How to create your own Add-on With Jen Template (Part 3)


Good Evening Guys and Girls welcome to part 3 of Ezz’s blog on creating your own addon using the JEN template, in this blog he looks at how to add content to your very own addon. This very simple process will see you up and running in no time.

How to create your own Add-on With Jen Template (Part 3)

Hello BFK’ers And welcome to Part 3 of How to create your own Add-on With Jens Template.If you missed Part 1 and Part 2 you can grab then from here.

Part 1

Part 2

Ok so we have done everything we need to do with our add-on zip file so from here on wards its all about xml files. As we have our “MAIN” main.xml file then its all about making directory’s that the main.xml will lead up to. As you will see in all the add-ons you have installed the first page you come to is there main.xml (menu page) and we have created that and directed it no where yet at the moment ,but today i will show you how to add a video to the next xml.

For this we are going to need a web site called IMDb which is a common website for movie goers.

But first we are going to create the xml file we need for this to work. Again Notepad++ will be what we need to use and you can get that from the Link in Part 1

So if we open Notepad++ as new then we can start to write our file and this is how it should look.

<title>Name of movie</title>
<content>is what it is so in this case its a move</content>
<imdb>we get this from the IMDb site</imdb>
<title>Name of movie</title>
<year>The year it was out</year>
<thumbnail>this is what image will show next to the title of the movie</thumbnail>
<fanart>This is what will show in the background</fanart>

And in Notepad++ it should look something like this.

So all we need to do with this is fill in the blanks, So if we head over to the IMDb site you will get a search bar.Type in the search what movie you want to add.

Once the search comes back All the informaion will be there for you to fill in 95% of the blanks,…. So from here is just a matter of Copy/Paste.

Copy the Title of the movie and paste it in the <title> tags.</title>

movie will be in the <content>movie</content> tag

Copy the year and paste in the <year> tag.</year>

To get the <imdb> tag iy you look in the URL link in the browse you will see something similar to this.

This is what we need for the IMDB.

Copy that and paste it in the <imdb>tag</imdb>

To get the <thumbnail> and the <fanart> if you cliclk on the image of the movie where you got the title and year from it will open in a new window.

Right click the image and select “copy image location”

Paste that in the <thumbnail>tag</thumbnail>

On that same page you will see a < and a > arrow.

Go left OR right to find an image you want as your fanart once you find it do the same and right click and “copy image location”

Paste it in the <fanart>tag</fanart>

Thats it your xml file now is complete all we need to do is name it save as a xml file and upload it.

So go to file in the top left hand corner of Notepad++ and save file as.

Call the file what you want to and remember to save as a xml (see part 2) and save it to the desk top so you can upload to your server/Archive.

Right once the xml is saved we can upload and once we have uploaded it we need to get the url link for that xml file.Once you have that url we need to paste that in out main.xml file.

So lets open that file in Notepad++

This is what we did in Part 2 so the only change we need to make is add the url of the file you just made and the <link>tags</link>

Once that is done go to file in Notepad++ and just click SAVE that way the file name stays the same and it remains a xml.

So re-upload that and over ride your existing main.xml file.

So in effect we now have a main.xml that will link to the (whatever you called it)xml with a string of code in side that file that will in turn pull the movie to your screen.

So if your addon is installed go and check it out as it should look like this.

Thats the icon in your Add-on section. that links you to your main.xml

This is your main.xml that links to (my) test.xml your (what ever you called it).xml

Then this will link me up to the movie we added in (what ever you called it).xml. with the info of movie ,thumbnail and link.

Click the film title.

Then in turn will look for HD/SD of the movie you entered in the .xml file.Or links will appear depending on how you have your system set up.

Then it will search.

Then it will play.


Thats it you have your very own add-on.

If you want to add more to the files then just copy/paste this info and repeat the process.

With the correct details.

Ok thats it for this 1 next i will show you how to add series.

Hope this helped you out in some way ans keeps you busy 😉

Be good BFK’ers


How to create your own Add-on With Jen Template (Part 3)


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How to create your own Add-on With Jen Template (Part 3)


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