Guide to Install the Fanriffic Themes Wizard Repo

Guide to Install the Fanriffic skin Wizard Repo


Welcome back to my blogs on the themes for Kodi, today i’m going to discuss a repository that has a massive amount of themes to suit any user, this one by a guy called Dave Fenton the creator of Fanriffic theme wizard, as part of this guide I will guide you through installing the wizard only and in further blogs I will cover the themes themselves, If you like the work of this Kodi skinner then why not give him a follow on Twitter You can follow Dave Here Fanriffic themes or follow him on Facebook here Fanriffic themes

Guide to Install the Fanriffic Themes Wizard Repo

The aim of the guide for this wizard is to give a look at the work that dave has put in to the themes. There are lots of different looks, using different skins. He has adapted those skins to give different looks and feel to them. He has a vast knowledge of the inner mechanics of the xml’s and the skin design.

Ok. Let’s get on and have a look at this Repository and how to get it on your system.


Guide to Install the Fanriffic Themes Wizard Repo

First of all we need to go to System then file Manager.

Then click on Add source.

Then we click where it says None.

Guide Install Super Mario Skin Kodi Addon Repo

Now we have to add the source to where these skins are available and that is here.


Exactly as you see below then click Done.

After you have entered the source you need to name it, as you can see i have named it .fanriffic once named click ok.


Now its back to System.

Click on addons and this will bring you to the following screen

Choose install from zip.

Guide Install Super Mario Skin Kodi Addon Repo


Click on the file we just created .fanriffic.




Wait for the fanriffic themes repo notification.


Once you see that notification you need to select install from repository.

So then click on  Fanriffic themes repo.


We now need to click on Program add-ons.


Then click on Fanriffic Themes Wizard.


Click on install.


Wait till you see the wizard enabled notification.

.You need to go back to the home screen then programs and click on that.



Then click on Fanriffic Themes wizard.


You’ll then see the list of servers available, for  all the blogs to follow i’ll be using server one.

Here’s a few screen shots of the Themes available, as you will see there are quitre a large variety of themes available.

When you choose a theme that you want to load, the skin will then download as seen on the screenshot below.

Once the theme has been downloaded the skin will then extract, as seen below.

Once the theme has extracted the following dialog box will appear advising that kodi needs to be closed to save the changes. Click ok to proceed.

Next a dialog box will appear asking if you want to force close kodi, click yes and kodi will close down.

Once you restart kodi the theme will be loaded.

Lets have a quick look at what else is available in the fanriffic themes repo. Listed when you open the repo are Add-on repo, look and feel , program add-ons and video add-ons.

Add-on Repo.

As you can see there is only the theme repo in this section.

Look and Feel.

When you click on the look and feel you will go to the skin section.

You will find a list of 8 different skins available, these will not be covered in these blogs but i will cover them in future blogs.

Program Add-ons.

When you click on the programs add-ons section you will be presented with the wizards listed on the screenshot above.

Video Add-ons.

As you can see there is 3 different addons in this section. Again i will not be covering these in the theme blogs.

As you can see there is plenty of themes to choose from, so please join my in future blogs on this fantastic themes repo from a very talented guy.

Below is a list of the blogs I have done for the skins in this repo:


Marvel Animated

Tomb Raider

Super girl vs flash vs the arrow


Family Guy

American Dad





Thunder Cats

Solo – Star Wars Story

Rogue – Star Wars Story

Country Music


Mission Impossible


They Live





Hot Air Balloon

Slyk 2018

Lcars Star Trek

We Are Borg

Infinity Wars

Till next time hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and stay tuned for many more.


If you need any help with anything you can follow me on Twitter DamoT



Ok till next time Stay Safe.


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