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Inside BOB kodi Add-on Great Developers Blues place. Welcome back to the second part of my look at the inside of the add-ons. For this blog I’m looking at one of the biggest sections in the BOB add-on.

This section is by blue and contains quite a few parts. Blue also does blue TV and the sitcom section in the amazing TV section of Bob, If you would like anything included in her sections or you just like her work why not follow her and drop her a message of thanks. Click here Blue to go to her twitter feed.

First we need to load on the add-on, you can find the install guide on the following blog click here to go to the guide.

So first of all lets have a look at what you are greeted with when you go in to Blues section.

As you can see there is plenty of parts to sink your teeth in to . Below I’ll cover each section in turn.

Women of the Month.

Each month Blue is going to choose one actress and include films starring the actress at time of writing the actress is Judy Dench. There are some great films in this section, for the James bond fans amongst us there is Spectre, tomorrow never dies, die another day and casino royale, Judy plays M James bonds boss. There’s also a few classic films in here such as Jane Eyre, a room with a view and Henry V.  Here’s a screenshot of the top of the list.

Inside BOB kodi Add-on Great Developers Blues place

Girly New Releases.

Inside BOB kodi Add-on Great Developers Blues place

As you can see from the screenshot above there is a wide range of films in this section. Different genres are covered. There is a few animated movies like zootopia and kung fu panda 3. There is some action movie for the ladies that like these, we have superman vs batman and captain America; civil war. There is also the widely proclaimed Bad Moms. Blue will keep this list updated regularly.

Blues Girls.

This is a list of  actresses each one on the list contains films staring the named actress. The list is compiled in a alphabetical way so is easy to navigate. There is plenty of great actresses in this list. Included on the list are Angelina Jolie, Anna Hathaway, Barbara Stareisand, Halle Berry, Julia Roberts to name but a few.

Why not have a look in here see if you favourite actress is listed.

Blues Kids.

As you can see Blue has split her section in to 4. here’s a look at each section.

This is a list of animated kids films. here’s a few screen shots from the section.

Inside BOB kodi Add-on Great Developers Blues place

Inside BOB kodi Add-on Great Developers Blues place

For all the family, blue has put together a list of great animated films. And from the screen shots above you can see the amount of work blue has put in to the list. I’ve found films in here that I remember watching as a kid.

There are some classic movies in here such as Aristocats, Bambi and fantasia. Blue even has some family favourites like Finding Nemo and the ice age series. Blue even has my daughters favourite films The land before time .

Why not have a  great day watching films with the kids then sit back and browse through this list and enjoy some quality films.

Kids Live Action.

This is a list of Kids films with actors and actresses. Here’s a few screenshots of the list.

Inside BOB kodi Add-on Great Developers Blues place

Inside BOB kodi Add-on Great Developers Blues place

From time to time we don’t want to watch animated films. But want to watch films with the kids. You’ll see that blue has put together a list containing 389 films. you will see that there is some old films along with the remakes. Such as Annie, Alice in wonderland.

There is plenty of classics available such as E.T and ghostbusters. Even the Goonies is here. There is film series like Spider-Man, batman and all of the harry potter films.

This is another fine example of the work that blue puts in to her lists, I would be surprised if you can’t find a film to watch over the school holidays.

Furry Friends.

A list of Kids films about different animals. Screenshots from the list.

Inside BOB kodi Add-on Great Developers Blues place


For those of us that like films with a animal in them then look no further then this section.

Blue has searched high and low to keep us happy with this list. She has gathered together both animated and live action films here, there is 48 films that include a few classics like old yellow. It even includes some series like Beethoven and free willy, it even has a favourite of mine stuart little 1 & 2.

There is also the Chronicles of Narnia series and the homeward bound films.

Studio Ghibli.



 This is a nice little list of 20 animated oriental films, so if this is your thing then look no further then this list.

Blues Anime.


There is a nice little list of 24 animated movies and series. Star wars clone films are in here and in this section is the star wars rebel TV series. For those that like these types there is plenty of Japanese content in here.

Blues Movies.

As you can see this is a large section. I will cover each section individually.

Super Women



This section has films where there is a strong female lead in the film. There are the X-men films series, an old classic Barbarella. The fifth element is here and I’ve got to say I love that film. I was surprised to see the matrix movies in here but again they are great films.

Mother and Child



This is a section that contains films about motherhood/fatherhood. There’s some great family films in here. The father of the bride is a great film as is Baby’s day out. But the best ones I found in here are the Look who’s talking series, these films are really funny.

Here Comes The Bride.



These films all have a wedding or bride theme to them. Some great films can be found in here. Father of the bride, monster in law, Muriel’s wedding, my best friends wedding the princess diaries.

If you like films with a wedding feel then look no further then here.

Blues Favs.




This is Blues on personal favourite list, there is some great films in here. I love some of the films in this list. Big trouble in little china is one of my all time favourites. There is 95 films in here and so many of them are classics that you wont know where to start.

The blues brothers, a knights tale, braveheart, dead poets society, forrest gump are just a few of the films available in this list. Blue has some great taste in movies.

A Little Song and Dance.



If you like a good old musical this is your place to go. There are great movies that all women love. Dirty dancing, the wizard of oz, les miserable and mary poppins are some of the best movies in here. but my all time favourite of these films is sister act and both of them are in here.

There is even all the high school musical films in here for the kids. Remakes of a few of the old films such as Annie and Footloose are with the original, so you can watch both one after the other.

Classic Love.


Classic love says everything about this section. there is some old love films mixed in with some newer films.

so if your in for a few soppy films then this is your place, grab the tissues and settle down and search through this great list.

Days Gone By.



The title gives this a deceptive feel to this section. These are not all films from years gone by, they are films with a theme based years ago. My personal favourite on this list is Bugsy Malone.

It rally happened



The films in this section are all based on reality. films like Alexandria and erin brockovich are in here as is Anna and the king.

Laugh and Love.


If your in need of a pick me up and a good laugh then this is the section for you. blue has put together a good list. Funny films like 50 first dates and 10 things I hate about you are just a few of the great films listed.

There are a few old classics in here coming to America, four weddings and a funeral and junior even the great mask are on this list.

So come on over and check out the rest.

Nicholas Sparks Novels.




Films all by the same director. There is ten available on this list most of which can be seen on the screenshot above.

On A Serious Note.


There is some great films listed here. My girl, pearl harbour, my sisters keeper, in the name of the father are but a few of the 85 films listed here. I’m sure you can find a film in here that you’ll love.

Thrilling isn’t it.


This is proberbly my favourite section in blues place. I love the thriller movies and there is plenty of great ones in here.

Films like flight plan, gothika, indecent proposal and the others gives you a feel of the type of films listed here. There are some classics from the 90’s in here, natural born killers, misery And the bone collector. 80’s films also mae an appearance in here with fatal attraction and black widow.

You have to check out this section, you wont be disappointed.

Warms My Heart.


Films to warm your heart.


The films in this section are aimed at cheering you up, so its a perfect section to come on those rainy days or you feeling a bit down. E.T has got to be the all time film that will cheer you up and warm the heart up on the mos miserable day. And then you have love actually that’s a great film. At the type of writing blue is building this list up.

A Taste of Heaven


Cooking based films.


This section is all about films with a cookery feel to them. There is a great animated film Ratatoille. A few good films like chocolat afried green tomatoes.

So that covers the Blues movies section. As you can see it’s quite a big section, in fact it could be an add-on it’s self.

Classic Mini Series.


A list of TV series that’s great for women.


In here you’ll find a list of TV series with a classic feel. As you can see from the screen shot there is some good shows. Great expectations, Middlemarch Cranford and pride and prejudice are but a few on this list.

Fitness Centre


For those exercise gods out there this is the place for you. There is a cardio section, a dance section and the worst possible exercise –  Insanity.

Ladies Lifestyle.


Videos about different aspects of women’s lives. Hair, make-up. What every women need in there life.

As you can see this is quite a massive section. Blue has put a lot of work in to this. she has some massive lists of films and has covered most bases. Blues place could be an add-on on its own but she is part of this team, they work together and create a great add-on.

I hope that you like the first look at the playlisters sections of the BOB add-on and you follow the links to the developers parts. If any one wants me to cover any addons please contact me on twitter DamoT



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