How to Make a Special Path in Kodi

Good Evening Guys and Girls Ezz takes a look at How to Make a Special Path in Kodi, this is a question he has been asked by would be builders, so he takes a look in this simple blog how to do this so you don’t lose your background images when transferring a build from one type of device to another.

How to Make a Special Path in Kodi

Hello BFK’ers.

How are we all i am hoping your all good?, Here i bring you something that is nothing new to the Kodi world but if the truth be know i never thought of blogging this as i thought it was the norm?. But i did recently get asked about How to Make a Special Path in for anyone who does not know OR are interested in this then here we go.

How to Make a Special Path in Kodi

Why would you want to do this?, well the main reason is because if you create a build on a platform i.e Windows the direct path to your backgrounds will start with c:\ and that is where you PC will look for them, That all well and good if you want to transfer that build to another windows machine. But if you want to transfer it to any other platform then ie Android it will not recognize that path so if you have ever transferred your build from 1 platform to another and in the process lost your Backgrounds then this is the reason why. Kodi has a path that will equip its self to speak to all Platforms and that path is the Special Path.


How to Make a Special Path in Kodi

It does not matter what way round you do this, and what i mean by that is that you can do it at the start off your build or at the end because once you change the file you need to change  Kodi will set its self in the settings.xml file as that destination location, So basically if you do this before you start your build it will there fore always be the Special://home location as long as you root it there if you do it at the end of the Build then it will change all the paths to your backgrounds to this path Special://home.


So how do we go about Making a Special Path in Kodi? well lets have a look for this blog ime going to show you that all my paths are set to c:\ because i built my build on a Windows platform so this is what it will look like.

Below is the file path to where my backgrounds are on my PC.

Now for me to make that path a Special Path so that if you want to install my Build on any Platform. I will need to change it and there is 1 simple way in doing this. Now Bare in mind i have 14 menu items so with the help of Notepad++ i can do this in 1 change of a line and this is how.

Provided you have Notepad++ ?

Then we need first go to the .xml file to do this and that will be located  c:/user/username/AppData/Roaming/Kodi/userdata/addon_data/skin.aeon.nox.5 <——- Or what ever skin you are using ,and there you will find a xml file called settings.xml.

Open in Notepad++

NotePad++ can be found HERE

Then you get this great deal of xml code.

Then the first line you come to that has the destination thats starts with c:/users/user/

This is the only 1 we need to change as Notepad++ will do the rest for us as i will show you.

If we click on the “Replace” icon on the top bar.

We will get a pop-up box.

Find what = the destination we have.

Replace with = what we what to change to

Once you have typed in special://home click on replace all and then.

At the bottom will tell you how many lines that Notepad++ have changed for you.

Then click close.

As you can see it changed 14 Occurrences. So it changed all my 14 menu bar background destinations in 1 click.

Now we have to save the file and to do this you need to click file and then save.

Now if you reboot your Kodi. You will notice that the file destination has changed. This will be compatible with all platforms.

So there you have it boys and girls.

Hope this was of some use to you and as always if there is anything you need to know then let me know on twitter HERE

Till next time Be good.




How to Make a Special Path in Kodi

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How to Make a Special Path in Kodi

How to Make a Special Path in Kodi





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