Guide Install The Players Klub Beta Kodi Addon Repo


I have been taking a look today at How to Install The Players Klub Beta Kodi Addon Repo. An interesting new addon to hit the scene over the last few days. So lets get it installed and have a quick look at what it has to offer us. Big thanks to a regular site reader for alerting us to this little gem.


Guide Install The Players Klub Beta Kodi Repo

Guide Install The Players Klub Beta Kodi Repo

Quick Install The Players Klub Beta Kodi Repo

This addon requires Free Membership. (Remember the first rule about Players Club! Ssh!! Dont talk about the players club)

You will require login details for this addon that will change on a regular basis. You will need to get these from their Facebook group. Details further down blog.

Please allow time for them to allow you to join group took at least 24 hours for me to be accepted.

Kodi 16.1 Install Guide


This addon is currently available in Player’s Klub repo, only available via the below zip link.

  • Anyway you know the drill these are the install instructions.
    • Open Kodi
    • go to SYSTEM 
    • select File Manager
    • Add Source
    • Select None
    • Type the following  and click Done
    • Highlight the box underneath and enter name in media Source. I use Play
    • Select OK
    • Go back to your Home Screen
    • Select SYSTEM
    • Add-Ons
    • Select Install from zip file
    • Click Play
    • Select
    • Wait for Add-on enabled notification

    If you have or once you have Player’s Klub repo already installed you can skip above and just follow below.

    • Click Settings
    • Addons
    • Click Get Addons
    • Scroll down and select Players Klub Repo
    • Click on Video Addons
    • Then select The Players Klub Addon
    • Wait for Add-on enabled notification


    The addon is now installed!


You can locate The Players Klub  addon under Video addons.

Kodi 17 Install Guide

HOME Screen – Add-ons – Settings button (Cog icon) – Enable Unknown Sources.
HOME screen – File Manager (folder icon) – Add Source
Enter  in the top box – Enter Play in the bottom box-OK.
HOME screen – Add-Ons – Add-on Browser (box icon).
Install from zip file –
Wait for Add-on enabled notification.

Install from repository – Players Klub Repo – Video add-ons – Players Klub – Install.

Wait for Add-on enabled notification.

Players Klub Addon  is now installed and ready to use.
The Add-on can now be located from HOME screen – Video Add-Ons – Players Klub.

So whats the addon all about? Lets take a look


Players Klub Beta is a brand new all in one addon. You have to be a member to use it. It is FREE to join and the membership and logins can be got from their Facebook group. So be sure to check it out. HERE

The group seem a really nice bunch (Over 10000 members) and the addon seems to get great support

This addon brings a great selection of USA IPTV Channels to your Kodi setup.  Over 150 HD channels. But also has loads more content from Movies to retro Tv. It also has the option to link and setup to PVR.

These are the addon sections below:-

  • Players Live
  • VOD Movies
  • Retro TV
  • Catch Up
  • Launch PVR






Guide Install The Players Klub Beta Kodi Addon Repo

Big Thanks to the guys for producing this addon and I am sure a lot of you will make use of it. But Just remember if you Names Not Down You Are Not Coming in lol.


Whilst I am writing this would like to go on record to thank you all for your support. My team are aware that we are a still a brand new site compared to some of the third party Kodi Websites. The site is still growing month on month. We really enjoy reading your comments on our twitter account all 45000 of you. if you don’t follow us you can do so by clicking HERE.

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Thanks from the whole team at #BFK


Guide Install The Players Klub Beta Kodi Addon Repo


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