How to create your own Add-on With Jen Template (Part 4)


How to create your own Add-on With Jen Template (Part 4)

Good Evening Guys and Girls welcome to part 4 of Ezz’s blog on creating your own addon using the JEN template, in this blog he looks at how to add more content to your very own addon. This very simple process will see you up and running in no time.

How to create your own Add-on With Jen Template (Part 4)

Hello BFK’ers and welcome to Part 4 of How to create your own Add-on With Jen template.If you have been following then in Part 1 we created the main.xml, In part 2 we linked the main.xml to a sub menu.xml and in Part 3 we added a movie to that directory, So what do we have for Part 4 well i will show you how to add an entire tv show with all episodes.

So if your want to play catch-up then you can get Part 1,2 and 3 below




Again all we will need for this is notepad++ because it will be similar to Part 3 as we will create a new xml file to upload to our server/Archive account, Then after that we will edit our main.xml and upload.

Hers just a short recap on Part 3.

So i had a Test Icon that Took me  to “TEST” That took me to a “Movie”

For this purpose i will be calling my “NEW.xml “TESTER.

Ok lets get going,….

Open your notepad++ for a new document and this is the code we need to enter.

<title>[B][COLORwhite]name of series[/COLOR][/B]</title>
<tmdb>list/this will be the number we need</tmdb>

As you can see above i have added a couple of tags to the string.

[B][/B] = Will make your text BOLD

[COLORred][/COLOR] – Will change the font color =red/green/yellow etc.

So once we have done that we can leave it in notepadd++ as we now need to go and get the info for the blank spaces

For this we will need

You will have to make an account/sign up if you havent all ready. Once you have done that you will notice your little icon in the top right hand corner.

So this is how it works. Click your Icon.Then click List.

Create a new list.

Give your new list a name,For this i will call mine TESTER , you can put a description in as well if you feel the need.Leave public set to “Yes” then click continue. You will get a green notification saying “New list created”

Ok now we have created a list folder you will see a search bar on the following page.

Thats quite explanatory do a search for your series.

This is what the search result icons look like after you have done your search.

Seen as were doing a series we want to click on the tv icon search result.

Then you will be presented with a cover of the series the name of the series and a small description of the series.

Click on the series “Cover”.

Then click on the “Add to list” icon.

Then you need to click on the list folder name you created at the beginning.I names mine TESTER.

Once that is done you should see a “Success Item added”

Once you have done that we need to click on our little icon again in the top right hand corner and again click on lists again.

This time you will see the list folder you created and what you called it.

Click on the “NAME” of the folder.

In turn that will open and the content you added should be in there?,…But that is not what we are after.

If you look in the url link at the top you will see something on the lines of this? We wont to copy the number at the end of the url.

Now we head back to our xml file that we made and enter that number here.

The word “list” needs to stay in the tag.

With that done we are now ready to save that file as a (what ever you want to call it).xml send it to your sever/archive account and get the url link so you can enter it in the main.xml file.

So if we open our main.xml we created in Part 2

And copy the text thats in there and paste it under the string we all ready have (leaving a space between our existing and our new).

It should look something like this.

1 = New name.

2 = New link

And any thumbnail and fanart you want to add.

Once you have made the changes then we just have to click on “Save” in notepad++., Then we can re-upload that and over ride the existing one because we havent changed the name of the file OR format as we only clicked “SAVE”

So now we have everything in place we can now open kodi and have a look.

So straight from the start here we have our icon.

When we click it it will open 2 sections now.

So Tester was the one we created in this tutorial which was a series, So if we click it we should have this?…

Then if we click on that the name of the series will appear again giving you a little description of what it is ie Drama,Romance,Action etc.

So again click that and it will give you the entire series.

So there you have it click on the series you want to watch and the episodes will be there for you.

Thats it for this one hope you had fun experimenting.

Till next time Enjoy and be good.

How to create your own Add-on With Jen Template (Part 4)

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How to create your own Add-on With Jen Template (Part 4)


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