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Follow Guide Install Marvel Skin Fanriffic.  If you like the work of this Kodi skinner then why not give him a follow on Twitter. You can follow Dave Here Fanriffic Themes  or on face book here.

To learn how to install the Fanriffic repo follow the following guide, Guide to Install the Fanriffic repository – Best for Kodi

Dave has come up with a nice little skin for us gentlemen, I’m sure you’ll like this one.

Ok.  now that you have the repo on your system Let’s get on and have a look at these Skin’s and how to get it on your system.

Guide Install Marvel Skin Fanriffic

Guide Install Marvel Skin Fanriffic.

For each skin follow the guide bellow.

First we need to go to programs.

Click on  Phooey wizard.

You’ll be presented with the following, the skin we are going to load can be found in the Stand alone Themes New.

In here you will see all the skins, to select a skin just click on the skin you want to use.

There will be a dialog box come up to show the file downloading then extracting.

You’ll get another dialog box just click on ok.

Then click on yes, close kodi will close, once you restart kodi the skin will be loaded.


So Let us now look at the skin its self.


Here’s a few screen shots of the skin, starting with the splash screen, when the skin loads you get the classic marvel flick screen start.


Lets look at the main menu screen shots.



Guide Install marvel Skin Fanriffic


Guide Install marvel Skin Fanriffic






As you can see Dave has put a lot of work in to this skin, he’s definitely given it a great look especially with the shield as the menu bar, why don’t you give them a go. I really love these skin.

Dave definitely has a knack of creating great skins, and as you’ll see in future blogs he takes skinning to a whole new level.

Till next time hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and stay tuned for many more.


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Ok till next time Stay Safe.



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