Inside addon series BOB kodi Addon Great Developers.



Inside addon series BOB kodi Addon Great Developers. Here is the first part of my look at the inside of the add-ons. For this blog I’m looking at one of the newest addons on the scene.

There are Seven main developers in the add-on and these can be found on twitter. If you like their work why not follow them and drop them a message of thanks. The playlisters are Blue Costa TAsolutions TNPB Valhalla DaButcher Deezal Tiny Tykes 

There is some guys that  work tirelessly in the background why not follow them on twitter, the dev that sorts out what the palylisters wants is midraal follow him on twitter here  and over on noobs and nerds forum here.

First we need to load on the add-on, you can find the install guide on the following blog click here to go to the guide.

After you have read this blog, come back here to go to the developers sections.

Blues guide

Costa Guide

Ta Streams guide

Tnpb guide

Valhalla’s guide

Let’s have a look at what you are greeted with when you open the add-on. As you can see there are plenty of sections for you to dig your teeth in to.

There is something in this addon for everyone, we have live TV, TV shows, reality TV, Music, sports. This is the only addon that I have come across that has a section that changes depending which season it is, and not only do you get this but you also get each devs section individually.

Below this screenshot I’m going to be covering the seven sections and the other sections will be covered in their own blogs as they are too big to be covered on here.

As you can see there is plenty of sections to this add-on. Below I’ll cover each section in turn.

Changing the way the list looks.

But before I go in to each section I need first to cover one thing that I learnt recently, when you pull the panel on the left of the screen. As well as the usual changing the few type, i.e. list big list thumbnail etc. you change the way the list is sorted by. You have the default listing this being the way it was loaded, you can change this to: Name ( this puts it in to an alphabetical list) Year ( this give the date of release ) MPAA rating (this is the motion picture association of Americas rating system of films, the ratings are listed on a screenshot below as well as screenshots of the other listings)




These are applicable to each section in bob, but the mpaa is only applicable to the films available in the addon.

Retro’s Bob.


This section will be covered in the bob’s tricks and tips blogs.

New releases.

bob11-2In the section of the add-on, the guys have decided to include only the latest 21 films added on to the add-on. There is no general way these are included, they don’t stick a genre type. As you can see from the following screen shot there is plenty of different types of films. From animated movies like stork and Pete’s dragon for the kids, a sports documentary – Usain bolts documentary. A few films for the ladies amongst us – absolutely fabulous and Bridget jones baby. A few horror’s for those that like a fright or two – Ouija: origins of evil and pet.


As  you can see there is another section for more releases. If we click on here there is a list of another 112 that again do not stick to a general genre type. There are horror films like the conjuring 2 the boy. Drama films like the creed and me before you. Crime films like the hateful 8. Comedies like dads army and dirty grandpa.



Amazing TV.



This section has recently been updated to include 4 new lists by DaButcher, Deezel, tiny tike and a list full of sitcom TV shows.

Here’s a more in depth look at each part in this section. Each show has the list of episodes.

Blues TV



Blue has put together a great list of TV shows that cover a wide range that should suit every one, there is some old classics like Blake 7 and red dwarf. Some new shows – Big bang theory.

Blue must like the Marvel and DC shows like arrow, flash and marvel agents of shield with plenty more as well. For the crime show fans amongst us there’s a few ncis thrown in for good measure.

There is far to many to list here but I highly recommend taking some time to look through this section. As there is 231 shows to look through and plenty for everyone no matter what their tastes are.

Bobs Sitcoms.


The latest section that has been added to the list. As the name suggests we find a list of 47 shows that fit in to the sitcom genre, we have some comedies like 2 broke girls, the big bang theory. Some classic shows like according to Jim, friends married with children and frasier. There’s animated shows that we all love – family guy and the simpson’s.

So if you like your sitcom shows then this is the place for you. I’m sure that this section will grow and grow so i’d highly recommend keeping an eye on this section in the future.

DaBs TV.


I’m sure many of you will have seen Dabutcher’s shows on YouTube. You can find some great videos on bob on his channel. But he decided it was high time that he threw is all in to a list in an addon.

At the time of the original writing of this blog he had 65 shows on the list but at present he has 84 shows and I’m sure that will have grown again soon.

In Dabutcher’s list you will find some great shows from many a different genre scope. We have shows like American pickers, ice road truckers.

Having flicked through the list I have spotted a few of my favourite shows – Storage wars and storage hunters, there is even some shows for the women – the bachelor and the bachelorette.

This is a section I would highly recommend coming back and checking out regularly as DaB is updating this list daily.

Deezels Crime TV


I have to say that this is one of my favourite sections, but that is mainly cause I love my crime programmes. In here you’ll find some great shows like behind bars: rookie year, Gang land, homicide hunter and on the case with Paula Zahn.

At present there is 30 shows in here but I’m sure that deez will add more as time passes by.

Favourite TV shows by Deezel.


There is only 7 shows at present but there’s enough to be going on with. All can be seen above.

Tiny Tykes TV.



Tiny has put together a great list that is just for the kids. Each section contains series from the tv shows, so this should keep your little one happy. We have some old familiar ones like Dora the explorer. Some old classics like fireman Sam, Garfield and funny bones.

When I looked through the list I came across some series that my daughter loved as a kid, the main one being Pokémon. She’s now reliving her childhood working through the series.

If your stuck for some thing for your kid to watch then head straight to this section.

TNPB Boxsets.


This is a list of film boxsets put together by TNPB, there is plenty of selection available. The list is compiled in a alphabetical way so is easy to navigate.

I could get lost in here, there is 258 boxsets for you to look through and enjoy. With that many to go through I’m sure you’ll find something to watch, there are some comedy gold ones like Austin powers, big mamma’s house and bill and teds excellent adventures.

For the kids there are some great boxsets like 101 Dalmatians, Alvin and the chipmunk’s, babe and Cinderella.

Every single genre is covered in here, we have action drama thrillers horror comedy. The list goes on and on.

I know I have used this section over and over again, especially some of the older boxsets that I couldn’t find else where.

BOB’s kids.


This has five different sections from some of the Playlister’s.

Blues Kids.

As you can see Blue has split her section in to four different parts. here’s a look at each section.

Kids Animated.

This is a list of animated kids films. here’s a few screen shots from the section.



For all the family blue has put together a list of great animated films. And from the screen shots above you can see the amount of work blue has put in to the list. There are films in here that I remember watching as a kid.

Why not have a  great day watching films with the kids then sit back and browse through this list and enjoy some quality films.

Kids Live Action.




From time to time we don’t want to watch animated films. But want to watch films with the kids. You’ll see that blue has put together a list containing 389 films. you will see that there is some old films along with the remakes. Such as Annie, Alice in wonderland.

There is plenty of classics available such as E.T and ghostbusters. Even the Goonies is here. There is film series like Spider-Man, batman and all of the harry potter films.

This is another fine example of the work that blue puts in to her lists, I would be surprised if you can’t find a film to watch over the school holidays.

Furry Friends.



For those of us that like films with a animal in them then look no further then this section.

Blue has searched high and low to keep us happy with this list. She has gathered together both animated and live action films here, there is 48 films that include a few classics like old yellow. It even includes some series like Beethoven and free willy, it even has a favourite of mine stuart little 1 & 2.

Studio Ghibli.



 This is a nice little list of 20 animated oriental films, so if this is your thing then look no further then this list.

Costa Kids.





Costa has put together a nice little list for the kids. There are some classics in here like my girl and stand by me. There is a great mix on films in here to suit all tastes.

Retro Toons.



Retro toons is a section that all of us adults will love. It is full of cartoons from our childhood.

With the likes of he-man, inspector gadget, teenage mutant ninja turtles,  there is enough to keep us entertained through the small wee hours.

Valhalla Kids.


Inside BOB kodi Add-on Great Developers Valhalla



Valhalla has put together a great list of films for kids, as you can see the retro toons seen above, originally comes from this section.

There’s a section just for Walt Disney films, that includes the like of beauty and the beast, lady and the tramp, Cinderella and Dumbo.

As well as the Disney section there is one for mixed animated movies like the BFG and finding dory, as well as some of the films from the Disney genre like peter pan and Pinocchio.

All the rest of the films are in a boxset look, in each part is the films from the film series.

With the wide range of films available here its well worth a look.

Tiny Tykes Cartoons.

bobkids2-6As you can see this section has been split in to 4 sections.


Tiny tyke movies.



Tiny tike has put toghther a list of films that covers everything we have Barbie films, barney films, curious George and even some fireman sam. There’s old films new films enough to keep every one happy.

TV by Tiny Tikes.



Just like the list above Tiny Tikes has put together alist of tv shows especially for the little ones.

This section is also featured in the amazing tv section on the main panel, so please scroll up to have a read.

Tiny tikes YouTube.




The title gives this away, these are links to childrens shows available on YouTube there are some good ones like the story books for kids, you can put this on when they are in bed and you can enjoy the peace and quiet.

Christmas Movies  by Tiny Tikes.



There are some great films in this list. The Charlie brown Christmas movie, caspers first Christmas, how the Grinch stole Christmas and a nice old classic  snowman.

Music TV.


This section contains music channels from across the world, screenshots of the list.




This is a list of tv channels from around the world, there is channels from Hungary Pakistan Russia France and the UK.

Walk of Fame.


This section is films that include the actors and actresses.


Screenshots of the sections.







There is not a great lot that I can say about this section as it is self explanatory, as you can see from thre screenshots above there are films featuring the actors/actresses pictured. Just find you favourite one and then scroll through the films to find your favourite one.

Bob Sports


This has 8

sections covering sports links.

This section has every thing for the sports fan.

In each section there is loads to look through, so lets look at each section in turn.

Sports TV: There is lots of sports channels covering lots of different sports, there’s a dedicated golf channel,  you can find horse racing on the Dubai racing channel. You’ll find a couple of NFL channels. 6 different sportsnet channels and there is even a poker channel. This section also includes an acestream section for these to work you will need to plexus addon. To learn how to install this click here .

For the next section you will also need the plexus addon added. This section is the acestream/sopcast channel. In here you will find links to games from basketball, NFL, premier league games, champions league games, MMA and wrestling.

The next section is the hockey section. On game day a list of games for the NHL will be here for you t click and watch

Next up is the soccer section (football to us british) these will be listed on match days.

Football is next (American football)  again the games are listed on match day.

Main events will be listed here when the event is live so check out here when there is something you watch.

Sports replays are next up,in here you’ll find boxing replays, NHL replays, UFC replays and wrestling replays.

Last up is moto gp, here is listed a list of the years moto gp races.

Seasonal Section.

Bob have created a section that will change after the season has finished, at the time of writing the season is Christmas. In here you’ll find each playlisters seasonal section. There is Costa’s Christmas, TA’s Christmas music and tiny tikes Christmas section, as listed above.

This is just a part of the addon, the next part is the Playlisters  sections. Due to the size of each section I could not possibly cover them all here so they need to be covered in their own blogs.

I hope that you like the first part of the BOB add-on and you follow the links to the developers parts. If any one wants me to cover any addons please contact me on twitter DamoT



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