How to create your own TMDB API Key in KODI

Good Evening guys Ezz takes s look at How to create your own TMDB API Key in KODI. Why would you need to do this? You may have seen the guys at Noobs and Nerds mention this and be very useful on addons such as Covenant and Elysium. Ezz shows you how simple a process it is.

How to Create your own TMDB API Key in KODI

Hello folks i am back again with another useful tutorial on how to Create your own TMDB API Key in Kodi

What it TMDB?  = Well its the Movie Database.

What is API = Application Programming Interface.

What is a Key = It is a code passed in by computer programs.

So why should i have to do this? well the reason is that you could be struggling to drag all the info in you need ie Fanart work , plots for the required and even Titles for what you want. You might also be missing Now Playing, Most Popular etc in the categories list.

I do believe that there has been some issues with certain add-ons that this concerns so i am here to show you how you can sort this out (Hopefully).

First of all we need to sign up to The Movie DataBase and you can do that here The Movie DataBase

Once we are on the site we need to Sign Up.

Top right hand corner.

Fill out the relevant info for a FREE Sign-Up.

This will be the next page.

Once your in your Email account clickon the Verification link.

You will see something like this…………..Click the Link below that line to Verify.

You will see this. Then Click Log -In.

You will then be presented with This.

You need to click on your Profile Icon then go to Settings.

Then on the left hand side you will see API Click on it.

Click on Create.

You will be presented with a details form to fill in,………………..Don’t worry this can be FAKE. Just fill it in as feel fit.

Then you will be given a TMDB API Key.

Once you get your Key Launch ie for Example Covenant.

And either Right click on PC or Menu button on remote for Android and click on Settings.

Then we need to go to Account on the left then slide over to API (TMDB)

Click on that and then ENTER the API Code. Then Click done.

Then click on OK.

And thats it your DONE.

You now have privilege to everything that all add-ons provide.

Hope this was as some use to you all.

Untill next time.

Be Good.

How to create your own TMDB API Key in KODI

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How to create your own TMDB API Key in KODI








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