Inside BOB kodi Addon Great Developers Valhalla

Inside BOB kodi Addon Great Developers Valhalla

Inside BOB kodi Addon Great Developers Valhalla

Inside BOB kodi Addon Great Developers Valhalla. Welcome back to the last part of my look at the inside of the add-ons. For this blog I’m looking at one of the oldest sections in the BOB add-on.

This section is by Valhalla and contains quite a lot of parts. If you like his work why not follow him and drop him a message of thanks. Click here Valhalla to go to his twitter feed.

First we need to load on the add-on, you can find the install guide on the following blog click here to go to the guide.

So first of all lets have a look at what you are greeted with when you go in to Valhalla’s section.

As you can see there is plenty of parts to sink your teeth in to . Below I’ll cover each section in turn.

First we cover the first section, the movies section.

Hot Movies.

These are the latest hotest movies around at the moment. There is a great mixture of animated movies and live action films. Great films like the girl on the train, deepwater horizon and magnificent seven can be found here.

2016 movies.

Here’s another list of films from 2016. In here there are 175 movies including some great films such as ben hur and jason bourne. with so many films to go through I’m sure that you can find something good to watch.

2015 movies.

This section contains some great films from the year 2015. There are 72 to go through and all of them are good. Films like the renevant, south paw, sicario and creed there are some good films that will match everyones tastes.


This section is a list of actors, listed a – z. Inside each section is a list of films that the named actor stars in, i.e. in the al pacino section there are films like oceans 13, the devils advocate and heat. In the Jason Statham section there is films like lock stock and two smoking barrels, the transporter and mean machine. With so many great actors listed here you can’t help but find some great movies to watch.




This section is split in to 5 different sections, I will cover each section below.




Here’s a nice list of 382 films from the after the year 2010. As you can see from the screenshot above there is a wide variety of selection covering different genre of film. When you look in the 2010 part you have movies like hot tub time machine, 13 assassins, mega mind and monsters. From 2011 there are films like warrior, wuthering heights, the deep blue sea and the girl with the dragon tattoo. In the 2012 films such as the best exotic marigold hotel and Frankenweenie. From 2013  you have films like much ado about nothing and let the fires burn. There are films right up to the present day in this section.




With over 420 films available in this section there is more then enough to find a film to watch. The films in this section are from 2000 to 2009. From the year 2000, there are some great films like the beach,  American Psycho, gone in 60 seconds and what women want. In 2001 there are films like the mummy returns, a knights tale and rush hour 2. From 2005  you will find films such as, Mr & Mrs smith and the 40 year old virgin. You will find some brilliant films to watch in this section.




This section covers films made in the years between 1990 and 1999. This is where we start heading in to the classic film sections. Just from the screenshot above you can see what kind of films you will find in here.

From 1990 there are films such as, internal affairs, teenage mutant turtles and home alone. If you look at films from 1994  there are great films like four weddings and a funeral, when a man loves a women and Beverly cops 3.  And from 1999 you’ll find films like 10 things I hate about you, never been kissed and entrapment.




This is my favourite era of films, there are some great films in here. Again by looking at the screenshot gives you a taste of what’s to come in here. Between the years 1980-1989 it was a great time to watch films. From 1980 there are films like American gigolo, the blues brothers and raging bull. films from 1982 there are films like 48 hours, the dark crystal and first blood. The films from 1986 includes ones such as highlander and the karate kid 2. The last year to watch films from in this section is 1989 and there are some great films from this year, look who’s talking, born on the fourth of July and my left foot.




What can I say about this section other then wow. The list of great films in here is a long one. With films like star wars and jaws on the screenshot you can see what films are available. From 1970 you have a great war films like Patton and tora tora tora. Animated films like aristocats and comedy’s like catch-22. From 1975 you can find films like the rocky horror picture show and one flew over the cuckoo’s nest.


Inside BOB kodi Add-on Great Developers valhalla

This section is set up as boxsets. Each section contains films in the series, for instance, in the childs play section you will find all the films made in that franchise. You’ll find the same if you look in the Halloween section. The only different section is the first section you come to, the various horror films section.

bobvalhotmovAs you can see from the above the screenshot you will see that these are all individual films that don’t fit in to the previous section mantra. There are some good films in here as well.

DC vs Marvel.



All of the 24 films in this section are from the DC comic range. From the new films like suicide squad and batman v superman, to older films like the superman films. You can find can find some crackers in here.


Just like the DC section above all the films in this section star super heroes from the Marvel comic range. Heroes like captain America and Spider-Man have films in here. You’ll also find all the x-men series and the fantastic four films. So if you like marvel then look no further then here.


The crime section has been split in to 5 different parts. Each section is covered below.

Gang Movies.

Inside BOB kodi Add-on Great Developers Valhalla

As you can see from the title all the films feature gangs. There are films from different era’s, the 70’s 80’s 90’s and right up to the present day. Some old classics include new jack city and the wanderers are joined by films from the 90’s like a Bronx tale and American history x. From the 2000 era are films such as get rich or die trying.

Mafia Movies.

Inside BOB kodi Add-on Great Developers Valhalla

With the mafia as the theme for this section you know you will find the godfather trilogy and Scarface. But what else can you find in here,  you have old classics such as the untouchables  and goodfellas. And from the modern era you will have films like American gangster and gangster squad.


Inside BOB kodi Add-on Great Developers Valhalla

The list of films in here contains some classics like bonnie and clyde and butch cassidy and the sundance kid from the 60’s. Again Valhalla has put together a list from all era’s, from the 60’s right through to the present day. My personal favourite in here are the ocean’s eleven series, I love these films. There are some remakes with the original films like point break and heist.

Crime Documentaries.

Inside BOB kodi Add-on Great Developers Valhalla

These are all documentary shows that can be watched on TV. Shows like Ross kemp on gangs and traffic cops can be found in here. Each part of the section contains lists of the episodes available for the given show.

Crime TV shows.


These are more shows from TV. There are only 9 shows available and all are listed on the screenshot above.

Danish Collection.


This is the only Danish only section that I have seen in any addon. To get an understanding of what each section is in here I had to go direct to the source. I contacted Valhalla on twitter to find out what each section in this part is. Valhalla was very helpful and I have nothing but thanks for the help given.

On speaking to Valhalla regarding this section he said this to me: “valhalla has the largest selection of Danish content on the internet.. legal paid sites in Denmark has nothing compared to what we got..”  I thought it relevant to quote here and having looked through this section I have to agree with him.

So lets look in to each section.




This section is the kids section of the Danish part of Valhalla section. As you can see this is another section that is split in to different sections.  Each will be covered below.

Tegne/Animation films.



Valhall has got together a great list of popular animated films for the kids. But all these are the Danish versions. There are lot of Disney films in here, classics like bambi, the little mermaid and Hercules. There are quite a few  Barbie films in here, Also a few asterix films.




This is the live action film section. There are a few well known films in here, such as alice in wonderland and babe. There are also a few films based on the bamses billedbog tv series from Danish tv.




This section is the kids TV series tha tare available at the present time. There are some well known shows inhere like Dexter’s laboratory, but most are specific to Denmark.




This is a list of Danish films. With over 400 films on the list there are plenty to go through.




Here’s a list of TV series that are available at the present. There are 172 shows to watch I’m sure there are some great ones to watch.




This is the documentary section. There are documentaries on Hitler, Alexander the great and even the IRA. There are plenty more to watch in here.

Stand up.



As you can see this section has got two different parts to it.




As the title states this is the comedy shows section. There are 124 shows available by comedians like andes matthersen, Christian fuhlendorff. There are also shows like comedy aid and comedy galla.

komikere (comedians).



These are the individual comedian section. There are 38 different comedians listed here apart from the ones on shown on the screenshot there are ones like  mads brynnum, simon Talbot and tommy kenter.

TV kanaler  (tv channels)



As you can see there are 29 different channels available here. They are Scandinavian channels there are channels such as DR 1,2,3 TV2 and kanal 5 and 9.

Jul (Christmas)



This as you can see is the Christmas section of the Danish section, And has been split in to two sections.




These are the Christmas tv series. As I don’t speak Danish I am unsure what they are like, But i’m sure they are good.




As you may have worked out this is the Christmas film section. There are some great films in here, there are plenty of Disney films to go through, like Arthur Christmas and mickeys once upon a Christmas. Disney’s Christmas show from 1951 is also in here to watch.

DR Bonanza.

bobvaldanish-9When you first try this section you will be advised that you need to download the DR bonanza addon. Then you’ll be greeted with the following screen. Each part on the screen leads to a different section in the DR bonanza addon. You can search the addon, and look at the recently added content.



Again when you click on this section  you be directed to download the DR TV addon, once you have downloaded this and you click on the icon you’ll be greeted with the following screen.


Each word leads to a different section.

Click on dr tv you get the following.


You have latest videos, live tv and a list of programmes in alphabetical format.

click on the Rama Sjang, You get the following.


These are a list  of childrens tv shows from DR TV.

Click on the last word  Ultra and you get the following

bobvaldandrtv4This is a list of 124 other series that are from the DR TV network.

Kids and Animation.

Inside BOB kodi Add-on Great Developers Valhalla

In this section there is list of  animated films, there are some great films here. There is cars, Cinderella, Shrek and toy story. each of these has films from the named section. For instance in Shrek it has all the films from the series. The first three section on the list contain other films or cartoons, each will be covered below.

Retro Toons.

Inside BOB kodi Add-on Great Developers Valhalla

This has to be the best section in this section. There are some classic cartons in here, the flintstones, he-man, transformers and thundercats are in here. I have spent a good few hours watching some cartoons from when I was a kid.

Mixed Animated Movies.

Animated movies from different Film deveopers.Inside BOB kodi Add-on Great Developers Valhalla

In this section there is a great mixture of old and new films, classics like Pinocchio and Dumbo robin hood and sleeping beauty from the 30’s 40’sand 60’s are mixed in with films from the present day such as trolls storks and the secret life of pets. There is plent to watch in here if you can’t find anything in the other sections.



The title of the section gives you a huge hint about this section. classic Disney films are in here, Films such as bami , Alice in wonderland and Cinderella are joined by more up to date films like big hero 6 and the jungle book.


Inside BOB kodi Add-on Great Developers Valhalla

There are 8 different sections in this part. Each of them lads to different bits all about cannabis.





This is the weeds series that is available on YouTube. There is all 8 series that you can watch or you can load up all the episodes at one go.

Main weed channels.




These are some more channels that you watch on YouTube. Each one is by a different author.

Original Stoners.




These are the YouTube channels that was the original channels out there.




YouTube tutorials on different topics relating to weed. Learn how to roll the perfect joint depending the quality of the weed, or how to smoke a bong and get the most from each hit.

Cooking the weed.



There are some links to YouTube videos that teach the different ways to cook weed.

Stoner movies.



We have 33 movies and documentaries that are all about the weed. Films like Friday, next Friday and Friday after next are in here. As is ted and dude where’s my car. There are some really funny films in here, that are well worth a watch.

4:20 music.



These are links to music that you can sit and listen to whilst smoking a joint or tooting on a bong. You’ll notice the 4:20 and may wonder what’s the meaning behind this. I had go do a bit of research myself so here’s a little explanation. 420, 4:20, or 4/20 (pronounced four-twenty) is a code-term that refers to the consumption of cannabis, especially smoking cannabis around the time 4:20 p.m./am and smoking and celebrating cannabis on the date April 20 (which is 4/20 in U.S. form). 

After smoking videos.



A list of videos from YouTube that show the funny things that happen after people have got stoned. If you need a laugh then you need to watch these videos.


Inside BOB kodi Add-on Great Developers Valhalla

For those that like there gaming then Valhalla has thought of you. He’s put together a list of links for you to watch.


Inside BOB kodi Add-on Great Developers Valhalla

It doesn’t matter what your platform you play your games on Valhalla has got links for you. You’ll notice there is a dedicated link for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo. Also there is links for the different game makers like rockstar and activision. There are more then enough for you gamers to watch and may even ;earn some tricks or tips.

live stream.

Inside BOB kodi Add-on Great Developers Valhalla

These are links to live streams based on the gaming world.



As you can see this is another big section in the bob add-on, Valhalla has been on the scene for a long time and really knows his stuff, and as you can see from this blog, he caters for everyone, this part could be an add-on on its own but he is part of this team, they work together and create a great add-on.

I hope that you like the last part of the BOB add-on and you follow the links to the developers parts. If any one wants me to cover any addons please contact me on twitter DamoT





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