How a Kodi addon works

How a Kodi addon works

A big Thank you to Tommy over at Entertainment Repo for sharing this information with us – How a Kodi addon works

​Welcome guys in this blog Tommy shows us how one of his addons works, this is an interesting read maybe it will inspire one of you to have a go at making your very own addon.

This is ​ site new episodes page.


How a Kodi addon works




This is ​rlseries addon new episodes page.

How a Kodi addon works




The add-on scrapes the information off of the site. i.e picture, link to page (where the hosts or seasons are) & Name.



This is the next page on the site Episodes are displayed.

How a Kodi addon works


This is the next page on the add-on. Episodes ​are displayed

How a Kodi addon works


As you can see on this page we scrap the info about the episode, The IMDB info & the Names & links to the next pages where the links are.



This is the last page where the links to the host are displayed on the site




On this page are the links/hosts that you can use to stream links that are supported in URLresolver & the Debrid resolver if you have an account they will show up in the add-on.
This is where the add-on passes over to URLresolver which will resolve the link & play via Kodi player.
As you can see we have NO control over what hosts/links they post.
We don’t post any content on these sites we just scrape them for information.
Sometimes host resolvers stop working & the URLresolver devs will fix them when reported.
Sometimes links get dmca takedown notices & site hosts have to remove the links.
We can only scrape what the site has, if the site doesn’t have an A/Z section the add-on can’t have an A/Z section.
​If the site has a less functional search then the add-on will have a less functional search.
If sites change their layouts, code or move URL, the add-on will stop working or won’t work the way it’s meant to.

Most sites don’t like us scraping their sites due to loss in add revenue.
Some sites/hosts try to block/stop are add-on scraping their sites.
Some sites can’t be scraped or are just to much of a headache to do so.

This is just a brief insight into how our add-ons work, sometimes there can be hours & hours of coding involved to get the add-on working the way we want.

Not all add-ons are the same, different Devs code in different ways.

​For more information on building add-on’s/plugins have a read of this how to guide by voinage from Dec 7, 2008.
​Download HERE 
Loads more information over at

Thanks again Tommy for this insight as covered above Tommy touched on hosts and Real Debrid below is some info on his addons and which one require or are better with a real Debrid account.

Read my blog on Real Debrid HERE and the beenfits of using it in KODI.

Add-On’s that work best with & Need a debrid account
Ztreaming (Real-Debrid, openload links only)
Online HD Movies
Adults only Hub
Stream Yify

Add-On’s that don’t need a debrid account
​Kid’s Movies ​
80’s Kids
Cool Movie Zone
PerfectHDmovies ​


Anyway guys until next time Peace





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