Guide Install Sportie IPTV Kodi Addon Repo – Living the Stream



I have been taking a look today at How to Install Sportie Kodi Addon Repo. An interesting Sports IPTV addon that has re appeared over the last a few days. It is packed with hidden gems and i am sure it will be favourite of your within no time. So lets get it installed and have a quick look at what it has to offer us.


Guide Install Sportie IPTV Kodi Addon Repo – Living the Stream

Guide Install Sportie IPTV Kodi Addon Repo – Living the Stream

This addon is currently available in The Colossus Repo which is now only available below Source.

The Colossus repo does not have a URL to install it, this is the offical method from the Addon Devs.

      • The Github zip file HERE
        •  How to install a zip from Github

          • Download the latest zip from their Github page Link above – save it on Device.
          • Home Screen -Addons – Settings -Enable Unknown Sources.
          • Home screen – Addons – Addon Browser
          • Install from zip file – Locate the zip you just saved –
          • Wait for Addon enabled notification.
          • Install from repository – Colossus Repository – Video addons – Sportie– Install.
          • Wait for Addon enabled notification.
          • Sportie is now installed and ready to use.
          • The Addon can be found from Home screen – Addons – Sportie.

So whats the addon all about? Lets take a look


Sportie  is primarily an Sports IPTV addon that has recently hit the scene, the addon by the devs own admission is still in Beta, but what better way to put through its paces than releasing it to the community.

You must have F4M Tester installed on your device.

This addon brings a selection of Sports IPTV Channels (1000’s) to your Kodi setup.

The addon has Sports IPTV channels from around the world so will have something for everyone.

Make sure you hunt through all the sections as like i said there are so many hidden gems. Get them added to favourites and linked to your Tv Guides.

This addon has so much potential and i can see it becoming a favourite to a lot of you. Looking forward to seeing this addon grow.

It also scrapes Reddit which is an amazing source for live streams and replays this addon is growing by the day into a real powerhouse for sports lovers.

Remember streams come and go so whats good now may not last or be available when you install. These were at the time of writing the blog.










Tested and only 80% channels worked. Just too many to test them all (Over 1000) lol.

Guide Install Sportie IPTV Kodi Addon Repo – Living the Stream

Big Thanks to the Dev for producing this addon and I am sure a lot of you will make use of it. 


Whilst I am writing this would like to go on record to thank you all for your support. My team are aware that we are a still a brand new site compared to some of the third party Kodi Websites. The site is still growing month on month. We really enjoy reading your comments on our twitter account all 40000 of you. if you don’t follow us you can do so by clicking HERE.



Thanks from the whole team at #BFK




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