How to add Short cuts to your Kodi

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How to add Short cuts to your Kodi

Hi there again.

In my last blog i gave a quick insight on how to customize your background on your Kodi box Here

Well this blog is how you can Jazz it up a “TAD” more by adding some shortcuts to your Kodi.

Because these blogs are Focused on the New and improving follower we will keep it as simple as possible.

As always we open are kodi.

And go to System then Settings.


Then again to Appearances.


And as Normal we make sure Skin is highlighted on the left and move are cursor over to the right on click on Settings.


But this time we go to Add-on short cuts down at the bottom of the list.


For the purpose of this blog i will be adding a Shortcut in the “Video” submenu section ,So as you can see  above Add-on 1 is highlighted so click on it then you will get the option to choose what Add-on you wish to add.

I am going to choose UK Turks Playlist.


Click on your desired Add-on that you wish to add as a shortcut.

Once you have done that you will see it appear in the your “Video”list of shortcuts.


So now go back to your main Kodi screen and scroll over to your video Add-ons.

There you should see the shortcut you have just added.


Click on it and there you have all the options that are available with in the UK Turks Add-on.


So now i have a custom Background and now i have added a shortcut.

So now if you have loads of Add-ons in your Video Add-on section in stead of scrolling up/down to what you want.

You now have easy access to your Favorite Things.

OK hope this was of some use to you.

I will continue to add some more blogs so you can get your Kodi looking like you want it to look.

To see how we got the Custom background go Here

Till next time.


Wookie Wizard



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