Having Problems with Screen Size in Kodi?




Having Problems with Screen Size in Kodi?

Kodi Isengard have done a few changes “ffmpeg” .Removing some codecs therefore ATV2 is not supported.

Basically “ffmpeg” contains the relevant information on how to play the stream.

No ffmpeg  No Stream

So as you can imagine there has been a few problems with Kodi users.

So i have put this together to try and help a few of you out.

Lets get going.

Turn on your box and the screen will look something like this.


Click on settings.


Then display.


Click the HDMI auto-detection to off.

Scroll down to HDMI output mode and select the option that is correct for your tv.


At this stage we can sort out the Audio as well.

Click on the advanced tab.

And turn off Digital audio auto-set.


Click Digital audio output.

Then the relevant Hardware option (If you are not to sure what that might be set to PCM).


OK that is it for that.

We need to reboot the system now so power off and then power on.

This need to happen to configure the settings we have applied.

You MIGHT? still have to do a little fine tuning so if you do.

Open Kodi and go to system.


Then video


Then all you need to do is make sure your on Expert settings level (bottom left hand corner).

And make sure only “libstagefright” is on.

vid accel

OK That is it.

Try playing a movie and see how you go.

It should play GOOD.

There are a few TWEAKS you may find Helpful also.

Once your movie is playing.

Pause it and click on the reel icon on the Bottom right.


You will get a list of options.

To change the Picture size you can use the view mode.


And there two more settings you might find useful.


If you click on the “set as Default for all videos” it will save and play the next movie on the changes you have made.

so therefore you will not have to mess about doing it all again.

The video calibration will fine tune the picture to your screen.

Hope this as helped someone out somewhere.

Till next time HAVE FUN.


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