How to set a custom Background

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How to set a custom Background


How to set a custom Background

Hello There.

Ever wondered how to get shut of that boring XBMC/Kodi background?.

You have wondered but don’t know how?.

Well here’s a quick guide on how to customize your background to brighten up your day every time you turn your Kodi machine on.

As you see above customizing your background can give you Box a bit of a sparkle (as you can see with this FANTASTIC background) 🙂

Ok lets start.

As always we have to open are Kodi and got to settings under the System tab.


Once you click settings.

click on Appearance.


Then we need to hover over “skin”on the left then swing to the right and click on “settings”.


Then click on Back grounds.


Then click the “Enable custom background” then below that you will click the Background path and locate the picture you want to put on your kodi to customize.


Mine was saved to my Downloads folder.


Simply click on the jpg and there you have it you now have your very own custom background.



Now you can swap and change your backgrounds anytime you get bored at looking at the same one after a period of time.

If you are looking for images or creating your own then you should be having images that are 1920 x 1080.


Hope this has helped some of the new comers and them who always wanted to but never felt comfortable with doing it.

I will blog more on how to customize your box so watch this space.


Till next time.

Have fun.

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