How To Add A Wookie Community Build

wookie pro wizard community builds

How To Add A Wookie Community Build.

As some of you may or may not have noticed, the team over at Wookie Wizardry now have a “Community Builds” section as part of their Wizard. These builds, as the name suggests, are custom builds made mainly by members of the Wookie Community. These builds vary from the likes of Football team themed builds, Kids builds, Firestick builds, Rock music builds and just about everything in between. In this post I will explain how to install one of these “Community Builds” onto the device of your choice. These builds MUST be Installed onto a blank version of Kodi so please remember to “Clear Data” or run a “Fresh Start” beforehand.


  • From the Kodi main menu, go to SYSTEM > File ManagerScreenshot_2015-10-26-17-34-59
  • Select Add SourceScreenshot_2015-10-26-17-36-58
  • Select NoneScreenshot_2015-10-26-19-20-13
  • Type the following “” and select DoneScreenshot_2015-10-26-17-10-14Select the box underneath and enter a name for this media Source & type “Wookie”Screenshot_2015-10-26-17-10-31
  • Select OK
  • Go back to your Home Screen
  • Select SYSTEMScreenshot_2015-10-26-18-21-40
  • Select Add-OnsScreenshot_2015-10-26-17-41-48
  • Select Install from zip fileScreenshot_2015-10-26-17-43-03
  • Select WookieScreenshot_2015-10-26-17-45-48
  • Select Click Me -Succumb to the Wookie.zipScreenshot_2015-10-26-17-12-12
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notificationScreenshot_2015-10-26-17-30-32
  • Select Enabled Addons Screenshot_2015-10-26-18-28-49
  • Select Video add-onsScreenshot_2015-10-26-17-50-32
  • Select WookieScreenshot_2015-10-26-17-32-03
  • Select LaunchScreenshot_2015-10-26-18-31-34
  • Select LoginScreenshot_2015-10-26-18-37-27
  • Enter Wookie UsernameScreenshot_2015-10-26-18-39-40
  • Select Done
  • Enter Wookie PasswordScreenshot_2015-10-26-18-41-49
  • Select Done
  • Select Community BuildsScreenshot_2015-10-26-18-43-52
  • Select either Xbmckodiaddons or Other 3rd Party BuildsScreenshot_2015-10-26-18-45-37
  • Select the Build of your choiceScreenshot_2015-10-26-18-48-20
  • Select ContinueScreenshot_2015-10-26-18-50-00
  • Your Build will now start to DownloadScreenshot_2015-10-26-18-52-05
  • After your build Downloads, select okScreenshot_2015-10-26-19-06-19
  • Pull power from Device
  • Reboot Device
  • When you re-enter Kodi your Community Build will be InstalledScreenshot_2015-10-26-19-10-23
  •  Sit back, relax and enjoy

If your not sure what’s in each build, why not check out for a preview of the builds. Similarly if you come across an issue with a build you can leave a comment on their post so they can rectify it. If your lucky they may also listen to any requests you may have!

It’s also worth noting that although there’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears put into some of these builds, they are nothing without our hard working Devs. Without whom NONE of this would even be possible.



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