Guide Install Super Cars build skin Kodi Community Repo



Guide Install Super Cars build skin Kodi Community Repo, Follow this Guide to Install the Super Car Build Skin by Oldgit9, the skin is located in the build section on the Kodi Community Repo.

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I feel very proud to have been asked to do a review of this great build,  This may be the first skin by Oldgit, but i’ve got to say he has done a great job on this, he’s used a skin, the cirrus: extended skin, that is not used a lot on kodi and as you can see from the following blog he really has some skills in editing the xml files.

Now I have given you a little background on the dev lets have a look at installing the repo and then the skin.

Guide Install Super Cars build skin Kodi Community Repo


So let’s look at how to install the Super Car build.


First scroll over to system then file manager and click on that.

Then click on add source and click on the top box that says none and enter the following url.

Then click on the bottom box and give it a name here I have called it .comrepo, the “.” means it goes to the top of the list.



After clicking on ok go back to the home screen then to system.

Then to addons.

Next click on install from Zip and select the file we just created.


Wait for the notification that the repo has been installed.


Then click on install from repository and click on The Community Repository.


We now need to go in to the program add-ons.


Click on The Community Wizard.


Now click on install.


Wait for the notification to pop up, then press back to go to the home screen then click on programs.


And then click on the community wizard


We now need to click on Builds.


Then click on CR supercars

On first install I would select fresh install.


After selecting this you will see a dialog box pop up asking if you want to restore your kodi to the default settings, this is a great feature as it clears all the files from the previous skins, click on yes, continue.

You’ll then be greeted with a dialog box showing what files have been deleted.


Once complete click on ok.


Click on yes, install on the next dialog box.


The file will then download and extract, when the file is extracting you’ll notice that you’ll notice that the plugins loading can be seen and also a little message to tell you if there are any errors.



Once this has finished you’ll get a message telling you that kodi needs to close, click on ok then yes, close.


You then need to restart kodi once you have done this you’ll be greeted with a splash screen then a loading screen.

cars23 cars24


Screen shots of the build.

So lets have a look at the build, here follows some screen shots.


Added extras to the build.

As you can see Oldgit has put a lot of work in the look and feel of the skin, the way he uses ther concept of the licence plate as the menu, he has also created a lot extra backgrounds that you can change, these can be located through the following route,  for this blog I have used my laptop so the following route is for a pc but I will give the route for android after the following screen shots.

First click on system then appearance.

Next select skin, then settings.


You need to click on customise home. You’ll be greeted with the following, click on any of the item.


Select single image.


Scroll to home folder.

Next its addons.

Guide Install Super Cars build skin Kodi Community Repo

Scroll to the bottom and select skin.supercars.


Upon entering this file select backgrounds, then extra backgorunds.



For android devices this is the route to get the backgrounds:

Appearance/settings/customise home/single image/external storage/android/data/org.xbmc.kodi or com.semperpax.spmc16/files/.kodi/addons/skin.supercars/backgrounds/extra menu pics

Oldgit has also created a template that guides you how to create your own background,  i have change one of the back grounds on the build to show this template.

Guide Install Super Cars build skin Kodi Community Repo

So that’s the SuperCars build,  why don’t you give it a go. I really love this skin, the use of custom backgrounds and the look and feel and uniqueness of the skin gives it a great look.


Oldgit definitely has a knack of creating great skins, hopefully we’ll see more from this great guy

Till next time hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and stay tuned for many more.


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Ok till next time Stay Safe.

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