How to become a cCloud Bird




How to become a cCloud Bird

Guys I said in a previous post about the installation of cCloud Tv that i would into more detail how cCloud works and how you can become a BIRD and help add channels for the whole community.


Screenshot 2015-10-21 09.28.06


Below is a message from Bane the creator behind the idea of cCloud Tv. This is a very interesting project if he can get enough people to help.


Can you guys spare 15-30 minutes or less of your daily time for cCloud TV?

So for past week i have been trying to unite the community to help out for the future of IPTV and so far i only got help from 2 users who has been using public uploads which are not a lot:(

So i had to rethink today what can be done to make it more exciting for you guys to help out so yes i have come up with a plan and i hope it helps us the community to unite:)

So the plan is you guys can help out on the channels you want to watch. Let’s say your favorite channels is HBO so you incase if HBO goes down then you can help out on replacing link for that specific channel only except for doing all so this way everyone is happy:)

If the channel goes down, server will show the status for that channel as offline/upload where anyone one of you can help out on replacing link without signups or any technical skills required just copy and paste are the only skills you will need.

If you would like to learn on how to search for iptv links, Please feel free go to HERE for instructions and the best sources to find links are Google and pastebin.

I hope we can all unite for the future of IPTV until then just wait for it…


As you can see from the above attached instructions its quite a simple process but time consuming so if you have time on YOUR hands and fancy helping out the community then have a GO and become a BIRD.



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