How to create your own IPTV list

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How to create your own IPTV list.


Ever wanted to create your own IPTV list within Kodi?

And when you did, did you think…. Hmmm well that looks like hard work?.


Well its not that complex at all.

I will run through the basics to get you started.

For this Blog i will be using Pastebin.

Ok first we need to find some m3u channels to get us started just go to google and type in IPTV channels also Facebook IPTV group.

As you can see below the list must have #EXTM3U at the top.


Now what you have to do is highlight them all and copy them.


Ok now open up a browser and go to


All you have to do now is paste the m3u list you copied under new paste.


Then hit the submit at the bottom.


Once you have hit the submit button you will get confronted with a spam detector just enter the captcha in the box and hit submit again.

iptv spam

Now you have created an IPTV url all you have to do is copy the url at the top of


Now open your kodi and head over to Playlist Loader.

playlist loader

And then click on Add new list.

pl new

Give your list a name and then click done.

pl new list name

Click the new remote-list option.

pl new remote

And then paste/type the link from  and then click done.

pl http

Once you have clicked on done, Back out of Playlist loader and then re-enter and your new Playlist should be there.

pl done

Click on your new list.

And a selection of channels should appear.

pl channel list

And there you have it.

Remember just because you have created your own IPTV channel list.

It DOES NOT MEAN that all the channels will work,so dont get over excited its a case of trial and error.

Some will work for a good period of time,some will dissapear within hours

Hope you all have fun.

Till next time.




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