How to Add Aeon Nox H24 Glowbar to Kodi

How to Add Aeon Nox H24 Glowbar to Kodi


Hello and i am here to bring you a insight on How to Add Aeon Nox H24 Glowbar to Kodi and improve the look of your build these glowbars are now Jarvis compatible so add them to your setup. Have Fun.

This is a nice Little addition to your Kodi if you want to change the look of your Menu Bar.

There are 21 different looks in this File to make a difference, For those who do not want to go through the rigmarole of changing through the HTML File.

Ok lets get going.

We need the .Zip file that you can get from HERE

Once downloaded save to somewhere that you can easily access the .zip.

When you have the file you need to unzip it

This will be the File


Now we need to Extract the .zip file.

Me personally like to put the .zip file in its own folder so i can see what it actually contains.

So for me its Extract to here.


Once the .zip has done its Job you will get a few files.

How to Add Aeon Nox H24 Glowbar to Kodi

As you can see on the above screenshot its the .xbt files that will make a difference to your menu bar.

So we need to copy 1 OR ALL of them files and transfer them to your Kodi directory.

Again as a personal thing i did these 1 at a time, For the simple reason then if you dont like/wont then its much easier to delete.

So where do we put the Files.

I am working on a PC so the Directory is.

c:/user/Name/AppData/Roaming/Kodi/addons/THE BUILD YOUR USING/media

the Dir above for my build was skin.aeon.nox.silvo.

Android Dir is.

Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/kodi/addons/THE BUILD YOUR USING/media

Now we need to Paste the desired file you have copied from the .zip file you unpacked into the above media folder.

Now once that is done we can open Kodi.

And yes go to my Favorite place.

You guessed it System.

How to Add Aeon Nox H24 Glowbar to Kodi

Then its Appearances.


Then if we scroll to Themes.

How to Add Aeon Nox H24 Glowbar to Kodi

Click on the UP/DOWN Arrow in that section it will scroll through the themes.

Here are a few that i added to the Media folder to give me a better look on my menu bar.




So there you go BFKers.

Have fun and i hope you enjoyed this Blog.

Ok till next time.

Be Good if not be Careful.

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