How to change your Font in Kodi

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How to change your Font in Kodi

Ok,  here we are again folks with some more info. This time How to change your Font in Kodi.

With this post we are going to change the Font style on your menu bar.

For this once again i am using Aeon Nox Silvo.


Right lets get going.


First thing first is we need to go and find a Font we want to replace the existing Default Font in Kodi.

There are thousands of sites on the Web that will allow you to download for free so go and have a scout round and see what you can find.

I actually went to 1001 Fonts

I chose this font



Once you find a Font that you like 9 out of 10 in will be in a .zip so we need to extract it to somewhere where we can find it.



Once you have extracted the file MAKE SURE its a TFF file.

6 <———Type Font File.

Now you know you have the right file COPY the file.



Ok now before we go any further we need to know where we have to put the file.

This will be the root on a PC


Kodi  will be XBMC it thats the Build you are using.


If your on Android the root should be


Again Kodi will be XBMC if thats the build you are using.


The folder should have files in there resembling this then right click and paste.



Then it will be added to your Font list.



Ok now we have to change the Default font to the font you have just pasted in the folder above.?


How you ask yourself……Well.

For this part i will be using Notepad++ but you can use Notepad.

The reason i use Notepad++ is it lists the line number so therefore you do not have to slowly scroll and read the lines in the HTML file to find where you need to be.

You can find Notepad++ HERE


So where do we find the Line we need to change?.


Its right here


For Android is here




So now we open up the file Either in Notepad or in my case Notepad++



Then you will be presented with a HTML file.



As you can see on line 247 that is the line we need to change with are new font we downloaded and put in the font folder earlier.


So the name between the >< we need to replace with the name of the font we downloaded so in my case it was “Disco Night” so therefore it should look like this?.



Once you have replaced the text in line 247 then save the file in what ever app you are using.



OK thats it.

How easy was that!  Well we will see and the proof will be in the pudding.


Open your Kodi/Xbmc.

This was the default Kodi.



Now this is the New Font Kodi.



So there you go i have my Disco Night Font.

Just a note you can alter the SIZE of the font on line 249 if it appears to BIG or to small.


Well i hope this has Helped you on your way to bigger and better things with in the world of Kodi.


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Until next time.

Be Good.


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