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Damo is back! with another in depth look at an addon this time he tackles the amazing Extended Info Mod which is a brilliant tool to have on your devices. Big Thanks to the Developer for producing this beast, If you dont have this on your device get it installed today. This blog will highlight the advantages of having this and using this on your device.


Inside Extended Info Mod kodi Addon Great Developers OpenELEQ. Welcome back to another one of my inside look at addons. For this blog I’m looking at The Extended Info Mod addon by openeleq


Inside Extended Info Mod kodi Addon Great Developers OpenELEQ


 If you like his work why not follow him and drop him a message of thanks. Click here OpenELEQ to go to his twitter feed. Quichio also has help from another great developer Midraal you can find him on twitter here

You can also message Quichio directly on the noobsandnerds forum click here to go to the forum.

I’m sure like me there has been times when you are scanning through films and tv shows. But you wish there was a little bit more information on the film/show. To get that normally you have to change the look to view from either list, big list or thumbnail using the side panel.


This addon does all that work for you. You get to a lot of information about that film, such as the actors, directors, writers etc. You can search for subjects on your own or use the sections themselves.


This add-on uses one of openeleqs other great add-ons called Metalliq. I have another blog on this add-on which you can read hereTo get the most out of this addon i highly recommend having a read of this blog first as you may wish to change the player in metalliq. This is covered in this blog.


It only seemed a natural progression to do this blog after i completed the metalliq one.

Metalliq is a powerful addon thatpulls the information direct from The Movie DatabaseTheTVDBTrakt

So first of all lets have a look how to download the addon.

  • first Select SYSTEM then File Manager
  • then Select Add Source
  • next Select None
  • Type the following exactly and select Done

Highlight the box underneath Enter a name for this media Source, type nan then Select OK

Go back to your Home Screen

  • click on SYSTEM
  • next click on Add-Ons
  • then Install from zip file
  • next is nan
  • then *repository portal
  • scroll down to Q repository (
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification
  • then click on Install from Repository
  • next Q Repository
  • Select Video add-ons
  • then Select Extended info mod
  • Select Install

Wait for Add-on enabled notification.

Updates to the addon.

OpenELEQ has done some major updating over the past few months here is a break down of the updates to version 2.0.


– Added filter-favouriting for movies and tvshows in main script interface
– Fixed crash when query is empty
– Changed youtube language filter to region filter


– Enhanced Youtube statistic handling
– Fixed Trakt trending movies section


– Changed youtube playback to use kodi’s default youtube plugin
– Fixed krypton incompatibility (thanks Midraal)


– Added conditional visiblity to login-dependent buttons
– Added library-dirs in plugin-section
– Added “MetalliQ”-button in movie-infoscreen, links to query by title (TMDb)
– Fixed login.


– Added “Library” & “Favourite”-buttons to infoscreen (library for movies & tvshows, favourite for seasons & episodes)
– Changed default for “open as script”-setting to false for more familiar default behaviour
– Fixed settings-button
– Fixed missing thumbnails for favourites made from plugin-entries
– Fixed wrong content for “Rated movies”


– Added “open as script”-option for all entries in plugin-part
– Added setting to open plugin-sections in script interface (enabled by default)
– Fixed infoscreen not opening
– Fixed contextmenu on TVShows
– Updated ReadMe
– Upped number of list-items to 20


– Added contextmenu-options
– Added description to seasons and episodes (if available)
– Added simple selector
– Added themecolor to library-marks and videoinfo
– Fixed blackscreen issues
– Fixed re-appearing infoscreen
– Fixed lock-ups in youtube & video-list
– Removed RottenTomatoes


– RottenTomatoes no longer provides external ids so back to crappy resolution posters otherwise loading a list would simply take too long.
– Replaced all instances of && with & for MetalliQ-player compatibility
– Fixed white letters on white background in youtubebrowser (reverted to dark background)


– Added context options to sets and similar.
– Added option to add TMDb-listitems to kodi library, both seperate as entire list.
– Fixed afteradd so library-indicator is visible directly after re-entering EIM.


– Fixed widget-content
– Fixed lists in video-addon section
– Corrected readme
– Added MetalliQ to settings-dialog


– Final Helix/Isengard version, if there are going to be updates after this, it will be bugfixes only (at best).
– Replaced all playback & library options with MetalliQ’s, player to be used can be configured in EIM’s settings
– Re-arranged lay-out of main interface to have sets, similar, lists and youtube-videos first
– Added Play-button to seasons & episodes linked to MetalliQ
– Added Browse-button to tvshows and seasons linked to MetalliQ
– Added context-options in main list-interface


– Fixed TVShows
– Added my repo as a dependency


– Fixed alternate play
– Fixed tvshow-youtube vids


– Added 1Channel to LibraryAddons
– Added Online Movies Pro to Alternate Movie Addons
– Added Quasar to LibraryAddons
– Added Salts RD Lite
– Added UMP, does not work well as MainTVShowAddon, works much better as Alternate TVShowAddon so add to library first using 1Channel, iSTREAM, Salts(HD/RD Lite) or Specto. As MainMovieAddon it works pretty well
– Changed default settings: PulsarMode to “Play”, ClassicSearch to “True”
– Edited Phoenix to the v3.0-update
– Fixed The Royal We
– Fixed SALTS
– Fixed 1Channel
– Fixed RottenTomatoes Posters. Crappy quality now but better then no posters, right?
– Fixed runtime & duration for RT & Trakt (synced from official version)
– Made custom iSearches accessible from outside (see Readme for details)
– Put all addons in alphabetical order (except for trailer)
– Rehaul of play & auto-return functions
– Removed Genesis


– Fixed Quasar in AlternatePlay and for TVShows in main script.
– Fixed “Edit Query” by making a new function for it which also refreshes container so the change in Query is actually visible now.


– Added theme color to sidemenu
– Added Quasar, for Helix: set to use Pulsar as Quasar’s id was still pulsar then, for Isengard or higher, set to use Quasar.
– Added Trailer to main TVaddons
– Added Super Favourites v1.0.48 as dependency
– Changed default colors to match Qonfluence
– Fixed “Edit Query” in custom iSearches


– Added option to open custom lists in script-mode (see ReadMe for details)
– Made colors in script-mode configurable (see settings)
– Changed default settings (“add” for tvshows, “play” with “auto-add” off for movies)


– Fixed update-loop


– Fixed non-responsiveness when playback fails or is cancelled. Auto-returning to script might take a bit longer in those cases though it will return within 120s max starting from script-close.
– Added setting to use classic keyboard instead of t9.
– Added added custom entries to


– Fixed Exodus & Specto Alternate play for TVShows.
– Added purple instead of white throughout, not just in basic script interface
– Added “Edit Query” to custom iSearches.
– Added option to use classic keyboard by default.


– Upped version number to 4.6.6 to override auto-update of official version on Jarvis
– Fixed empty query error.
– Added TV-Trailers.


– Fixed Add/Play for TVShows.
– Fixed Add/Play with auto-add disabled.
– Fixed Add/Play when set to just add.
– Fixed returning history (again ironicly).
– Changed defaults.
– Added to LibraryAddons: Salts HD Lite & Specto.
– Added to MainAddons: Exodus, Salts HD Lite & Specto.
– Added custom(izable) iSearches. Only under Add/Play, enabled by default but you can disable seperately for movies/tvshows in settings. The lists can be found @ special://home/addons/script.extendedinfo/resources/extras/, if you want to add your own, make an appropriate entry and add it in the appropriate list.
– Added Extended Youtube: Only under AppIntegration, enabled by default but you can disable seperately for movies/tvshows in settings. Search Extended’s YoutubeBrowser using selected title as query. Choose Video/Channel/Playlist or disable so only Video is visible.
– Probably broke some shit, let me know if you find something broken, please include a full debug log.


– Synced with official github
– Minor bugfixes in preparation of expanded addon compatibility list


– Fixed Search
– Fixed reappearing history
– Set default to iSearch (Add/Play uses imdb_id, AppIntegration uses Title/TVShowTitle)


– Incompatibility with Helix fixed
– Now works on skins with built-in xml for extended info fixed
– Fixed: posters on rottentomatoes


– Added “Add/Play”-button (will auto-return to Extended Info if video is started within 2 minutes of script close)
–  “AppIntegration”-button (will close Extended Info) added
– Added “Alternate Play” for Kodi-Library (based on MySubscriptions)
– Removed studio-logos with non-ascii in filename to make it compatible with various wizards


Now we have Extended Info Mod installed lets have a look in to the Settings first before we look at the addon itself.  To bring up the  context menu you need to highlight one of the sections in the addon then click on on the keyboard or right click on the mouse or menu on a control. Then select settings as seen below.

General Settings.

In this section you can change many things. There is the option to clear cache, change the metalliq players for the movies and tv shows. There are several other options available. Below you will see the different options for the tv and movie selectors.

Appearance Settings.

In this section you can change the look of Extended Info Mod. You can change the main colour interface and the theme interface. To change this you need to use hex colours. You can get any of the colour codes from this site click here to choose your colour.

Movies Database.

In this section you can change the language for the movie database requests. You can also log in to your movie database account. Click here to create an account if you don’t have one.

Look and feel of the addon.

here is a quick screenshot of the addon when you open it via video add-ons section. For this guide i am only going to cover the Movie section as  the process is exactly the same for tv shows.

But if you click on extended info mod in program  add-ons you will be presented with this image.

Before I go in to the main parts you see when you click on any of the films/shows. I will cover the filter menu and it’s great uses with this add-on.

Filter Menu.

When you go in to any of the sections for movies and tv shows icons by clicking on the icon. You will notice in the bottom left hadnd corner a left facing arrow head and the word filter. 

To access the filters click left on the control, click on the left arrow if using a pc/laptop. This will bring up the panel seen on screenshot below.

Search Option.

You can search for films or tv shows with this option. Click on the search tab and this will bring up a keyboard (second screenshot). Using your control/ keyboard arrows you can move around the keyboard. Click on ok or enter to select a letter, to select further letters on that number keep pressing ok. As you ca see from the third screenshot i typed in S and T. You will notice the icons on the main screen change when you change the letters. Also a list is generated below that you can select from. I selected star wars.

I will first cover the different tabs in this order: Type, sort by, order. Then i will cover the other filters, these are different for movies and tv shows. As you can see on the top screenshot (movies) and the bottom screenshot (tv shows). Also you can see what happens when you click on the type tab, it switches from movies to tv shows.

Sort by.

Click on the sort by tab and this will bring up a dialog box listing the different options available. These are revenue, release date, popularity, original title, vote count and vote average. By choosing any of these option will change the list of films.


This option can change the way the films are shown. So in this case descending shows the most popular films at the top. But change it to ascending and this puts the least popular to the top.


By clicking on this option you can change the genre of the films on show. So if you want films with a criminal feel to them slect crime and the list will change.

Release date.

With this section you can search for films by the release date. When u click on tab it will give you the option of upper limit or lower limit. choose one of these and it will bring up a box to allow you to enter a date.


This section allows you to chose not just the rating for the film but also the country ratings. Click on  the tab will bring up a list of country codes. Select a country and a list of the codes for this country will come up in a dialog box. From this you can select films sorted by that rating.


With this option you can search for a particular actor or actress. Click on the tab and a search box will appear. Enter an search string in this box then press done. For this guide i entered keanu reeves. After selecting done the list of films staring the actor appears.


This section allows you to search for anything. For example i searched for bond. Once you have clicked done a list will appear with search results.


With this tab it allows you to search for a studio and bring up films by that studio. For this guide i used mgm. And as you can see from the second screenshot it gives a list of results for the search.

Vote Count.

Using this section allows you to search for films using the vote count of the film from the tmdb site. The first screenshot show that you will be presented with a selection box. I choose highest level and used 8 as my search string.

Movie Information.

This is where extended info mod comes in to its own. If you click down on your control this will take you to the different parts of the movie information.

At the top of the screen there is a little section with a break down of the film.

Simple Selector.

Below that there are a line of add-ons that have been included to the add-on. If you highlight the addons and scroll right there are more addons on the list.  When you click on any of these add-ons extended info mod will check the add-ons for the film. If the film is listed in the add-on extended info mod loads the stream for you. This group of addon are taken from the list of addons on the metalliq blog. If you have addons from this list on your system they will be listed here.

Default panel.

This section of the screen includes 4 tabs.

Play Tab.

The play button will play the film using your selection in settings for the default metalliq player. This can be set as select, default, library and context as seen in the general settings section above.

Library Tab.

The library tab will add the film to the Metalliq library.

Metalliq Tab.

The metalliq tab will come out of extended info mod and take you to metalliq. From here you are no longer in extended info mod.

So you need to go back to either video or program addons and re-enter Extended info mod

Settings Tab.

When you click on this tab it will bring up a list of settings. These will take you to the settings for the addons listed. But only if you have the addon installed.

Film Collection.

This part gives you loads of of information on the film including links to any of the films linked to the original film. If you click on the films under the text. It will take you to the film and you can play it from there.


The next on the list is the recommended films by tmdb. These films will match the type of film you clicked on. Related lists.

This section give a list of 20 different lists that related to the film.

Official video’s.

As the title suggests these are the official videos released by the film makers. 

Youtube video’s.

Again the title gives this one away. These are the videos from youtube about the film.


This section lists all the actors/actresses from the film. If you click on any of the list it will load the films for that actor/actress.


Just like the cast section. This section lists all the crew and what their job was on the film. Again you can click on any of the pictures and it will load all the films they have been involved in.


This section lists the studios involved in the making of the film. As with the other sections if you click on the studio picture it will take to a list of films by that studio.


This section lists the countries the film has been released in and the date it was released. As previous you can click on the country and it will list the films released in that country


The list is created from the tags on the tmdb site for the film listed. Again you can get a list of films but listed via the genre name.


If there any reviews on the tmdb then they will be listed on this section.


These are the keywords used to search for this film on the tmdb site.


This section has the artwork used for the film.


As with the art work this is the fan art section. So if you want this fan art click on it and screenshot the screen.

I hope that you like the Blog on Extended Info Mod and check out my other blogs. If any one wants me to cover any addons please contact me on twitter DamoT



Inside Extended Info Mod kodi Addon Great Developers OpenELEQ

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