Inside BOB Unleashed kodi Add-on Great Developers Griffin



Inside BOB Unleashed kodi Add-on Great Developers Griffin. Welcome back to the next part of my look at the inside of the add-ons. For this blog I’m looking at one of the sections in the BOB unleased add-on.

This section is by Griffin and contains quite a few parts. If you would like anything included in his sections or you just like his work why not follow him and drop her a message of thanks. Click here Griffin  to go to her twitter feed.

First we need to load on the add-on, you can find the install guide on the following blog click here to go to the guide.

So first of all lets have a look at what you are greeted with when you go in to Griffin’s section.

As you can see there is plenty of parts to sink your teeth in to . Below I’ll cover each section in turn.

Classic TV.

This section is for all those that enjoy a good old classic tv show. There are some really great shows in this section. Tv shows such as airwolf, dads army, kojak, miami vice and space 1999.


Crime TV.

In this section you will find some great crime tv shows. TV shows such as a crime to remember, homicide hunter and usual suspects. So if you love crime programs then this is the section for you.

Documentary Section.

The documentary section has been covered in its own blog. Click here to read the blog.


This section has several different sections all of them covering extreme sports. All the sections will be covered below.


In this section you will find 8 different skateboarding sections. I will cover each of these below.

Reddit Skate Videos.

These streams come from the reddit web site. The streams are all put on to the site by users on the sit and include streams such as the devils toy, florida daze and osprey cruiser board-unboxing.

Skateboarding Contests.

Competitions such as x games, vert attack and hart lanes are all covered in this section.


Documentaries such as freewheelin, skateboard kings and we are blood can all be found in this section.


There are Some great films in this section. All have a skateboarding theme. Films such as lords of dogtown  and street dreams can be found here.

Tv Shows.

There are 8 different tv shows in this section that have a skateboarding theme, Shows such as jackass and ridiculousness are in this section.

Skateboarding Videos.

There are 52 different streams on skateboarding in this section. Streams such as adidas -awaydays, several blind skateboard streams, several h-street streams and several world industries streams are available.

Youtube Channels.

Skateboarding channels such as amskater, nike skateboarder and transworld skateboarding. All these channels can be found in this section.

Youtube Skateboarding Videos.

There are several pages of videos from youtube. Streams on the first page include several from 411, several from transworld sport and a mixture of other videos..


In this section you will find 6 different snowboarding streams. Streams such as mcconkey, switch and the crash reel are in here.

Extreme Sports.

Here you will find sevearl movies that have a extreme sports theme. There are several motocross streams and otheres suchas nitro cross and the free man.

When you click on the next page icon you will go to a list of streams from youtube.

Extreme Water Sports.

As you can see from the screenshot there are several films in this section. Also included are several sections, Etreme water sports and kite surfing. I will cover these sections below.

Water Sports.

In this section you will find a loist of water sports streams. Streams such as disguise the limit and red bull storm chase can be found among the 30 different streams.

Kite Surfing.

These are two different section in here. I will cover both below.

Kite Surfing.

This section has loads of streams that teach you how to do kite surf and to do tricks .


In this section you will be shown how to do more extreme kite surfing tricks.

True Movies.

There are 2 different sections in this section both will be covered  below.

True Movies 1.

This section has a list of over 140 films. Films such as 12 years a slave, braveheart, eddie the eagle and rogue trader.

True Movies 2.

In this section you will find films such as billionaires boys club, family of spys and path to war are all in this smaller section.


As you can see this is quite a big section. Griffin has put a lot of work in to this. she has some massive lists of films, tv shows and music and has even extreme sports. Griffin’s section  could be an add-on on its own but he is part of this team, they work together and create a great add-on.

I hope that you like the first look at the playlisters sections of the BOB unleashed add-on and you follow the links to the developers parts. If any one wants me to cover any addons please contact me on twitter DamoT

Inside BOB Unleased kodi Add-on Great Developers Griffin

Please remember that Best for Kodi offer no streams or control this addon. Please contact the developers of this addon if you have any problems. We offer no support for this addon as we have nothing to do with it. This is a third party addon and involvement or problems with this addon should be directed towards the developers or playlisters. Ourselves or Kodi offer no support for this addon,

It your responsibility to ensure that you comply with all your regional laws with any streams to be found on the web via Kodi Third party addons.

Whilst I am writing this would like to go on record to thank you all for your support.  The Site is still growing month on month. We really enjoy reading your comments on our twitter account all 54000 of you. if you don’t follow us you can do so by clicking HERE.

Why not Bookmark our page.


Thanks from the whole team at #BFK


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