How to install an Animated Background on your Kodi Setup

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How to install an Animated Background on your Kodi Setup

Ok guys and gals here we go again.


I have done two blogs on backgrounds so far and YES here is the third.


Blog 1 was Change your Background HERE

Blog 2 was Multiple Backgrounds HERE


This time its how to install an Animated background on your Kodi Setup.


I have done some research on this and so for i can only get this to work on the Confluence skin.

So as you will see by my blogs i change from Skins to Builds just to give you a good sense of whats going on in the XBMC/Kodi world and what you can do with different Builds that you might have installed on your system.


Ok lets get going.


You know the procedure by now lets open Kodi.


And move over to System.

Animated Background


Then its over to Appearances.

Animated Background


Then to Skin then slide over to Settings.

Animated Background


Then we are going to go to Backgrounds and Enable Custom Backgrounds.

Animated Background


Once we have Enabled that we need to NAVIGATE to were we have are Animated Background (GIF File).


And as you can see i am using a GIF File called Spinning.gif.

Animated Background


Click on the required/downloaded file that you want to use as your Animated Background.


Your there just head back over to your main screen and you will see that you have just installed an Animated Background to your Kodi.

Animated Background

YES the Screenshot above is Animated and its quite CUTE.


Below is the video of the Animated background in all it’s glory!



So there you go.

Go and have a play and see what you can come up with you could surprise yourselves.


You can always get in touch @EzZeRmAn on twitter if you have any questions.

Or join the 55oo members of the xbmxkodiaddon Forum.


Ok till next time Peeps.


As always Be Good.


animated background


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