How to create your own Add-on With Jen Template (Part 2)


How to create your own Add-on With Jen Template (Part 2)


Good Evening Guys and Girls Ezz and Damo have both been looking at The Jen Template addon and how easy it is to produce your very own addon. In part 2 Ezz takes a look at what you need to do to add artwork to your addon. Hopefully at the end of the series of blogs you will be the proud owner of your very own addon.

How to create your own Add-on With Jen Template (Part 2)

Hello again BFK’ers and welcome to Part 2 of this series of Jens Template to create your very own kodi add-on.

If you missed part 1 you can get it HERE

So in part 1 we created an add-on but thats all we did so in here i will show you how to add an Icons and Farnart and get your First Main menu in your add-on

You will need to have some where to host your add-on zip file/folder and i do believe that this will work with (But unsure) so if you dont have an account set up go and get yourself an account from HERE

So with that said lets get on and add some art work to our add-on This is what we had in our Jens Template folder when we finished in Part 1

And when we ran it in kodi it looked like this.

And at this stage i will point out that for your add-on to work you need to have BoB Unleashed and/or Elysium to function properly.

For your images to be true in kodi

Icon should be no bigger than 512 x 512 – PNG File

Fanart no bigger than 1920 x 1080 – JPG File

So presuming you have some art work for your add-on they need to go in your add-on folder and put your icon.png and fanart.jpg file in there

So now your folder should look like this.

If you still have this add-on on your Desktop then you can test from there by going to Install from zip in kodi and navigating to where your .zipped add-on file is and installing it that way. So with the art work added it should look something like this?.

So now we have the art work in place we can concentrate on making out first main.xml file.

What we need for this is Nopepad++ and we need to create a xml file………………………….What i hear you say lol.

Its not that daunting, Open notepad++ go to file in the top left corner and click on file/new.

Now here is the code you need to write in for it to show up in your main menu in your addon.

Everything goes in between the <>…………</>


So we will rename it main and save it as a .xml file by going to file/save as and click on the “save file as” and scroll right down to the bottom.


Now this file needs to be uploaded to your Host/Archive account and once it is you will be able to get the link for this file.

Grab the link and we need to add that link to the file that is in our add-on folder.

So if we open the file in Notepad++

You will see thats this is the file we added our API keys.

So if we add our link for the main.xml in between the “……………” to look something like this.

Once you have added your url link in then save the file and thats complete now

So like i said in Part 1 if you have not zipped the folder up then now is the time to do that If you did zip the folder up in Part 1 then you will now have to re-zip it as you have added icons/fanart and also edited the file.

Once its zipped up place the zip file in the add-on folder and then send your folder to your Host/Archive account.

Once the addon has been uploaded you then need to get that link to test in Kodi File Manager.

If you are unsure on how to install your add-on follow the shots below.

Remember i said that one or both of these add-ons need to be installed on your kodi.

Click OK twice.

Now wait a minute for it to install.

Now these are my add-ons.

And if you can remember when i created my main.xml the name was “TEST”

So there you have it you are on your way to making your very own Add-on.

There you have it for this one, Stay tuned for part 3 were i will show you how to get your add-on to display what you want it to.

Hope this keeps you busy for a while and it was of some interest to you.

Be good BFK’ers.

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How to create your own Add-on With Jen Template (Part 2)

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How to create your own Add-on With Jen Template (Part 2)




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