How to install the Navi X Kodi Addon

How to install the Navi X Kodi Addon

How to install the Navi X Kodi Addon.

Navi-X is one of the mainstays of the Kodi scene. It is still very much a lot of peoples go to addon due to it’s all in one nature. If you are looking for anything from Films, TV, Video on Demand of streams, chances are you will find it in Navi-X.

If your’e unsure about using Navi-X or are new to it, here is a short guide on how to get the best from it. There are still many great links inside here and it’s always worth a look. However, be patient, you may have to sift through a number of dead links beofere you find a good one, but they are in there.


Once you open Navi-X up you are faced with this screen, click on the big green Start Here Button



You are then faced with another page and I would reccomend sticking to the first three items on the bottom row.




First is Most Viewed in Last 24 Hours, you are most likely to find good links in here.




Then Most Viewed in Last 7 Days




Finally Most Recently Updated




In order to exit this Add-on, move over to the left of the screen, a menu will appear, click on exit




Give it a go, you will find some quality links if your’e prepared to get used to how it works.


To install the Add-on


Firstly you need to download the latest zip file. You can find out which version is the latest and download it from 

Once download carry on with the below instructions.

How to install the Navi-X Kodi Addon

  • Open Kodi
  • Select SYSTEM 
  • Select Addons
  • Select Install from Zip File
  • Go to where you saved the zip file in the first step and select
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification

Navi-X is now installed and you can start watching.





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