How to change Sub-Menus in Wookie Retro 16 and 17

Ezz takes a look at How to change Sub-Menus in Wookie Retro 16 and 17, we get loads of tweets asking us how to change bits in builds, in this blog Ezz takes a look at how to change sub menu items in the very popular Wookie retro build which is built on Xofluence skin.

How to change Sub-Menus in Wookie Retro 16 and 17

Hello BFKers.

I am here again to show you another simple blog on how to change the Sub-Menus with in the Wookie Retro Build, I know there have been loads of questions asking to change certain features with in this build. And i am presuming that there are not a lot of people familiar with the “Xofluence” Skin. As me myself i normally build on the Aeon Nox Skin. The Xofluence skin has its great uses and therefore is a right on its own as a skin So therefore once you enter the System setting it could look unfamiliar to some people.So here is a little guide on how to change some OR all the Sub-Menus in the Wookie Retro Kodi Build on 16 and 17.

So here is how to simply change then Sub-Menus that you either dont use or want to add more to the sub-menu bar.

As an example i will use as the Header above is showing and i will use TV SHOWS.

So as we all know by now if you know me my Favorite tab is System.

Skin Settings.

Highlight Sub menus.

Then in the top right hand corner is your selections of the Sub menus with in the build.

If you use the UP/DOWN Arrows you can scroll through all the Main Menu items and the Sub menus they contain.

An example below, I moved up and there you can see in a different Main Menu heading “MOVIES” that i have different sub menu categories

So i am back at the TV SHOWS and i will add a NEW sub menu, BUT the same principle applies if you want to change any of the existing Sub-menus.

I will Click on Sub menu item 7.

Click on Video Menu.

NOW you need to click on Video – Nodes.

That will give you the option to go inside of your Video Addons.

Click Video Add-ons.

Just for this example i will scroll to Maverick TV.

Click on the desired Add-On you require.

Now you will go with in the addon and select the desired content you wish to put on your Sub menu Bar

You will see nothing but Click OK.

At this point now you can give a name to your sub menu entry  (THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL SEE ON THE SUB MENU BAR) Then click Done.

You will now see that it has entered in Submenu item 7.

Go back to your main screen and you will see it has been added as an added sub menu and if you click on it.

It will take you straight into the category.

So there you have it, Easy as A,B,C…..

Hope this was of use to some of the folks that have been asking about this.

Until next time Be Good.

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How to change Sub-Menus in Wookie Retro 16 and 17

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How to change Sub-Menus in Wookie Retro 16 and 17


How to change Sub-Menus in Wookie Retro 16 and 17



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