Kodi player.

As you can see the addon have NO control over what hosts/links they post.

The addon don’t post any content on these sites they just scrape them for information.

Sometimes host resolver’s stop working & the URLresolver devs will fix them when reported.

Sometimes links get dmca takedown notices & site hosts have to remove the links.

The addon can only scrape what the site has, if the site doesn’t have an A/Z section the add-on can’t have an A/Z section.

​If the site has a less functional search then the add-on will have a less functional search.

If sites change their layouts, code or move URL, the add-on will stop working or won’t work the way it’s meant to until changes are made to the addon code to rectify this.

Most Web sites don’t like Kodi Addons scraping their sites due to loss in add revenue. Hence why some have agreed to the pairing option as they get a small revenue from this.

Some sites/hosts try to block/stop are add-on scraping their sites.

Some sites can’t be scraped or are just to much of a headache to do so.

This is just a brief insight into how our add-ons work, sometimes there can be hours & hours of coding involved to get the add-on working the way the developer wants.

Not all add-ons are the same, different Devs code in different ways.

The Following Video from Noobs and Nerds will show you how to make your own addon in minutes.


So What is a Fork?

A Kodi addon Fork is an addon that has used another addon as base code. The addon ID and Name must be changed to reflect the new addon. Improvements and new code must be added to the addon and the developer must continue to update and support the addon.  Obviously you cant use other developers addon contents.

This is the beauty of open source software. It is always polite to add thanks to the original developer in addon.

If you just change the name and artwork this is called a clone and very much frowned upon within the community. These are normally produced by Fly by night people who cant even code. These clones only upset the original dev who could walk away and the cloner would not know how to maintain and fix the addon.

Kodi Forks have boomed over the last few months mainly due to the court cases that TvAddons find themselves fighting and the decision by them to stop development on great addons such as Exodus, Salts, Alluc, Royal We and Phoenix. There must be at least 10 new Exodus Forks available for the end user.

This is not all Bad as some of these are amazing and are improvements on the original addon.

Some Amazing Forks


Palcenta from Mr Blamo repo is probably the most well known and best Exodus fork, in my opinion it is an improvement on the original and  go to addon.

Not got it on your device install it HERE




Neptune Rising is another amazing piece of work from Mr Blamo Repo.This fork is very popular and is regularly updated.

Not got it on your device install it HERE




Elysium – started life as a Fork called Zen which has since seen it grow into an amazing addon in it own right. Top addon for Movies and Tv Shows.

Not got it on your device install it HERE




Incursion – Convenant Fork is another amazing piece of work from Kodibae Repo. This fork is very popular and is regularly updated

Not got it on your device install it HERE



Death Streams – Another Salts Fork, not quite as good as What the Fork but still a great addon.

Not got it on your device install it HERE


A few others ate listed here Genesis Reborn, Showbox Arise, Flixnet.


So you fancy making your own addon after reading this?


Midraal released a template called Jen which was based on Bob that can be used to build your own addon. You can find more details on JEN HERE

It has been used a few times probably the most well known addon to use it was Star Tec.

Star Tec is an amazing new addon from GenTec Team it has the following categories  Movies ,TV Shows , Cooking TV , Documentaries ,Live TV , Kids Hub , Retro Toons , Anime , Music , Radio , Live Concerts , Tattoo Parlour , Live YouTube , Live Events , Sports TV , Acestream Sports , Sports Replays , Latest Lotto Results , Best Hacks , Bloopers TV , Fishing TV , Pranks TV , Disasters On Camera  and World CCTV.



Not got it on your device install it HERE

Any way guys hope you enjoyed reading this blog look forward to seeing some of you create your own addon.

Big Thanks to Noobs and Nerds for the videos they can be followed on Twitter HERE. Thanks to Midraal for his continued support of the community and his release of the JEN Template. He can be followed on twitter HERE.

Noobs and Nerds also have an amazing forum so check it out and join HERE


Forking Hell – What is a Forked Addon Kodi

Please remember that Best for Kodi offer no streams or control this addon. Please contact the developers of this addon if you have any problems. We offer no support for this addon as we have nothing to do with it. This is a third party addon and involvement or problems with this addon should be directed towards the developers or playlisters. Ourselves or Kodi offer no support for this addon,

It your responsibility to ensure that you comply with all your regional laws with any streams to be found on the web via Kodi Third party addons.

Whilst I am writing this would like to go on record to thank you all for your support.  The Site is still growing month on month. We really enjoy reading your comments on our twitter account all 54000 of you. if you don’t follow us you can do so by clicking HERE.

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Covenant No Streams Fix for Kodi


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