How to Pair OpenLoad Links in Kodi

How to Pair OpenLoad Links in Kodi

Good Morning Guys have had loads of tweets about the Openload Links this blog will show you the very simple way to Authorise the links. Continue enjoying all the amazing content stored on this amazing file hosts website.

How to Pair OpenLoad Links in Kodi


How to Pair OpenLoad Links in Kodi

All of you would have noticed that Openload links in Kodi now bring a popup asking you to perform a Kodi Openload pair involving visiting a website in your browser.

Why all the Stress?

How to Pair OpenLoad Links in Kodi

Openload is an amazing file host in Kodi.

Top addons like Exodus, Specto,UK Turks,Salts and Openload Movies to name just a few all bring back Openload links via URL Resolver. To be honest most addons use it in some form.

URL Resolver  is an amazing addon in its self which is working in the background and without nothing would work. You can read our blog on URL Resolver  HERE.
Openload has been trying to stop Kodi Accessing the files on its site for a while. Remember the Pigeons? Remember the very annoying Rick Rolled?

Tknorris the main dev behind the TvAddons URLResolver has worked with the guys at Openload so that its a win win for all involved. The solution is what you see within these addons.

“The Pair”

The addon will bring up the following message:-

Visit the link below to authorize the devices on your network: then click “Pair”

Follow the instructions and visit the address above in your web browser.

Click the check box beside “I am not a robot” and then click on “Pair” in the top right corner.

Your chosen video will begin to play and you will be able to watch Openload links on Kodi for the next 4 hours. Then just re authorise again afterwards if using again.


Easy, So Why all the stressed tweets?

Yes it is an inconvenience, but to be honest only takes about 20 seconds to do.I can see this being the future on all file hosts within Kodi so i would get used to doing it.

Yes its perfectly Safe!! Openload are not going to take over your device lol. Yes i have read all your tweets.

My top tip is it dont even have to be from the streaming device. As long as its on the same network. I just have the openload pairing page saved as a favourite on my phone and bang job done a 5 sec job. You can even do before if you know you are going to be using an addon with Openload links.

Do I think its worth it?

Yes its worth it for better quality links. Hopefully this blog has helped put a few of your minds at rest.

Is there a way round it?

Yes and No. One alternative is a Real Debrid account which i have banged on about for years. If the addon has RD integration ie Exodus these links will play automatically like before. Read our blogs on the advantages of Real debrid HERE.

How do i Configure Real Debrid in URL Resolver HERE


Until next Time

Anyway guys will catch up with all of you soon.

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How to Pair OpenLoad Links in Kodi


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