Inside addon series BOB Unleashed kodi Addon Great Developers.


Inside addon series BOB Unleashed kodi Addon Great Developers.. Here is the first part of my look at the inside of the bob unleashed add-on. For this blog I’m looking at one of the newest addons on the scene.

There are Seven main developers in the add-on and these can be found on twitter. If you like their work why not follow them and drop them a message of thanks. The playlisters are Caira Griffin TAsolutions TNPB Valhalla DaButcher  Tiny Tykes   Shepo  Thunder

This addon has the feel of the old bob addon. But there has been a total code overall. Midrall has worked tirelessly in the background, tweaking bugs, sending out updates for the testers to test and report back. One major change you will notice is Blue doesnt have a list any where now. She has decided to take a step back and learn more of the coding and helping to produce the scrappers that the addon uses. Blue also did the artwork that you see for each section. To contact blue click Here

There is some guys that  work tirelessly in the background why not follow them on twitter, the dev that sorts out what the playlisters wants is midraal follow him on twitter here  and over on noobs and nerds forum here.

Loading the Addon.

First we need to load on the add-on, you can find the install guide on the following blog click here to go to the guide.

Let’s have a look at what you are greeted with when you open the add-on. As you can see there are plenty of sections for you to dig your teeth in to.

There is something in this addon for everyone, we have live TV, TV shows, reality TV, Music, sports and  help videos that have been done by dabutcher. Not only do you get this but you also get each devs section individually.

Below this screenshot I’m going to be covering the seven sections and the other sections will be covered in their own blogs as they are too big to be covered on here.

As you can see there is plenty of sections to this add-on. Below I’ll cover each section in turn.

Changing the addon.

But before I go in to each section I need first to why this addon has some unique features that no other addon has. To start with you can change how the addon runs. At the start of running the addon you will be presented with a request to run the wizard.

As you can see you get a yes/no option to run the wizard. Clicking on no will set up the addon to its default settings. So click yes.


Before i proceed let me give you a little background of what the metadata is. Metadata is the information for movies and tv shows. Different types of information is given, such as the movie/shows plot, actors/actresses staring in the film/show and even the air date. So lets carry on with the setup of unleased.

Next option is the chose meta data provider.  You have the option of trakt or tvdb (TV database) to select one and click on the corresponding button.

You next get the option for selecting the metadata for the movies. This time its trakt and tmdb (the movie database). again choose an option by selecting one the buttons.

Selector Type.

The next option you need to select is the selector type. You can choose either link selector or HD/SD. The link selector enables you to choose a link from a stream list,this is the type of choice you get in other options. By choosing the HD/SD option this turns the addon in to an one click addon.

As part of the wizard setup you can choose the type of theme that you have. They are all on the screenshot below. For this guide I have chosen default. Just click on your choice and the wizard will move on to the next part.

Gif Support.

The next part is an option that i have not seen in any other addon. You can have animated gifs.  This makes the icons used or all the sections have a rotating white lights go round the external part of the icon. I have been given a animated screenshot of the look when the gifs are on. If you have a low-end/low memory device I would suggest that this option in left off, so select no when running this option.

All of the above options can be turned off in the settings. So before i go in to the different parts of the addon i will cover the settings.

Not only does the gif support enable you to see the icon gifs. But also you will see some of the film or tv show thumbnails and fan art. will be animated. To see the first lot of these that have been introduced, check out the new releases section and thunders section. below are screen shots of some of this.


First section in the settings is the customization tab. In here you will see it has been split in to several different section. Display, meta info language, meta provider, choose default link, choose bob theme and enable gif. .

I will now give a brief description of each of these sections.


As you can see there are 3 different options here. Enable settings context item, enable trailer context item and hide help videos. the 1st two are options to include these settings on the context menu and the third hides the help video section on the main screen. below are screen shots of these options on the context menu.

Meta Info Language.

This gives you the option to change the language of the metadata. By default this is set to system. So if your device uses english then the info will be english. But you can change this to any of the languages on the list.

Metadata Provider.

Here you can change the options for metadata. There is an option to disable the metadata dialog, click on the text to highlight the dot. Below this is the option to change the tv and movie metadata providers, from tvdb/trakt for tv and tmdb/trakt for the movies.

 Default link provider.

When you click on the text you will be presented with a dialog box. You can select whether you want HD or SD quality links or for either to be played.

Bob Theme.

As you can see from the screenshot there are several different themes available.  Below are screenshots of the other themes.

Space theme.

 Car Theme.

 Movie Theme.

 Kids Theme.
colour theme.

 New releases.

Here you will find 3 different sections. Unleashed new releases, val’s hot movies and caira’s at the movies. Below is a look at each section.

Unleashed New Releases.

This section has over 30 new release movies. Movies such as bay watch, the shot caller and the mummy can be found in here.

If you click on the  first icon you will be able to access another list. This is the new kids films. below is a screen shot of this section. there are films such as lego super girl, power rangers and the boss baby are among the list of 45 films..

Vals Hot Movies.

In the 53 different films to scan through in this section. There are some great films such as goon: the last enforcer, the wall and t2 trainspotting. Val has put together a great little list.

 Caira’s at the Movies

Here is caira’s list of new movies. Movies such as naked, how to be a latin lover and churchill can all be found in this nice little list .

Amazing TV.

This section has 7 different sections in it. Griff has 3 different sections. There is a sitcom section and sections from tnpb, caira tiny tike and DaB. Each will be covered below.

Griffs TV.

For those that remember blue’s list in bob will recognise this list. Griff has taken over this list and included more to take the total films upto 318. This is a  great list of TV shows that cover a wide range that should suit every one, there is some old classics like Blake 7 and red dwarf. Some new shows – Big bang theory.

Also included are shows from Marvel and DC, shows like arrow, flash and marvel agents of shield with plenty more as well. For the crime show fans amongst us there’s a few ncis thrown in for good measure.

There is far to many to list here but I highly recommend taking some time to look through this section.

Bobs Sitcoms.

As the name suggests we find a list of 57 shows that fit in to the sitcom genre, we have some comedies like 2 broke girls, the big bang theory. Some classic shows like according to Jim, friends, married with children and frasier. There’s animated shows that we all love – family guy and the simpson’s.

So if you like your sitcom shows then this is the place for you. I’m sure that this section will grow and grow so i’d highly recommend keeping an eye on this section in the future.

DaBs Real TV.

I’m sure many of you will have seen Dabutcher’s shows on YouTube. You can find his help videos in the help section.

In Dabutcher’s list you will find some great shows from many a different genre scope. We have shows like American pickers, ice road truckers.

Having flicked through the list I have spotted a few of my favourite shows – Storage wars and storage hunters, there is even some shows for the women – the bachelor and the bachelorette.

This is a section I would highly recommend coming back and checking out regularly as DaB is updating this list daily.

Griffs Crime TV

I have to say that this is one of my favourite sections, but that is mainly cause I love my crime programmes. In here you’ll find some great shows like behind bars: rookie year, Gang land, homicide hunter and on the case with Paula Zahn.

At present there is 28 shows in here but I’m sure that griff will add more as time passes by.

Griff’s Classic Tv.

There is 32 different shows available in this list. Shows such as the classic a team, columbo, the rockford files and wonder women can all be found in here.


As you can see there is 4 different sections availalbe in here. I will cover each below.

IMDB 250.

This section gives you a list of tv shows from the IMDB website. I could get lost in here, there is 250 different shows  for you to look through and enjoy. With great shows such as breaking bad, human planet and the simpsons in this list there is plenty for you to watch.

Best of British.

 In this section you will find plenty of classic british tv shows. Shows such as auf wiedersehen pet, cold feet, gavin and stacey and the classic mr bean. There are 128 different series to scan through, i’m sure you will find something to sit back and watch.

Heroes TV.

As you can see there are some great shows in this section. From classic shows such as batman, the incredible hulk and the six million dollar man. To new shows such as arrow, marvel agent of shield and tne tomorrow people. There is plenty for every one.

Retro TV.

For those of us that like the old school shows. This is the section for you. There re some real classics in here such as buck rodgers in the 25th century, knight rider, and magnum pi can all be found in this brilliant section.

Tiny Tikes Tv.

This section is just for the kids. There is 97 different shows that kids will love, Shows such as angry birds toons, bob the builder and thomas the tank engine are all in here to keep the kids entertained.

Caira’s tv shows.

As well as creating a fantastic list caira has added a little extra section. in this section you can catch up on what extra has been added to the section. Click on the icon below in the section and you will see the screenshot below this icon.

Caira has a great section of tv shows. Shows such as bad girls, cilla and mr selfridge can be found in the 87 different shows.

Bob Sports.

There are 7 different sections in here. I will cover all below.

Live Sports.

There are 7 different sections in here. Some of them are under construction at the time of writing so i will cover the others.



When there is live boxing that is being streamed they will appear in here.


As you can see there are 2 different sections in here. Here is a look at them.

Thunders Football.

When you go in to this section you will see that there are links for games that are going to be played in the near future. There is some advice on the first two icons. The first states that the links may take 30 seconds to load. The second states that if the streams do not play then check that you isp is not blocking the streams.

Other football Links.

This section will have links in when there are games to watch.

Sections under Construction.

The sections above are all under construction at the time of writing.

Sports Replays.

There are 3 different sections available i will cover each below.

Boxing Replays.

Shepo has got together a great list of boxing replays. Bouts such as chris eubanks jr vs Arthur abraham, marcus browne vs sean monhagan. There are over 80 different fights to watch.

Sports Replays.

Thunder has an amazing list here. It is to big to be covered in this section. So i will cover this in the thunder section of the blogs. There is a new content pop up that can be accessed by clicking on the first icon.

WWE Replays.

We have 5 different sections in here. The first icon is a disclaimer, the rest cover different shows from the wwe network.

Here is a screen shot of the disclaimer.


This is the section you can catch up on all the pay per view shows that have been on. Shows such as great balls of fire, extreme rules, payback and wrestlemania.

Monday night Raw.

To catch up on all the monday night raw shows then this is the place for you. This section is updated after the show has aired.


This section is for the smackdown show. Again this will be updated after the show has aired.


Another section here covering one of the wwe wrestling shows. This covers the next generation wrestlers..

Bob Sports

To use this section you need to install the plexus addon. Click here learn how to install the addon.

For your information. The first part of the stream name is the language the stream is in.

Live Channels.

In each section there over a hundred different channels where you can watch sports. Channels such as bein, eurosports, pac and setanta sports are all in here.


This section will be covered in the individual listers blogs.


There is 10 different sections available in here. I will cover each of these below.

WWE PPV, Raw, Smackdown, NXT.

To check out these sections please check out the replay section above.

WWE Actors.

In here you will find a list of wrestlers that have stared in films. Included are andre the giant, the rock and john cena.

WWE Youtube.

In this section you will find different streams of YouTube streams centered around wwe. There is background access to some of the shows and ppv events.

WWE Music .

There is section where you can listen to the different music played at wrestling events. This includes the entrance music for the stars and even the shows music.

WWE Total Divas.

Who are divas. Well they are the female stars sof the wrestling world. They all have a section in here also inlscuded are the top ten divas.


So what is WWE 2K  here is a little definition. WWE 2K is a series that has more than 20 professional wrestling video games that are currently developed by Visual Concepts and Yuke’s, and it was later published by 2K Sports. The streams are all based on the different versions available.

Extreme Sports.

There are 4 different sections available to watch in here. I will cover each below.


there are 69 different films in this section. Films such as all this meyhem, gleaming the cube and skateboard kings are all available on the first page.


In this section there are only 5 different films available to watch. All an be seen on the screenshot above.

Extreme Sports.

These 15 films all contain a extreme sports theme. There are some great films such as nitro circus ans one California day.

Extreme Water sports.

there are 2  different sections in this part. Below i will look in to each of them.

Extreme Water Sports.

There are 29 different streams to watch in here. It looks like most cover surfing. So if you like surfing this is the place for you.

Kite Surfing.

Again This section is split in to two different section. The first section has streams that teach you how to kite surf. The second show different tricks you can do. Here are screenshots of the 2 sections.

That completes the sports section. Next up is the kids section.

Bob’s Kids.

There are 7 different sections in this section. I will cover this in a separate blog due to the size of the content.

BoB’s Docs.

With over 40 Different sections available this has got to be one of the biggest documentary sections in kodi. Again this will be covered in its own blog.

Caira’s section.

As you can see this is another large section. And cause of the size of it i will cover this in a different blog.


Griffin is back with a large section. If you love your documentaries then this man is the guy to follow. Again he will have his own blog.

Shepo’s Section.

As you can see shepo is the boxing section king. I will cover this section in a separate blog.

T.A Streams.

Again this section will be covered in a different blog.

Thunder’s Section.

This is another large section and will  be covered in a different blog.

TNPB Section.

As you can see there is only 6 different sections. But once you go in to each section you will realize how big this section really is. And because of that i will cover this in another blog.

Valhalla’s Section.

Valhalla has a brilliant section. There are 15 different sections available to go through. And because of the size this again will be covered in a separate blog.

TNPB Boxsets.

Due to the size of this section it has  been given its own section on the main section. There are over 207 differant boxsets to scroll through. Films such as ace ventura, Rocky, Alien and xxx can be found here. There are lots of different genres covered.

Music Tv.

There are 54 different streams available in this music section. Different countries music can be found in there and different genres of music such as country and dance.

Walk of Fame.

This section covers different actors, actresses and the Oscars. I will cover this section in its own blog.

Help videos.

Here is another unique section that you can only see in unleashed. The help videos done by dabutcher can be watched direct from the addon. Below is a screen shot of one of the videos.


This is just a part of the addon, the next part is the Playlisters  sections. Due to the size of each section I could not possibly cover them all here so they need to be covered in their own blogs.

I hope that you like the first part of the BOB Unleashed add-on and you read the blogs on the developers parts when they come available. If any one wants me to cover any addons please contact me on twitter DamoT


Inside addon series BOB Unleashed kodi Addon Great Developers.

Big Thanks to the Dev  for producing this addon and I am sure a lot of you will make use of it. 

Any issues to encounter with the addon please direct to the addon dev we can not help you with these.


Whilst I am writing this would like to go on record to thank you all for your support. My team are aware that we are a still a brand new site compared to some of the third party Kodi Websites. The site is still growing month on month. We really enjoy reading your comments on our twitter account all 53000 of you. if you don’t follow us you can do so by clicking HERE.



Thanks from the whole team at #BFK


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Inside addon series BOB Unleashed kodi Addon Great Developers.


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