How to create your own Add-on With Jen Template (Part 1)

 How to create your own Add-on With Jen Template (Part 1)


Good Evening Guys We have both been looking at The Jen Template addon and how easy it is to produce your very own addon. In this part we takes a look at what you need and how to get started. Hopefully at the end of the series of blogs you will be the proud owner of your very own addon.


How to create your own Add-on With Jen Template (Part 1)



Hello again BFK’ers.

First of all i would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and hope you all enjoying the festive season.

So what do i have for you today? Well for those who like to dabble a little in the Kodi world this blog could be right up your street.I am going to show you how to create your own Add-on and in later blogs i will show you how to add content to your newly made Add-on so for all you who have been wondering how this is done then heres your Christmas present from me 😉

So what do we need.

Jens Template that you can grab from there GitHub account HERE

Notepad++ from HERE

A Computer

Ok so when we click on the link above for the Jens Template you will be directed to this site and to grab it we need to click on the green tab that says “Clone or Download” then the Download zip. Then click on the OK on the next tab that appears.


So now we have the zip file we need to see and grab what is inside it, For anything like this i always make a new folder on the Desktop and place the Zip file inside of that folder and then extract the .zip file inside.

Here i have named the folder “test” and i am going to extract the file in side of it.


So now we have the folder we need to work with.

Once we have the folder we need to go inside of it and in there you will be presented with 1 folder and 10 files. You will see a couple of read-me files which i always think its worth taking 5 minutes of your time to look at this and get the feel what your trying to achieve.

The fist couple of files we are going to edit are

1 = Addons.xml

2 =

So i am at this point presuming we have Notepad++ if not grab it from the link above.

Lets go to the addon.xml first,So if we right click on the file and click on “Open with notepad++”


So with this opened in Notepad++ we need to a few changes.

1 – We need to give our add-on an ID NAME of your add-on (NO SPACES) (line 2)

2 – Put the full name of your add-on here. (line 2)

3 – Give it a version number. (line 2)

4 – A quick summary of your add-on (line 19)

5 – A detailed description of your add-on (line 20)

Once we have mad these changes we need to save the file

6 – Save file.

Now we can open the file in the very same way as we opened the addon.xml file by right clicking and “open with notepad++”

In this file we can add API and Trakt Codes to get these codes you can follow my blog on How to create an API HERE

You can get your Trakt codes HERE

This is the file.

We only need to concentrate on lines 25/26/27 and 28

So once we have our keys we can enter them in the appropriate line and the KEY goes in between the “”

So it looks something like this.

Ok believe it or not we are nearly there.The next file we need to edit is the setting.xml file which can be found in the resources folder.

And we need to change lines 27 / 31 and 36 and where we see action=”RunPlugin(plugin://”/>

We need to change the part of the line so it corresponds with you ID name you created in the add0n.xml so for me in this guild i named mine “test” so lines 27, 31 and 36 should look like this.

Once the changes have been made DONT forget to SAVE the file.

Ok thats all the files done that we need to edit the last thing to do now is to change the folder name to the ID name, so when we extracted the original .zip file it was called now we need to change that to again the ID name so again in my case it was “test”

So now my folder name is now

If you are going to zip this folder up and you will need to change end of the file name so you need to add the version number that was in the addon.xml.

so when i zipped mine up it became this

Well thats it you have made you own addon

Ide like to say a big thanks for this Jens Template to all the developers who created this and made life a lot easier for all of us who are not Python knowledgeable

So look out for the next installment on how to add content to your newly made add-on.

Hope this was of some interest for you and see you in the next one

Be good and again have a great Christmas from all at BFK.


How to create your own Add-on With Jen Template (Part 1)


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 How to create your own Add-on With Jen Template (Part 1)



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