How to install the Wookie Wizard



Follow this easy guide on How to install the Wookie Wizard. If you have not heard about the Wookie Wizard, where have you been. With some of the best Social Media support, the Wookie is fast becoming the best Wizard out there.


If you haven’t heard about builds or wizards, then basically it’s a one stop shop where all the hard work of adding addons has been done for you. With the Wookie Wizard they offer one of the best builds for great content in handy to find menu systems.

The Wookie also offers you a choice of three different builds, depending on your mood. You have the New Look, the Retro Look and Wookie Lite. Wookie Lite is considerably good for adding to Firesticks as it is a minimal build.

To see what these builds offer, simply type Wookie in our search bar and you will find what the different builds look like.

Anyway,  onto how to install the Wookie Wizard.


How to install the Wookie Wizard.


You can either install the Wookie Wizard zip file. This can be found at HERE.


–  Close your browser and open Kodi.

–  Go to System.

–  Addons.

–  Install from Zip.

–  External storage.

–  Downloads.

–  Now click on Wookie Zip

–  You will now see The Wookie enabled.

–  Go all the way back to the video tab in Kodi and click on the Add-ons tab under it.

–  You will now see The Wookie

–  Click on The Wookie to install



Or follow the instructions below:


Open your Kodi.


And scroll to System and then click on File Manager.

The Wookie Wizard Fully Unlocked No Password Needed


Then you need to add source.

The Wookie Wizard Fully Unlocked No Password Needed


Add the source and the click done. or



Then you have to give the source a name.

The Wookie Wizard Fully Unlocked No Password Needed


What better than Wookie Then click done.

The Wookie Wizard Fully Unlocked No Password Needed


Ok now go to system.






Install from zip.



There you will see the Wookie in the list that slides out from the right.



Click on the Wookie and click on.



Once you click wait for the Wookie to be enabled.



Once the wookie is enabled head over to your video Add-Ons and there you will see the Wookie.



Click on it and you are straight in.

Screenshot 2016-02-12 10.40.07


And there you have access to everything Wookie has including the Community Builds which has some of the best custom builds Kodi has to see.



And they are just a few that you can see from this screen shot.

There are lots more to choose from with in the Wookie community build section.


Screenshot 2016-02-12 10.41.28


Also as you can see above the Wookie has a lot of stuff. As well as a choice of three builds. They also have various World addons, tools to help you and a whole range of community builds done by the general public.

Again, these community builds are detailed in other pages on this site by just searching for Wookie.


Example of New Look:

New look skins for Wookie Build Kodi


Example of Retro:

New look skins for Wookie Build Kodi


Example of Lite:




We advise following the developers on Twitter here.  They offer some great advice if you get stuck and are some of the most friendliest developers out there.

Remember that the Wookie builds are totally free. If you are paying a seller for them or paying a seller to update them, we advise you get your money back straight away as you are being ripped off!


Thanks for reading, until next time.



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