Inside Evolve kodi Addon Great Developers Goliath

Inside Evolve kodi Addon Great Developers Goliath

Inside Evolve kodi Addon Great Developers Goliath

Inside Evolve kodi Addon Great Developers Goliath. Welcome back to the Second  part of my look at the inside of the evolve add-on. For this blog I’m looking at one of the Goliath section in the Evolve add-on.

This section is by Goliath and contains quite a lot of parts. If you like his work why not follow him and drop him a message of thanks. Click here Goliath to go to his twitter feed.

First we need to load on the add-on, you can find the install guide on the following blog click here to go to the guide.

So first of all lets have a look at what you are greeted with when you go in to Goliaths’s section.

As you can see there is plenty of parts to sink your teeth in to . Below I’ll cover each section in turn.

But first Goliath has a little hidden section. If you click on his twitter feed icon you get presented with the following.

Once you have set a password you go through to the following section.

I will not go in to each section as there maybe kids reading this but feel free to go in to them yourselves

So no we will cover the first section, Advent calendar section.

Advent calendar.

The guys at evolve came up with a fantastic idea leading up to Christmas. Behind each icon was a nice Christmas film for you to watch on the day.

When you select the date, a dialog box comes up for you select the quality of stream.

On the second of December the film was home alone. Nice choice guys.

Audio Books.

What can I say about this section other then I have not seen any audio books in addons before so this is a first for me. As you can see there is plenty to go through, with kids, harry potter, adult, romance and even erotic audio books. So lets go through each section and see what we can listen to.

Popular Audio Books.

This section contains some great audio books to listen to at your leisure in here. There are 51 on each page to go through , as you get to the bottom of the page you can click on the next page and move on to the next page.

There are plenty of Steven king books, such as the dark tower, susanna and wolves of the calla.  So why not have a look through and see what you can find.

Children’s fairy tales.


Unfortunately this section is not working at present the guys are looking in to this.

Nursery Rhymes.

Looking for something to put on when the little ones go to bed then look no further then this section. With great stories like the hare and the tortoise, the greedy fox three billy goats gruff on page one and faster then fairies on page two. The little ones will be happy.

Older Kids.

Since the little kids where looked after in the first section. Goliath thought he would need to look after the older kids as well.

With audio books such as the railway children, alice in wonderland, the grimm’s fairy tales all on page one. The full Hans Christian Anderson books on page two. The older kids will be happy as well.

Kids audio books.

Just for good measure goliath created another kids book section. There are some great stories in here, a kids favourite, the hungry catapillar, 4 different wiggle worm stories and the lion king on page one. The jungle book and jack and the beanstalk on page two kids will also love this section.


Before I go in to this section I thought a little explanation of what librivox is, Librivox is a group of worldwide volunteers who read and record public domain texts creating free public domain audiobooks for download from their website and other digital library hosting sites on the internet..

So we’ve got the explanation of what librivox is about lets have a look at the different books available. There are some very popular books in here such as the Princess and the goblin, the poor little rich girl, Romeo and Juliet and the revolt of the angels on page one. On page two there are books such as planet of the damned, the raven and even the book of revelation king James version there are quite a lot to go through.

There are a couple of hidden sections as well. if you click on the playlist at the top you will discover two more sections, I will cover these below.

Playlist section.

Click on this icon and it will bring up a new section.


I will cover each section below.

Non Fiction.

This section is full of non fiction classics. The first book on the list the wars of the jews shows the kind of book you can expect in this section. Other books like relativity and plato’s republic as well as henry fords own story are just some of the books available on page one. On page two there are books like pirates of panama and politics by Aristotle. I highly recommend having a look through this section.


As you can see from the screenshot above there are some real classics in this section. The invisible man is first on the list and sets the tempo for the rest of the books. Other greats such as the doctors wife, the lost world, the memoirs of Sherlock Holmes and Oliver Twist on page one. On page two there is the adventures of huckleberry fin. If classic’s are your thing then look no further then here.

Greatest AudioBooks.

There are some brilliant books in this section. You only have to look at the first book on the list to see what lies ahead. The origins of species is an absolute classic in any ones eyes. Others included in this section are the jungle book, the taming of the shrew and the hound of the baskervilles are just some of the books available on page one. On page two there are classics such as the adventures of buffalo bill, also included are Abraham Lincolns inaugrial addresses, There are more pages available with more classics.


This playlist in this section are actually headers for different lists. For instance if you click on the childrens audio books you get a list of books such as the princess and the pea, the grimms tales, treasure island, alices adventures in wonderland and the jungle book. There are sections of books in different laguages  for instance there are books in dutch, german French.

Books for the Damned.

These audiobooks are taken from audiobooks of the damned YouTube channel. There are some great books in here, the rocky films are covered, as is the back to the future films. there are even films like Halloween and poltergeist. So what’s not to love about this section.


As you can see there are a few other sections in the playlist section. Each of these are headers for other lists. For example the audiobooks for the damned section has films such mad max, e.t, basic instincts and Saturday night fever for you to listen to.

Harry Potter.

When you go in to this section you will be greeted with the playlist icon, click on that and that will take you to the above section.

As you can see from the above the screenshot each film is covered in the sections. Each film is split in to several parts. So if you love harry potter as much as I do then this is the section for you.

Free Audiobooks.

There is a great mix of different type of audiobooks in this section. What with books from the bible, books based on tv shows, books for kids, and that’s just the first page. On the second page two there are quite a few chapters of karma sutra for the lovers out there. Also on this section are books on the American constitution and the start of a long list of poems.


All of these icons are headers for other lists. For instance the moby dick section contains all the videos for that book. The audiobook icon leads to full stories such the jungle book and robin hood. You can spend literally hours in this section.


There are a wide range of audiobooks in this section as well as those on the screenshot above others include oh captain my captain and the wind and the moon. At present the playlist is empty.

The next few sections are not working at the time of writing so I will move on to the next section.


For those that like a good adventure novel this is the section for you. With books like treasure island and the Swiss family Robinson, others like the e machine and Robinson Crusoe. You will not be stuck with something to listen to.

Romance novels.

For those that like a good romance novel then look no further. There are a few the rocker who books, also a few books by anne stuart.

That completes the audio book section as you can see there are quite a few to keep you entertained


This section is split in to several sections.

Comedy Shows.

There are only a few shows in this section but each ones a classic. With great shows like one foot in the grave and dads’s army. You have to agree that Goliath has put together a nice list. Each icon leads to a list of the shows episodes.

Comedy stand-up.

As you can see from the screenshot there are some great comedians in this list. Comedians such as john bishop , jimmy carr, jason manford, lee evans and sarah millican you can have hours of fun watching these shows.


This section has been split in to 8 different section each will be covered below.


There some great documentaries in this section. With shows like copy cat killers and the mind of a murderer and the proclaimed making a murder  your sure to find something to watch n the 147 shows that are in the list.


These are all documentary shows that focus on the paranormal. Shows like ghost hunters, poltergeists and real ghost stories you will be scared out of you wits with this section  Each part of the section contains lists of the episodes available for the given show.


These are shows with fishing as the topic. The shows cover a wide range of topics such as the impact of  over fishing, or when fish attack, aslo covered are different type of fishing such as deep water fishing and fly fishing. There are 102 shows available for the fishing fans amongst us .


This is my favourite section in the documentaries section. I love UFO shows and there  are 224 shows to watch in here. there are full series from the unsealed and alien mysteries programmes. I have watched quite a lot of these and loved the ones I watched.


First of all lets have a look at a definition of what scientology is “Scientology is a religion that offers a precise path leading to a complete and certain understanding of one’s true spiritual nature and one’s relationship to self, family, groups, Mankind, all life forms, the material universe, the spiritual universe and the Supreme Being”.

So lets have a look at some of the links available in this section. There is documentaries on the inside of scientology, inside scientology celebrity centre. There are 19 documentaries to watch in this section.


There is a mix of different sports covered in this section. Documentaries on stars such as mike Tyson, conor McGregor, Michael Jordon, floyd Mayweather can be found here. As can documentaries revolution of body building and wimbledon the crazy gang. If you like sports documentaries then this is your place.


This is a section on the benefit system in the uk. There are documentaries such as benefits street, benefits britian life on the dole, the great british benefit hand out and benefits by the sea. Watching this will definetly open your eyes on how people on the dole live.


This section isa mixture of documentaries on several different subjects. There are conspiracy docs, documentaries on what life will be like after humans die, ones on the mankind. There is even ones on the fbi and storm chasers.

That’s the documentary section covered. Lets have a look at the festival section.


This section has been split on to 4 different section I will cover all below.

Ultra Festival

Here’s a list of 68 videos of the ultra festival. so what is the ultra festival here’s a brief definition Ultra Music Festival is an annual outdoor electronic music festival that takes place during March in the city of Miami, Florida. And as you can see from the screenshot above there are some big names that appear there. Tiesto, armen van buuren, kaskade all had sets here. At the bottom there are full vids from the days that the festival is on.


This is the creamfield section. So what is creamfields heres a little definition Creamfields is a large British dance music festival featuring DJs and live acts. 92 different sections to go through in this section. There is a mixture of live sets by artists such as andy c, calvin harris and fatboy slim. There is also highlights from different years 

Tomorrow Land.

So what is tomorrow land festival heres a little definition, Tomorrowland is an electronic music festival held in Boom. There is 70 sections in here for you to watch, with live sets from artists such as robin schulz, arwin,arwin van buuren. there is also a few ful

Mixed festivals.

As the title states this is a mixture of festivals, Ultra, tomorrowland, slam and jungle bell streams can all be found in here. There is quite a few pages to go through so watch at your own pleasure.

Now we have covered the festivals section its on to the fitness section.


These are the fitness section to get us in shape. There are Brazilian butt lift streams, streams on Zumba and even some for the kids. There are the t25 workouts. If you only have a short amount of time then there are some 30 minute workouts and some ten minute ones as well. Also included are some by stars such as divina McCall, kim kardasian and charlotte crosbys.

Goliath TV.

As you can see there are 20 different TV shows in this list available here. They are some great shows like buffy the vampire slayer and lost. So sit back and work your way through the list .

Jul (Christmas)

When you first go in to this section you get this video play prior to going in to the list. As you can see this is a little clip from nightmare on elm street.

The horror section has been split in to ten different sections. I will cover these below.

Horror Movies.

With 39 movies to watch in this section there are bound to be some classics. And as you can see from the screenshot above, There definitely is. The omen, the shining, the Texas chainsaw massacre are some of the older films in here. There are newer films such as the secrets of Emily blair and the caretaker.

Horror TV shows.


At present this section is under construction.

Horror Images.

This has 3 different sections in it. If you click on each one it brings up horror images.

All Things Creepy.

There are some very creepy streams in this section. Included are ones on slender man, strange disapearances, also some on murderers been influenced by horror movies. There is a playlist section in this section.


Each section in this part brings up a list of other streams with the header topic.

True scary stories.

There are plenty of true scary stories in this section. These include scary phone calls, scary new years eve stories, scary home intruder stories. There are quite a few pages of streams available to go through. Also there is a playlist section.


In here you will find another 49 true life scary stories to watch after you have gone though the first list.

True Scary Stories

Since there is so many true life scary stories, goliath created another list to accommodate them all.

Scariest Ouija board stories.

These are scary streams of what happens when you use a Ouija board. There is 29 streams to watch and every one is scary.

Real scary Ouija board.

In here you will find some weird streams to watch. There is people getting possessed Things getting caught on camera.

Real ghosts caught on camera.

If watching ghosts is you thing then this section is for you. You will see some freaky things in this section.

True Horror Stories.

The last section in the horror section is the true horror stories from all over the world. There is plenty to go through with some very strange stories to watch. This list also has a play list.



Another great list of scary stories from around the world.


How To.

There are some streams in this section that teach you how to do things. Such as how to ride a bike, how to do levels on minecraft, how to build things with lego. I’ll cover each section below. You will notice that there are 2 different icons for each section. I found that the first link for each icon brings up the lists featured below.

Ride a bicycle.

There is plenty in this section to help you when you have a bike. With tutorials on how to save mony when buying a bike right through to how to beat cycling burnout. Also streams on hot to build your cycling fitness and how to come back from injury.


This section has plenty of tips and tricks in how to help you become a better Artist. From how to draw facial features and body shape Right through to how to draw monsters and animals. This is a great place to learn to draw.


If you would like to learn about Japan and its cultures then this is the place for you. There is plenty to look through with streams like how to pick up girls and of course how to learn Japanese.


For everything to do with minecraft this is your place. From the first stream on a new world and other streams on building and music there is plenty to help you with the game.

Cake Decorating.

For the cake lovers amongst us this is the section for us. There are streams on how to make cakes that look like a dog, hats and even a play doh pot. There are quite a few pages to go through.

Play Games.

Stream son how to play games on the different consoles. Games include luigi, dr Mario, ssb4, and pacman. There is something for all gamers.


Links to streams about electrical issues. There are 20 streams in this section covering issues such as how to install a 3 way dimmer switch and how to install a light switch..

Windows 10.


There are streams around different issues on windows 10. There are streams advising about the different updates availavble. Also there are some streams about the differet sections available on windows tem.


This section has streams to teach you about how to become a better basketball payer. There are streams that teach you how to become a better dribbler with your left hand, How to be a better defender and how to beat defenders.

Pronounce It.


These streams help you to pronounce works and sounds better.  

Mountain Bikes.

These streams give advise on how to ride a mountain bike on different terrains. Such as how to ride descents correctly and how to brake like a pro. There is plenty of streams to go through on this section.


In this section there are two pages that teach how to dance hip hop. From learning the basic steps right through to how to do somersault’s there is plenty to help you become a great dancer..

DIY Craft.

This section is definitely for the craft makers amongst us. There are links on how to do different hairstyles and gather up skirts. Aldo there is links on how to change needles on sawing machines and even streams  on how to wrap a present and do the bows for the presents .


This is a list of streams that teach you how to make bass music on a pc.

Making films.

This is just a small list on how to make films. Whether you want to make films like tarantino or brad pitt then would watch these Streams.


There is 16 different streams regarding board game cafe’s. this is taken from the snakes and latte’s youtube streams.


For those big kids amongst us this section teaches us how to build things out of Lego. Included in this section are how to build the uss enterprise. a minecraft wolf and even a Pikachu. there are several pages to go through on this section.

Website Building.

There is 26 different streams on how to build website on this section. There is a devs starters kit,The series starts with part one documentation and goes to part 23 free hosting with GitHub.


As you can see this section has been split in to two. Both will be covered below.


This section has been split in to 6 different sections.


There are loads of great cartoons available in this section. On  page one there is star wars rebels season 3, marvels avengers season 3, legos starwars resistance rises. there are more ages to go through at you leisure.

Newly Added.

There are 61 newly added cartons availalble in this section. there is wacky races, the nutty professor and dr who the daleks. That is just a selection of what is on page one, there are several other pages to go through.


There is a mixture of cartons in this section.  There is great cartons such as the simpson’s, Alvin and the chipmunks and sponge bob square sponge pants.  n other pages there is a combination of films and cartons.

A – Z.

This section contains a list of cartoons categorised in alphabetical format. For instance in a there is cartoons/films such as a bugs lif and a Christmas carol. In H there is happy feet and he-man the masters of the universe. Why not have a gander through the lists to see what you can find.


As you can see from the screenshot above the caroons hacve been split in ti genres. I drama there is streams such as pinochio and snoop come home. In sport there is action man and wacky races.


You can search for cartoons using the search icon. When you click on the icon a dialog box comes up and you can enter What you want to search for. For this tutorial I used tom and jerry. click done when you have entered what you want to search for.

As you can see this brings up a list of the results.

Classic Cartoons

As you can see from the screenshot abaove there are plenty of classic cartons in here. There are a few popeye’s Several betty boop and a few Disney cartons.


Again this section has been split in to 9 different sections. These will be cevered  below.

Mixed Movies.

There are 6 different sections in here.

Mix 1.

This is a very large list with over 4200 films in this list. These are listed in alphabrtical format, with numerical films at the beginning, such as films like 10 cloverfield and 1944. The films in this list are a mixture of quality. Majority of the films have several versions, these either being 1080 or 720 quality.

There are also a mixture of ages of films, there are films from the 60’s 70’s 80’s and films right up to the present day. I could go on for ages about this list but I suggest that you search through and see what you can find.

Mix 2.

Again this list is done in an alphabetical format, rto make it easier to search. There is a great mixture of genres in here. And with 263 movies to go through i’m sure that you can find some good ones. All s in this section are from 2016.


There is another great list here. With over 1300 films to go through there will be films for everyone. With films such as bad boys 2, dads army, inception and legends of the fall you can see the quality of films available.

Mix 4.

This is another mixture of movies that are in an alphabetical format. There are 280 films in this list and with films such as a clockwork orange and gone with the wind, you can see the type of films that are in this list.

Mix 5.

With just under 1000 movies in here there are some fantastic movies. My personal favorites are the jams bond films that i have spent days watching. Again this list is a mixture of genres and ages so there will be something in this list for all the family.

Mix 6.

With only 25 films in this list so far this is the smallest list in this section. But there are some great films in here, as you can see on the screenshot above the quality is pretty high.

Goliath’s picks.

This is Goliaths own personal movie list. There is 72 films on the list. And as you can see from screenshot there is a great many films that are in aseries. Such as scream, James bond, harry potter and the x-men films. So its time to sit back and watch one after another.


Each o these movies where released in 2016. There is some brilliant films such as the bfg, gods of Egypt and the jungle book.


Films such as the transporter refueled, minions and magic mike xxl, show you the type of film that you can find in the 53 films listed in this 2015 movies section.


There is 63 films in this section all films are from 2014. The list includes films such as noah, kingsmen- the secret service and night at the museum secret of the tomb.


There is only 17 films in this section but there are some great films such as white house down and the deep.


One of my favorite films The hobbit:an unexpected journey is in this list. Other great films like safe house and total recall give a taste of the films available for you to watch.


This list has some great films in it. Rise of the planet of the apes is my favorite followed by real steel and puss in boots. Whats your favorite, have a look and see what you think.


The last list in this section has 48 movies in it. And there is some brilliant films in it. Despicable me and tron legecy are jy=ust a couple of the films available.

Magic Tricks.

During my time of using kodi and doing the blogs for best  for kodi. I have never come across a section like this one, magic tricks is a new one for me. Below i will cover each section in this part of the addon.

Best magic show in the world.

At present this section is under construction.

Matt Franco.

Matt Franco was America’s got talent show and these 6 streams are some of his best tricks that led him to win the show. The magic tricks are really good i suggest watching them.

Easy Magic tricks Revealed.

This section has streams that show you how to do some of the simple tricks that you can amaze your friends with. Tricks such as passing a coin through a glass or a coin disappearing in a glass of water can be found n this list.

Office Magic Tricks Revealed.

There is 24 streams in this section. These are magic tricks that you can learn using things used in offices.

Magic Tutorials.

These are some in depth tutorials on how certain tricks have been done .

Collins Key.

Collins key was another magician that appeared on america’s got talent. This section has 22 of his magic tricks, including some from the show.

Close Up  magic tricks.

These 22 streams show some of the close up magic tricks and explain how they are done. tricks such as the jumping matches trick and how to push a glass through a table can be found in here.

Card Tricks Revealed.

This section concentrates on card tricks and explains how they are done. Tricks like 4 aces to the top of the deck and snap change can be found in  these streams. So if you want to learn card tricks this is the place for you.

Sleight of hand card tricks.

This is another card trick section. But this one concentrates on the sleight of hand tricks. That means where its the speed of the hands that make the tricks work. Tricks such as the new york card trick and the false over hand trick are on this section.

School Tricks

These are some tricks that you use on your school mate. Some of them are card tricks and some use technology.

So that concludes the unique magic section now on to the last section in goliath section and that is music.


This last section has been split in to four different sections. See below for a decscription of each section.


There are 47 different albums in this section, We have 3 albums from ATB, 4 from Eminem, 7 from faithless, 4 from fatbay slim. There is even one from justin bieber abd lady gaga.

World Radio.

For those amongst us that like to sit and relax and listen to a radio station. Goliath has put together a list of 185 stations from around the world and put them in this list. There are stations from all types of music genre. At the bottom of the list there are stations from nrg, xtra dance and xtra rock.


As the title suggests this is a section full of 40 different playlists. There is several clubland playlists, a Christmas playlist, Rag n bone man and even a lazy afternoon playlist. So if you just want to sit back and relax or dance around the living room or want a playlist for a house party this is the place for you.



This section has been split in to 8 different sections. Each section will be covered below.

Live Music Channels.

There are 68 different music channels in this section. There is the bbc radio stations, Several clubland and dance stations. Also in here are the mtv channels and several in different languages.


As you can see from the above screenshot this section is split i n to 11  different sections. Each section has a list of 10 individual playlists full of songs, and a list of individual sons as well as the playlists.


In the individual songs there are great songs by artists such as calvin harris, david guetta, sigma  and tiesto. There is more then enough songs on all the lists combined to keep anyone happy.

Drum n Bass.

Artists such as chase and status, eminem, karma fields and micheal buble are on the songs list.

Love songs.

For all the people that like a good love song then this is the place for you. Artists such as Whitney Houston, Bette midler, eric clapton and lional richie star amongst the songs on this list.

Old School Tunes.

This section is my favourite if all the playlists. It takes me back to my youth. With great songs like 9pm till i come by atb, satisfaction by benni banassi, its my life by dr alban and voodoo people by the prodigy you can see the quality of songs on this list.

Power Ballads.

This is another great section. With artsists such as bryan adams, bon jovi, george michael, patrick swayze, queen and simply red. There are definitely some classics in this section.


This is the section that will get the women dancing around their handbags. With artists such as katy perry lady gaga, One direction and taylor swift, They will definitely be happy.

Rap/Hip Hop.

Coolio, chris brown, dr dre, eminem, missy elliot and nicky minaj are but some of the stars in this section.

R & B.

Stars such as alicia keys, beyonce, mary j blige and r kelly are among the playlist in this section.



What can i say about this section other then roll up a spliff and sit back and relax. With reggae stars such as beanie man and junior kelly tou will have plenty to listen to.


There is some great classic rock songs in here. Songs by bon jovi, the artic monkeys, kings of leon, the klaxons and metallica will keep the rockers among us happy.


This is the last section in the playlist section. In here you will find songs by artists such as chicane, faithless and sasha.

Music by Decades.

As you can see this section has been split i n to 4 sections, 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s. Again each section has 10 playlists full of songs and a list of individual songs.


There are some great songs form the 90’sin here. sons such as stay another day by east 17, what is love by haddaway, there she goes by the la’s and i’d do anything for love by meat loaf are just some of the great songs in here.


I’m probably showing my age but this is the era i first got in to music. Classics by adam & ants, bryan adams, bananarma, curiosity killed the cat and  duran duran show the quality of the artists that where about in the 80’s and can be found on this list.


This is the classic disco era. And if you search through the songs in this list you can see what it was all about. Songs by the bee gees, donna summer, tina turner shows what kind of songs are on this list.


There are some absolute classic songs by great artistrs are on this list. Cliff richard, elvis presley, gerry and the pacemakers, the beach boys, the beatles and the kinks are all included in this section.

People’s selection.

At present there are only 4 sections on this list. If you wish to have a list of your own on this section then contact Goliath via twitter, click here if you want to contact him regarding a playlist.

Liams Selection.

Liam obviusly likes his heavy metal as there are some great bands like ac/dc , iron maiden, korn and mortorhead on this list.

Banjo’s selection.

There is a wide mix of genres in this list. With songs by erasure, Adele, Madonna,  little mix and michael jackson, you can see what this list has to offer.

Matts Selection.

This is a small playlist with artists such as knife party, bring me the horizon, nero and skrillex.

Geoff’s selection.

Another small list in this section. Artists such as bad manners,gary numan and ocean colour scene can be found here.

Album Section.

There are Albums by Twenty one pilots, cold play, pink r kelly, simply red, the clash and muse can be found on this nice littlwe playlist.

Concert Section.

Therre are some great bands covered in this concert section. Bands such as ac/dc, limp bizkit, iron maiden, red hot chilli peppers and scorpions are on this list.

Radio Section.

This section has 28 radio stations in it. The bbc, absolute, capital and kiss are just some of the radio stations in this list.

DJ section.

At present there is only two dj’s covered in this section. With more to follow in the future.

As you can see this is another big section in the Evolve add-on, Goliath has put a lot of work in to this section and really knows his stuff, and as you can see from this blog, he caters for everyone, this part could be an add-on on its own but he is part of this team, they work together and create a great add-on.

I hope that you like the second  part of the Evolve add-on and you follow the links to the developers parts. If any one wants me to cover any addons please contact me on twitter DamoT





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