Inside addon series new update Evolve kodi Addon Movie Section



After my quick look at the new Evolve update and the great shiny new look and new content.

Inside addon series new update Evolve kodi Addon Movies Section. I’m back again with a new blog, this time its the movie section that the evolve team have put together.


Inside addon series new update Evolve kodi Addon Movie Section


There are team of developers in the add-on and these can be found on twitter. If you like their work why not follow them and drop them a message of thanks. The playlisters are





Caira .



Inside addon series new update Evolve kodi Addon movie section. As you will see as we progress through these blogs. There is a completely new look to the evolve sections.

When I spoke to Goliath about the addon, I asked him about the name. He advised me that when they  discussed the addon prior to development. Somebody mentioned about the evolving world of kodi, and there you have it the name was born. You may not be aware that there is a game called evolve, so the team decided to use the character names from the game.

First we need to load on the add-on, you can find the install guide on the following blog click here to go to the guide.

Whats new in the update.

As mentioned in my previous blog. That you can read here. each section is looked after by different listers. Below is a list of who’s looking after each section.

Sports – Jack

Live tv – Goliath

Movies – Goliath

Tv shows – Slim

Docs – Griff

Comedy – Jack

Music – Goliath

Kids – Caira&Jack

Listers – all

Ladies – Caira

Fitness – Caira

International – Griff

In each section you will see that they have been split in to different sections, as you go through the sections you will notice that there is (RD) next to some of the streams. This means that there is real debrid links available for this stream. To use these you need a real debrid account. To learn about real debrid click on this link to find out more here.

For this addon to work at its best you need the latest fmtester, sports devil addons and the noobs and nerd repository..

Below is a screenshot of the movie section and its new look.

As you can see from the screenshot. There are quite a few sections to go through. So lets work our way through the sections starting with the search option.


From the screenshot above you will see what happens when you click on the icon. You will be greeted with the kodi search dialog. for this search i have used kong a s a search string.  This brings up a list of the films from all the movie sections.

Then when you click on one of the links you will taken to a list of streams from different sources. The next two screenshots show you what you are greeted with and then what the type of quality you can expect.


This section has the latest films that have been added to the section. As you can see from the screenshot this sis a small list but I’m sure over the coming weeks and months this will grow to a bigger list.

A to Z.

This section has a list of films from the movies section set out in an alphabetical format. Films such as beauty and the beast, check point, fifty shades darker and the boss baby are listed in here.


This is the most popular films section. As you can see from the screenshot above this is a screenshot of the first of 5 pages. On the first page there is films such as ted, san andreas and furious 7. On the following pages there are films such as big hero 6, pixels, tomorrowland, get hard, taken 2 and despicable me 2.

Featured Movies.

This section is the featured movie section. And as you can see from the screenshot this is the first of 5 pages. On the first page there are films such as passengers, rings, and the bye bye man. On the following pages there are films such as rogue one, assassins creed, fifty shades darker, fantastic beasts and central intelligence.


This section has 15 different sections in it. As you can see from the screenshots it is split in to genre topics. Including  action, horror, thriller and western. Below i will go through each section.


This section again has 5 pages. With films such as kong island, the great wall and jack reacher on the first page. And on the pages that follow there are films such as the magnificent 7 and hard target 2 there are plenty of great films to go through.


This section is again spread over 5 different pages. And with great adventure films such as rock dog, max steel, finding dory and gods of Egypt there are plenty of great films to watch.


Now who doesn’t like a good animated movie . And in this section there is some great movies, such as the good dinosaur, sponge bob movie, monster university, wreck it ralph and rango.


In this section there are plenty of great films. Such as the founder, miracles from heaven, suffragette and straight outta compton and many many more. All spread over 5 different pages.


Once again this section is split over 5 pages and there are some brilliant films in this section. From great new films such as furious 8, bad santa 2, inferno on the first page. On the following pages there are films such as the transporter refueled, kingman, no good deed and jack ryan there is plenty of films to watch.


So lets have a look at the films that are in the Drama section. On the first page there are films such as smoking guns, jackie and passangers. On the following pages there are other great films such as nocturnal animals and deep water horizon.


So lets have a look the family section. In here you can find great films such as the life of pets, the jungle book and Cinderella can all be found in this section.


Films such as the great wall, doctor strange, pan, the hobbit battle of the five armies are all in this list. Again they are all split over 5 pages.


For all you horror movie fans out there this is definitely the section for you. There are some brilliant films in this section such as split, Blair witch, several of the insidious films and the Lazarus effect.


From the screenshot above you will see that this section has 11 different sections. You can search for movies, there is also the latest, most popular, featured ,genre and 4k movies. These are all in the section colour, for movies this is red. The next four icons lead you to the listers own movie section.


In this section there is are some great romance films. Again they are split over 5 pages, with films like bridget jones baby, mr right and miss you already on the first page, it shows you the type of films you can expect on the rest of the pages.

Sci Fi.

There are some amazing films in this section. Films such as rogue one, ghostbusters, the hunger games and antman are just somw of the films you can watch from the section.


This is the thriller movie section. This again follows the same format as the previous sections, the films are spread over 5 pages. With films such as split, gold, snowden and jason bourne on the first page, you can see the swlection of films that have been put together for this list.



In this section there some great war films. From newer films such as hacksaw ridge through to older films such as the hour before dawn spread over the pages. There is a wide range of films to search through.


There are plenty of good western films from lots of different decades. Newer films such as the magnificent seven and brimstone to older films such as rogue of the rio grande. There is a wide spread of films to watch.

4k movies.

This section has 25 different films in the list. All with the 4k quality, there are films such as life of pi, now you see me 2 and the fifth element.


This section has 59 different boxsets of films. I have put screenshots of all the films above.

That concludes the look at the new look movie section. The last parts to look at are the listers own movie sections.


As you can see in this section there are 9 different areas of movies. I will cover each below.

Mixed movies.

This section has 6 different mixed sections all of them are covered below.

Mix 1.

This is a very large list with over 4200 films in this list. These are listed in alphabrtical format, with numerical films at the beginning, such as films like 10 cloverfield and 1944. The films in this list are a mixture of quality. Majority of the films have several versions, these either being 1080 or 720 quality.

There are also a mixture of ages of films, there are films from the 60’s 70’s 80’s and films right up to the present day. I could go on for ages about this list but I suggest that you search through and see what you can find.

Mix 2.

Again this list is done in an alphabetical format, rto make it easier to search. There is a great mixture of genres in here. And with 263 movies to go through i’m sure that you can find some good ones. All s in this section are from 2016.


There is another great list here. With over 1300 films to go through there will be films for everyone. With films such as bad boys 2, dads army, inception and legends of the fall you can see the quality of films available.

Mix 4.

This is another mixture of movies that are in an alphabetical format. There are 280 films in this list and with films such as a clockwork orange and gone with the wind, you can see the type of films that are in this list.

Mix 5.

With just under 1000 movies in here there are some fantastic movies. My personal favorites are the jams bond films that i have spent days watching. Again this list is a mixture of genres and ages so there will be something in this list for all the family.

Mix 6.

With only 25 films in this list so far this is the smallest list in this section. But there are some great films in here, as you can see on the screenshot above the quality is pretty high.

Goliath’s picks.

This is Goliaths own personal movie list. There is 72 films on the list. And as you can see from screenshot there is a great many films that are in aseries. Such as scream, James bond, harry potter and the x-men films. So its time to sit back and watch one after another.


Each o these movies where released in 2016. There is some brilliant films such as the bfg, gods of Egypt and the jungle book.


Films such as the transporter refueled, minions and magic mike xxl, show you the type of film that you can find in the 53 films listed in this 2015 movies section.


There is 63 films in this section all films are from 2014. The list includes films such as noah, kingsmen- the secret service and night at the museum secret of the tomb.


There is only 17 films in this section but there are some great films such as white house down and the deep.


One of my favorite films The hobbit:an unexpected journey is in this list. Other great films like safe house and total recall give a taste of the films available for you to watch.


This list has some great films in it. Rise of the planet of the apes is my favorite followed by real steel and puss in boots. Whats your favorite, have a look and see what you think.


The last list in this section has 48 movies in it. And there is some brilliant films in it. Despicable me and tron legecy are just a couple of the films available.




This section has 4 sections in it, I will cover each below.

Top Movies.

Slim has put together a great list of films in here. There is a mixture of different types of films, such as platoon, rocky, monty python and the holy grail, stand by me and the hunt for the red october.

Football Movies.

This is a small list of movies with a football theme. Movies such as green street hooligans, the football factory and the great film escape to victory are all in here.

Airplane Movies.

This is another small list of films, this time with an airplane theme. Great films like executive decision, air force one, passenger 57 are along side the comedy films like airplane.

Scottish Movies.

In this section are some great movies such as braveheart, rob roy, gregory’s girl and trainspotting. So if you like your Scottish movies this is the place to be.


Caira has 6 sections in her movie section.  I will cover each below.

My movies.

This is a small list of movies that are caira’s favourite movies. Movies such as American history x, spaceballs, mrs doubtfire  and the great film Olympus has fallen are all in here.

Watch list.

This is another small list of films, this time it’s films that ciara is going to watch. Great films like a united kingdom, 20th century women and jackie  are all in this list .

Movie Requests.

This section is for films that people have requested on caira’s twitter feed. At present there is only 6 films in here but there is some good films such as scum and the firm.


In this list there is two sections. First you have the new films that have been released and then you have a list of over 250 horror classics.

Movie trailers.

In this section you will find trailers from films that are going to be released in the coming year.

Chick Flicks.

This section has over 150 films that are just for the women. There are films such as 50 first dates



When you enter jacks movie section you will be presented with the screenshot above. I will cover each section below.


When you click on this icon it loads up a YouTube video. This video explains how to add subtitles to your videos.

2017 Movies.

As you can tell from the title above these are movies that have been released in 2017. Films such as power rangers,trainspotting 2, 50 shades darker and john rick 2 are in the list of 80 films.

2016 films.

There are 247 films in this section. Great films from 2016 can be found in this list. Films such as assassins creed, ghostbusters, laid in america and bridget jones baby are in here with many more great titles.

Movie Requests.

Here we have another request section. To request a movie contact jack on twitter. As you can see from the screenshot above there is 46 films in the list at the time of writing. There are films such as saving private ryan, 5 minutes of heaven, the man that sued heaven and a good day to die hard.

Youtube Movies.

As you can see the list is split in to 5 different sections. Horror, western, war, kids and black films. below are screenshots of what you can expect when you go in to one of the lists, and the quality of the streams you can expect.

Movie Soundtracks.

As you can see there are 77 different soundtracks from films. Films such as rocky, ghost busters, footloose and the goonies are in this list.

I hope that you like the look  at the update of the movie section of the Evolve add-on and you read the rest of my blogs on the new updated sections that are coming soon. If any one wants me to cover any addons please contact me on twitter DamoT


Inside addon series new update Evolve kodi Addon Movie Section


Whilst I am writing this would like to go on record to thank you all for your support. My team are aware that we are a still a brand new site compared to other third party Kodi Websites. The site is still growing month on month. We really enjoy reading your comments on our twitter account all 47000 of you. if you don’t follow us you can do so by clicking HERE.


Inside addon series new update Evolve kodi Addon Movie Section


Inside addon series new update Evolve kodi Addon Movie Section



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