How to install Playlist Loader


How to install Playlist Loader

This guide will allow you to install Playlist Loader and open a brand new life on making your own multi play lists.

If you do not know where to start then you can follow this Blog HERE

There could be hours of fun in this for you and it could be the solution to your very own LIVE TV.

Ok lets get started.

First of all you need the XBMC ISRAEL REPO Click  HERE

Once you have downloaded the repo and saved it in a place you can find it?.

Then open up your Kodi.

And then go to system.

This is the Wookie Skin.        settings

Then go to Add-ons.


Install from zip.

install from zip

Then navigate to were you downloaded the Repo.


Wait for the Add-on enabled.

repo installed

Ok now go to Get add-on or My add-ons Depends on what version of kodi you are using.

get addon

Select the video add-on option.

vid addon

And then select Playlist Loader.

playlist loader

Select install.


Then wait for the Playlist Loader installer to install.

playlist installed

Playlist loader is now installed on your system and now your ready to create your owe Platylist.

Go to your video add-on section where you have the rest or your add-ons and it will be in there.

pl icon



What could be more simple?.

To create a playlist you can follow this Blog.


This Blog will give you an insight on how to create your very own IPTV list using Playlist loader.

I hope this Blog as been helpful to some of you out there and hope it brings you hours of fun.

Keep an eye out for my next Blog.

You never know your luck in a BIG bad city.

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