Inside addon series new update Evolve kodi Addon Great Developers



Damo takes a quick look at the new Evolve update as its all change for the addon. The shiny new look and new content. What does it have to offer you? Damo will go into more depth at a later date.

Inside addon series new update Evolve kodi Addon Great Developers. I’m back again with a new blog, this time its the evolve team with a new update and a whole new look.

There are team of developers in the add-on and these can be found on twitter. If you like their work why not follow them and drop them a message of thanks. The playlisters are





Caira .


Inside addon series new update Evolve kodi Addon Great Developers.


Inside addon series new update Evolve kodi Addon Great Developers. As you will see as we progress through these blogs. Not all of those listed above have a list in the addon, but they work tirelessly in the background helping out.

There is some other guys who also work tirelessly in the background. Why not follow them on twitter, the dev that sorts out what the playlisters wants is Metal kettle follow him on twitter here. Another person that the guys could not do without.  He’s the man that sorts out the icons for the team, 4yoursak you can follow him on twitter here.  One major change to this update have been the inclusion of the NaN scrappers. These are put together by the noobs and nerds team and work brilliantly to speed up the process of the stream loading.

When I spoke to Goliath about the addon, I asked him about the name. He advised me that when they  discussed the addon prior to development. Somebody mentioned about the evolving world of kodi, and there you have it the name was born. You may not be aware that there is a game called evolve, so the team decided to use the character names from the game.

First we need to load on the add-on, you can find the install guide on the following blog click here to go to the guide.

Whats new in the update.

Let’s have a look at what you are greeted with when you open the add-on. As you can see there are plenty of sections for you to dig your teeth in to.

As you can see from the screenshot below there has been a major change from the way the addon looked previously, there are still  sections for sports, TV, movies, kids  there is even a section for the ladies.

Each section is being looked after by different listers. If you wojld like anything included in any of the sections then contact the relevent lister. Below is a list of who’s looking after each section.

Sports – Jack

Live tv – Goliath

Movies – Goliath

Tv shows – Slim

Docs – Griff

Comedy – Jack

Music – Goliath

Kids – Caira&Jack

Listers – all

Ladies – Caira

Fitness – Caira

International – Griff

In each section you will see that they have been split in to different sections, as you go through the sections you will notice that there is (RD) next to some of the streams. This means that there is real debrid links available for this stream. To use these you need a real debrid account. To learn about real debrid click on this link to find out more here.

For this addon to work at its best you need the latest fmtester, sports devil addons and the noobs and nerd repository..

Below is a screenshot of the new look, and in this blog i’m just going to give a overview of the way the addon has changed. In the following blogs i will cover each section more in depth..

As you can see from the screenshot. Each section has a different colour to it. I think this gives a great look to the addon. These colours carry on in the sections themselves.


From the screenshot above you will see that this section has 11 different sections. You can search for movies, there is also the latest, most popular, featured ,genre and 4k movies. These are all in the section colour, for movies this is red. The next four icons lead you to the listers own movie section.

TV Shows.

In this section there is are 9 different sections. As with movies you can search the section. Then follows TV schedule, latest episodes, popular shows, new shows, shows from the 80’s , classic and comedy shows. Again as with the movies section you have the listers own lists.


There are 12 different sections in here. The first on the list is the sports scrappers. then we have live sports, club zone, sports replays. There are live events and football games, you can also bring up the latest fixtures and tables. Last on the section icons is the live golf. The last sections are the listers own sports sections.

Live TV.

This is the live TV section. It consists of 3 different sections these are freeview channels and IPTV lists, and as with the previous sections next is the listers own live tv sections..

IPTV List 2.

Again in this section there is a list of documentaries and the listers own documentary sections.


There are 3 sections in this part. These are the mens fitness and womens fitness and the lister section..


This section covers different things for music. As you can see from the screenshot there is live music, local and world radio stations. Music genre, music decades and a concert section. As with all the previous sections the last of the list is the lister sections.


This section has 10 different sections in it. These include kids movies, cartoons, shows, Then you will see something that I haven’t seen in any other addon, there is kids movie songs, disney karaoke, kids nursery rhymes and then 2 sections of audio books for hte kids to listen to. Last is the listers section.


Here is a section that sets the addon apart from others. There are 7 different sections that is just for thhe ladies. As you can see from the screen shot above there are tutorials for make up, hair, fake tan, fashion and relaxation. There is also sections for ladies movies and TV shows.


This section has comedy show and stand up comedy sections as well as the listers sections..


At the time of writing the list has not been updated due to the lister beingnon holiday. But as you can see this section has different international shows in it.


In this section you can go in to each listers individual list.

Search Evolve.

When you click on the search icon this will bring up the kodi search box. i will show you what hppens when you search. For this demo i have searched star wars.



When the search is complete yu will get a list of the results. As you can see from the screen shots above the search goes through each section and brings the items found bsck. This is where the use of colours in each section comes in handy as the list is colour co-ordinated.


The first section when you enter the addon is the favourite section this is empty till you add items to it below  i will show you how to do this.

For this example i added in two items. The first was a film, to get to this i went in to movies and then evolve latest.

To add films to favorites you need to bring up the context menu (menu on remote control or c on a keyboard) you will notice on the context menu there is add to evolve favorites and add to favorites.

Of course for this example we use the add to evolve favorites. The context menu disappears and the item is added to favorites.

Inside addon series new update Evolve kodi Addon Great Developers.

For the second item i added to the favourite section i went to tv shows then popular shows. And then just followed the same process as i did for the movies section.

I hope that you like the look at my whirlwind look at the update of the Evolve add-on and you read the rest of my blogs on the new update that are  coming soon. If any one wants me to cover any addons please contact me on twitter DamoT


Inside addon series new update Evolve kodi Addon Great Developers

Inside addon series new update Evolve kodi Addon Great Developers.


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