How to shut down Kodi correctly

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How to shut down Kodi correctly

How to Close Down Kodi Properly and Why?

Here is an insight on How to close your Kodi down properly and why you should close it down correctly

How to properly Close Kodi

The android operating system is all to good for us to press the home or the back (return) button thinking we have close the app/program.

But we haven’t because it still runs in the background and the Android box is exactly the same.

If you are playing any stream you MUST stop it first.

Once you have stopped the stream you can then proceed to turn your machine,box of the correct way by clicking on the Power/Stop icon on the bottom left hand side of the screen.




After pressing the power button, a pop-up will appear.





After pressing the Exit on the menu that appears your machine will close down properly(could take up to 20 seconds).

Why it is so important to close Kodi properly.

Kodi it self as a program is very powerful.

It is also doing many things in the back ground basically every time you turn it on like add-on updates, system maintenance, system updates and system cleaning.

Most of the problems will and do occur when you don’t close the machine/box down correctly.

You can loose icons,Turn on to a blank screen,user data folder that could be corrupted and add-ons that have disappeared.

All for the sake of 2 clicks and 20 seconds.

And the reason being why it takes that 20 seconds (ish) is because its finishing of all its procedures so that you have a nice and healthy machine/box the next time you turn it on.

Now you know hopefully you will look after it.

it should keep your machine/box in tip-top condition.

Hope this has helped you out in some way.

Till the next time.




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