Inside addon series BOB kodi Addon Tricks Tips




Inside addon series BOB kodi Addon Tricks Tips. Before I start on my look at the inside of the add-ons. I felt I needed to cover the tricks and tips of the addon that can better your experience when using bob.

There are Seven main developers in the add-on and these can be found on twitter. If you like their work why not follow them and drop them a message of thanks. The playlisters are Blue Costa TAsolutions TNPB Valhalla DaButcher Deezel Tiny Tykes 


Inside addon series BOB kodi Addon Tricks Tips


Inside addon series BOB kodi Addon Tricks Tips. There are some guys that  work tirelessly in the background why not follow them on twitter, the dev that sorts out what the palylisters wants is midraal follow him on twitter here  and check out the bob section over on noobs and nerds forum here.

First we need to load on the add-on, you can find the install guide on the following blog click here to go to the guide.

After you have read this blog, come back here to go to the developers sections which will be published over the next few weeks.. click a link to take you to the page.

Blues guide

Costa Guide

Ta Streams guide

Tnpb guide

Valhalla’s guide

Also I have done a blog on the tricks and tips for bob click here to go to the blog.

Let’s have a look at what you are greeted with when you open the add-on. As you can see there are plenty of sections for you to dig your teeth in to.

There is something in this addon for everyone, we have live TV, TV shows, reality TV, Music, sports. This is the only addon that I have come across that has a section that changes depending which season it is, and not only do you get this but you also get each devs section individually.


As you can see there is plenty of sections to this add-on. But during this blog I’m going to cover the extra little things that the team brain stormed in their production meetings over at bob towers in the centre of bobville USA. The team come up with the ideas throw them at midraal. He gets his coding hat on and does his magic and then the  next thing hay presto we have a new trick that enhances the addon.

Changing the way the list looks.

The first thing I’m going to cover is one thing that I learnt recently, when you pull the side panel on the left of the screen. As well as the usual changing the few type, i.e. list big list thumbnail etc. you change the way the list is sorted by. You have the default listing this being the way it was loaded, you can change this to: Name ( this puts it in to an alphabetical list) Year ( this give the date of release ) MPAA rating (this is the motion picture association of Americas rating system of films, the ratings are listed on a screenshot below as well as screenshots of the other listings)




These are applicable to each section in bob, but the mpaa is only applicable to the films available in the addon.

Retro’s Bob.


What happens in this section is going to need a lot of explanation. But once you get used to how it works you’ll be doing it over and over again. First thing you notice is before you do any of the following. When you click on the icon above nothing happens.

So why has this section been added, the main reason is the end user, you. Everything this team do is for the users of the addon. So what is this section for, I’m going to put in a little scenario to you. You have a little time before you go out but want to watch a film when you come back. For this example I’m going to use magnificent 7.

So you go and search for the film. You can add it to favourites. But then you want to add other films and keep them all together.

First bring up the context menu, by pressing c on a keyboard (if you use one) or press menu on the keyboard.


Next scroll down to add to retro bob. And click on that.

Now you need to go back to the main screen in bob and click on retro bob. When you do this you’ll notice the following.

Once you click on the movie link you’ll be brought to another page and you’ll see the movie we added above.

So that’s your film added for the evenings entertainment.

Adding a TV series.

Then you think I have a few days off coming up and you fancy watching a TV 1series.

I’m now going to cover this below the steps are exactly the same but I’ll retrace them steps.

Go back to the bob main screen and scroll over to amazing TV and click on this.


Then click on Blues TV series.


Now you will see the a list of TV series for this example I’m going to use the first on the list 24.


Bring up the context menu again and select add to retro’s bob.


Once you have done then go back to the bob home screen and then in to click in to rerto’s bob. You’ll notice that there is an extra list called TV shows click in to that.


And you’ll notice the TV show has been added in to there.


Now you can watch this show when ever you want to. I thought this was the only thing that you could do, but I was wrong.

Creating new folders.

The team over at bob thought it would be cool if you could create folders. Not only for TV shows and movies.

So how about personal folders just for you and your family.  Midraal came up with an idea to do that as well.

Follow the steps below to learn how to do this.

We will use the TV show since that was the last on we was in. Highlight the show and then bring up the context menu.


And move down to move favourite and click on that.


This brings up a new dialog box with the folders we created and one listed as new folder, click on that.


This will bring up a input box where you can name the file to what ever you want, I have named it bfk.


Having tried this and nothing worked, There is a few bugs that need ironing out I decided to try a different tv show.

I followed the same steps as above but choose 11.22.63. this brought up the following list.

As you can see the series has moved in to the folder.

Bob’s Queuing system.

I know I find it irritating sometimes you watch a program. When it finishes you have to go to the next one and load that one.

Well bob have found a way to utilise the queuing function on kodi. For this option you can either queue a whole series or a season at a time.

My first guide below will show the season way of doing this. Bring up the context menu on the show you want to queue. I have chosen 12 monkeys.

Select queue TV show and click on this.


You will get an option to select HD or SD quality. I selected SD for this guide.


You’ll then get the following pop up advising you that they shows are queuing.


When the first show has loaded it will start to play whilst the others queue in the background.


If you click ok on control then you will get the following pop up. You need to use control to move over to the one highlighted. Click on this will move on to the next show in the series, if it has loaded.



Queuing the season.

To queue the season, you need to go in to the series you want to watch. Then bring up the context menu and select queue season.


You will get the pop up, I selected HD this time.


You may get the following pop up. If you don’t want to use real debrid click on cancel.


As previously the Show will start playing. If for any reason it doesn’t or you come out of the season. You can use the context menu to play the season.


You can even show the season on the context menu. Bring up the context menu and then select show Queue.




As you can see there are a few little tricks hidden in the bob addon. I’m sure this team will come up with more and when they do I will up date this guide when I can.

So that’s my guide, I hope you enjoyed it and learned a few things. Be sure to call back at regular intervals to check if any thing new has been included.

If any one has any questions regarding this or any other part of the bob addon please feel free to contact me on twitter or click here

Till next time.




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