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Damo is back! with another in depth look at an addon this time he tackles the amazing MetalliQ which is a brilliant tool to have on your devices. Big Thanks to the Developer for producing this beast, If you dont have this on your device get it installed today. This blog will highlight the advantages of having this and using this on your device.

Inside Metalliq kodi Addon Great Developers OpenELEQ

Inside Metalliq kodi Addon Great Developers OpenELEQ. Welcome back to another one of my inside look at addons. For this blog I’m looking at The Metalliq addon by openeleq



 If you like his work why not follow him and drop him a message of thanks. Click here OpenELEQ to go to his twitter feed. Quichio also has help from another great developer Midraal you can find him on twitter here

You can also message Quichio directly on the noobsandnerds forum click here to go to the forum.

How many of us  have spent a lot time searching through addons to find a film, tv show or music album/song, i know i have. This addon does all that work for you. You can either use the search option in the sections and search for subjects on your own or use the sections themselves and click on the icons in the sections them selves and wait for the dialog box to come up with the results.

I came across this addon a while ago but have not had time to do this blog

Metalliq is a powerful addon that lists media from  The Movie DatabaseTheTVDBTraktTheAudioDB and LastFM. when you select any media, Metalliq searches through your local library,  local folders and some of addons you have on your device. 

So first of all lets have a look how to download the addon.

  • first Select SYSTEM then File Manager
  • then Select Add Source
  • next Select None
  • Type the following exactly and select Done

Highlight the box underneath Enter a name for this media Source, type nan then Select OK

Go back to your Home Screen

  • click on SYSTEM
  • next click on Add-Ons
  • then Install from zip file
  • next is nan
  • then
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification
  • then click on Install from Repository
  • next noobsandnerds Repository
  • Select Video add-ons
  • then Select Metalliq
  • Select Install

Wait for Add-on enabled notification

After you install the MetalliQ addon you will see that it will automatically start to update the Movie, TV Shows, Live TV and Music players as well as setting up library folders for MetalliQ. Before i go in to the actual addon. I will describe what the players are as they are a vital part of the way metalliq works.

Metalliq Players.

Here is a quote direct from Quichio’s blog on how to write a metalliq player.

“A MetalliQ-player is a json file with “.metalliq.json” file extension that specifies how to link an external addon, a local directory or your local library to MetalliQ. A MetalliQ-player can either specify a parameterized link to use for playing the media directly or specify the steps to use in order to browse through an external addon until list items that match the requested media are found.”

So in plain english this just means that the player is a file that searches through addons, libraries etc to find what you requested in the search.

There are three types of players, Direct, Navigate, Explore and Search. Below is a description of how each of these work.

Direct Player.

A direct player searches the addons  and then puts up the list in a dialog box. The main  advantage is it’s fast and only puts a load on an add-on after actually selecting a link  to play.

The main Disadvantage is that it doesn’t actually tell you if there are any sources available from the links brought up in the search.

The load when using direct players is considerably less even than with normal usage as it doesn’t go through all the browsing steps that the add-on it’s using normally needs to get to a specific movie.

Navigate Player

The Navigate Player uses the search and then starts at the root of the addon and then navigates through the addon to get to results

Search Player

Search players use the search function of an add-on to get results which can then be filtered by additional steps. Using this player it certainly puts a load on the site and add-on but that would be the same  as with normal usage of the add-on in question. Disadvantages are that some search functions can take quite some time to load the results.

There is different players for each section. Below are a list of the players for each f the individual sections.


SALTS [library only] — SALTS HD Lite
The Royal We
What the Furk
ExtendedInfo’s YouTube
QlickPlay’s YouTube
HD Box
Imperial Streams
XvBMC’s Troma Channel
NL Shizzle
Project Cypher
UK Turk Playlists
Amazon VOD
Free Movies
Ororo TV
Scene Peeper
We Watch Wrestling

TV Show Players

SALTS [library only] — SALTS HD Lite
The Royal We
What the Furk
ExtendedInfo’s YouTube
QlickPlay’s YouTube
Imperial Streams
iPlayer WWW
UK Turk Playlists
Amazon VOD
Free Movies
Ororo TV

Live Players.

ExtendedInfo’s YouTube
ExtendedInfo’s YouTube NL
QlickPlay’s YouTube
QlickPlay’s YouTube NL
CCloud TV
Channel PEAR
iPlayer WWW
Project Cypher
SG Streams
UK Turk Playlists
UKTV Again
USTVnow plus

Music Audio Players

ExtendedInfo’s YouTube
ExtendedInfo’s YouTube NL
QlickPlay’s YouTube
QlickPlay’s YouTube NL
Hype Machine
MP3 Streams

Music Video Players

ExtendedInfo’s YouTube
QlickPlay’s YouTube
Project Cypher

At the time of writing these are the available players. Some of the addons might have shut or not be working. To use these players you need the corresponding addons installed.

If you wish to make a player for the addon then you can follow this tutorial on noobsandnerds. Click here

Updates to the addon.

OpenELEQ has done some major updating over the past few months here is a break down of the updates to version 2.0.


– Added parameters for movies & tvshows: actors, writers, directors & slug


– Added more sorting methods
– Added seperate sorting methods for Trakt / TMDb
– Fixed UnicodeEncodeErrors
– Fixed duration in Trakt metadata
– Removed “by date”-sorting method
– Synced sorting methods with system settings


– Added offset-option for episode-airdates (can prevent episodes showing up in your library early)
– Added multi-selection for helix & isengard
– Added .nomedia path (dummy)
– Changed sorting-default for Trakt’s next-episode & calendar-section to year
– Fixed double-episode adding?
– Reverted library player to only use enabled players instead of all players (as prep for implementation of player-manager in next update)


– Added item indicator to extended selector
– Images to path-players (folder.jpg) added
– Added Trakt collection & watchlist sync, disabled by default. Credits to Midraal
– Fixed context player from external addons


– Changed most notifications and dialogs to translated strings
– Corrected typos
– Removed afteradd


– Fixed smartplaylist creation
– Fixed TVshow-source creation
– Changed default “include specials”-setting to disabled
– Improved batch adding lists slightly


– Fixed erratic playback
– Added option to ex/include specials (enabled by default)


– Added TMDb, Trakt and TVMaze route for episode playback
– New, seperate add-to-library path with parsable player
– Added parsable player to play-latest-route
– Added thumbnails
– Setting added to add tags to strm-filenames, needs preceding dot (.) and when using multiple tags also seperating dots (i.e. “.tag1.tag2.tag3”)
– Added setting to specify library-update-interval
– Added specials to tvshows
– Filter added to Trakt playlists: empty lists will not show
– Added item-count-indicator to Trakt playlists
– Added option to edit search string (can be used to pre-parse search string)
– Option to clean labels in command-step (start step with: “><“) added
– Added option to specify max-depth for @nextpage
– Option added to remove library channels
– Added option to clear trakt settings
– Changed order of movie & tvshow items (TMDb first)
– Trakt artwork-fetches from OMDb to TMDb changed
– Changed default preferred players to custom_<type>
– Search’s keyboard popping up fixed
– Fixed missing converters for getSettings
– Fixed @containing
– Reworked translations so most parts should be available in any of Kodi’s 70+ languages now
– Reworked notifications, silent by default now
– Search Reworked


– Added setting to in/exclude artwork for Trakt lists
– Corrected differing variables
– Fixed tv genres
– Fixed fetching id’s (should fix other tv-sections)
– Re-added missing route
– Reverted setting preferred player


– Added extrafanart & extrathumb paths to fix errors on skins using those paths (Midraal)
– Added background to “Next”-items
– Random play added(Midraal)
– Added setting to in/exclude episodes with unknown airdate when adding to library (default=exclude)
– Episode airdate parameters: {epday}, {epmonth} and {epyear} added
– Added “play latest episode”-route: plugin://<id> (with id being trakt-showid or trakt-slug or imdb-showid)
– Added custom “Bob”-themed fallback-posters
– Trakt-lists-to-library (Midraal) added
– Changed default for context toggle from acceleration to skin and from off to on to improve the skinswitching
– Changed default number of list items to 20 on account of longer loading times since Trakt removed images from their api
– Artwork for Trakt sections to TMDb changed
– Fixed trakt-list-to-library
– Music adding (Midraal) fixed
– Fixed movie genres
– Specific-player-per-movie fixed
– Fixed music and misc-views (Midraal)
– Fixed title-parameters with non-utf8 in them

Before i go in to the look and parts of the addon i need to tell you about two of the great sections of metalliq that you wont find anywhere else.

Now we have Metalliq installed lets have a look in to the Settings first before we look at the addon itself.  To bring up the  context menu you need to highlight one of the sections in the addon then click on on the keyboard or right click on the mouse or menu on a control. Then select settings as seen below.

Below is a screenshot of what you will see when you open up metaliliq settings.

As you can see there is plenty of parts to the settings menu . Below I’ll cover each section in turn.

General Settings.

The first on the list is the enable all players. This allows you to reload all the players again.

Next up is the enable library updates. This is enabled by default.

Update library is next on the list. This section allows you to update you lbrary’s.

The next two sections are linked to trakt. By enabling these two sections your trakt account will update the addon when you add more to your collection and watch list.

Movies, TV Shows, Music and Live sections are all set out the same so for this blog i will just cover the Movies tab.

Movies Settings.

Again the first on the list is the enable tab. But you can do different things with this section. When you click on the enable all players you will be presented with a yes or no dialog box.

If you select yes all the players for the addons on your system will be enabled. If you click no you will be presented with a dialog box with the players available. Here is where you can start to personalise the addon. If you prefer using just a few of the addons in the list just click on them and you will notice that the font colour changes.

In the screen shot below you will notice i have selected two off the list. once you have made  your choice the click on ok.

So when you next search for a movie it will use your selected addons and bring the results up in a dialog box.

Preferred Players settings.

The next three options allow you to customize what addons you use for the different options. So in effect you can have three different addons for each section.

Next on the list is preferred player. With this option you can select an add-on from the list and metalliq will use this as the add-on for your search.

Up next is preferred movie player from library. This allows you to select an addon to use if you have a library on kodi.

Preferred movie addon from context player is next on the list. This allows you to select an addon to use if you use context player from the context menu.

LIbrary features.

The next 3 options are concerned with the library feature on kodi. To learn how to set this up follow the guide here. The first up is the library location n the metalliq folder. Next is add movies to library using preferred library player, this si self explanatory. Last up is add movies played by name to library automatically, if you enable this then this option will add any movies you play through metalliq the film will be added to metalliq library.

There is one difference in the music section i will cover this below.

Music Setting.

The first part on the list is the preferred music type. As you can see from the screenshot above you can choose either audio or video. This defines whether you get video or audio from your searches.

Advanced Settings.

In the Advanced settings the first on the list is clear cache you can use this to clear the cache on metalliq.

Export Library.

Next up is Export Libraries which lets you export your local library.

Preferred Toggle

Preferred toggle this allows you to set either acceleration or skin. If this is set to acceleration  you can turn your Hardware Acceleration settings on and off, this can be  quite useful for some Live TV Streams. Below is a screenshot of what you will see when you click on this option.

Setting the Preferred Toggle as Skin will let you change between your preferred skin and your alternative Skin, both of which you can change in Metalliq’s settings.

Toggle context toggle.

Toggle context toggle which will allow you to add or remove your preferred toggle to the context menu. The context player is mainly used as an alternative player in Library. Say you have a Movie in your Library added from phoenix that wont play, you can access the context player from your context menu and select a different addon. to play the movie.

Simultaneous Searches.

Simultaneous Searches are the number players metalliq will search at one time.  I recommend keeping it set as the default.

Hiding Dialog Boxes.

The next three items in this section are the Hide progress, information  and keyboard dialog’s. Some addons have dialog boxes that com on when you use the search function. So  Quichio came up with this process that allows you to hide these functions, for example,  you were using a Player that is a Search player then Metalliq would attempt to hide the search box from that addon while it looks for your content.

Appearance Settings.

This is a section allows you to change the skin look. If you have a build then you can make metalliq look like it matches your build. To do this then simply click on style and choose one of the themes. Then  you need to exit metalliq and go back to addon settings then go to the Advanced tab and click on Clear Cache then hit OK. Once it has confirmed that metallqQ cache has been cleared, re-entering and you will be greeted with your new style metalliq skin. Below are some screenshots of this process.

As you can see from the screenshots  I followed the process listed above and changed the look to embossed.

Once you have changed the look of the addon you can change the background to match the front look. To do this you just click on the second tab and select a background that matches you style view. Below is a screenshot of what backgrounds are available.

I choose embossed so it matched my style look.

Language Settings.

The next section is the change language for tmdb. By clicking on this you can change the language that the tmdb sections in movies below are screenshots of this process. You will notice on the bottom screenshot the titles are in German.

Period setting.

Period used for most sections is next up. This allows you to change the time limit that metalliq searches for updates to  The Movie DatabaseTheTVDBTraktTheAudioDB and LastFM, This can be set to weekly, monthly , yearly and all.

Items per page can be changed so you can increase the amount of result that appear on the different sections.

Force View setting.

Force views allows you to change the view of the screen. but for this you need to know the id number for each view. I would just use the side pane on the screens.

So that concludes our look at the settings menu now lets move on to other interesting sections in the addon

Before i go in to the look and parts of the addon i need to tell you about two of the great sections of metalliq that you wont find anywhere else.

Library Integration.

Before i go in to this section. I would like to give a big thanks to Midraal. As with out his help i would not have been able to complete this section on library intergration.

With this cool features in MetalliQ you can use it to add content to your kodi library from any addon meaning your favourite addons that do not have Library Integration can now be used with your Library.

To set up your Library using MetalliQ first add some content to it. 

Setting up the library.

Choose your Movies or TV Show from inside of MetalliQ and bring up the context menu to do this press C on your keyboard or Menu button on your remote.

Select scan to library and that movie will be added to a Movies folder in MetalliQ’s addon_data. Follow the sane steps to add a few more of your favourite movies to the Library.

As you can see from the screenshot below the film will be scanned to library. And in the process metalliq will get the information from tmdb.

Once the library has been updated. Go back to the main screen and you will notice there has been movies added to the bar. Above the menu bar you will notice that the latest movies added are available in a widget form.

When you click on movies tab on the menu bar it takes you in to the library folder for the movies.

If you press on the up arrow it will take you back one screen and you will see a list that is created from the tags for the film.

Another of the other great features of metalliq. Is the ability to select individual players for different options. As you can see below the preferred player for library and context menu is set to default on start up.

To change this y ou need to select the text for each player.  A dialog comes up with a list of available players. For this guide I selected Bob for library and exodus for context, on the bottom screenshot you will see the options have changed in the settings.

We can follow the same steps for the Tv shows. For this guide I cho Phoenix for library secti for context.

For this guide I have used the context player  option. After bringing up to context menu and clicking on context player the process starts. If you remember we selected Bob as the player. As you can se from the bottom two screenshots. The process of starting a stream in Bob starts at this point .

Trakt Integration.

This is another great option in metalliq is being able to integrate trakt. So If your favourite add-on doesn’t have can use metalliq to add movies and tv shows. To enable trakt in metalliq, you need to go to any of the use your trakt in the sections. For this guide i used the playlist section.

Click on the liked playlists and this will bring up a dialog box asking if you want to authenticate trakt. Click on yes.

This will then bring up a dialog box. Just follow then instructions on the box using a browser.

I used my phone to authenticate my trakt account to metalliq. You need to create an account if you don’t have one.

So what is trakt, here’s a description from the site: 

Trakt is a platform that does many things, but primarily keeps track of TV shows and movies you watch. It integrates with your media center or home theater PC to enable scrobbling, so everything is automatic. Some people like to check in from their phone, so we enable that too.

We also make it easy to find where to watch movies and TV shows on hundreds of streaming sources such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and iTunes. You can check out the full  complete feature list.

Trakt is free to use and powers thousands of apps, most free to use! If you enjoy Trakt, Go here and sign up now!

Once you have followed the instructions on the site. You will notice the dialog box in metalliq has disapeared. Then you will see that yor trakt information has started to link to your library

This is my tv shows section in metalliq after all the shows have been updated.

Look and feel of the addon.

here is a quick screenshot of the addon when you open it.



This section covers different ways to get movies. it uses two main ways to search for content The section uses the movie database and trakt site to get content. I will cover each of the sections below.

Context Player.

The context player is something that i have only really seen in use on the metalliq add on. To find the context player you need to bring up the context menu and the payer option is at the bottom of the list.

So on a selected film you can search for films with similar titles and films from that franchise. On the above screenshot i choose lord of the rings. And below is a screenshot of what results i got from context player.

As you can see from the screen shot above. The search didn’t just bring the results for the film but also plenty of other options as well.

So lets see what its like on the TV shows section.

AS you can see from screenshot i choose prison break. Lets see what results came back. The search brought back the 5 series tht are available. And if you choose on of these this will load up the episodes from the season.

The context menu can be used in the music section. I went in to the music section then in to top 100 artists. After selecting an artist and bringing up the context player. It brings back a search of all the albums for that artist. 

Search String.

When you click on the icon, you get greeted with a search box that allows you to enter a search parameter. You can use your control to enter the characters on the on screen keyboard or use a keyboard if you have one.

For this blog i used star wars as a search parameter. Below is a screenshot of this.

Below are several  screenshots of the search results. I have shown you two different views of the results. The first one is the results that come back. In this one it has the results from movies TV shows audio and live TV shows. The second screenshots shows what results you get in th movie section.

Below are screenshots of the results from the other searches. First is the TV shows.

Next is the Music search results.

Below are some screen shots from selecting a movie from the movie results. First up pops the search dialog results. I selected bob from the results.

When you select bob, metalliq then loads the stream from bob. This is the first time that metalliq pulls the streams exactly the same way that the addons do. Below is what appears when you select a stream with bob. You get the choice of HD or SD quality stream. I choose HD. The second screenshot is the stream loading and then the stream playing.

Side Panel.

Before i go n to the TMDB section. I want to bring to your attention that you can change the way the sections can be sorted. Using the side panel on the left had side of the screen. You can change this. There is default, name, year, genre, rating and play count.

Blockbuster TMDB.

This section gets its information from the tmdb site and brings up the list of films listed as blockbusters

So what do we do next. Well click on any of the films and you will be greeted with a list of addons that have the film selected. This happens if you have not selected a preferred addon for movies.

As you can see from the screen shot above. There is letters after the addon names, ( Q) is Openeleq , ans (M)is midraal. These are the creators of the players for that addon.


This section again pulls from the tmdb site. But this time ot lists the films by genre. As you can see from the screenshot above this is done in to different sections. There are sections such as action, comedy, crime, fantasy, romance,  thriller and war. Below are screenshots for the action, documentary and horror.

In Theaters TMDB.

This section pulls from the TMDB site and displays all the films listed as being in the theatres. Films such as get out, hidden figures and the void are on the first page of 39. So there is plenty of films to search through.

Popular TMDB.

This section is the most popular films from the TMDB site. Films such as beauty and the beast, split and la la land are on the first page. There is over 900 pages to go through so plenty to keep you entertained.

Top Rated TMDB.

This is the most popular films on the TMDB site. Films such as the godfather part 2, fight club, the dark knight  and pulp fiction are listed on the first of 301 pages.

Side Panel.

Before i go in to the trakt section. As with te TMDB side panel you can change the way the films are sorted. There is default, year, name, genre, rating, play count, duration and mpaa rating.

Most played Trakt.


On the list is great films such as rogue one, sleepless, passengers and the fate of the furious. That is just the first page of 3058 pages.

Most Watched trakt.

This pull the most watched list of films from the trakt site. Films such as split, why him, office christmas party and monster truck, these films are on the first page of 2003 pages.

Most Collected Trakt.

This section pulls the list from the films that have been added to collection lists on trakt. There is great films such as the great wall, moana and gold on the first page of 3978 pages.

Popular trakt.

Here is another section that pulls from the trakt site. This time its the most popular films on the site. Films such as deadpool, the matrix, zootopia and iron man are some of the films on the first of 5527 pages.

Trending Trakt.

Trending movies from trakt is the topic for this section. Films such as trolls, rings and logan are just some of the films from the 35 pages in this section.

Use your trakt.

This section allows you to include your own trakt lists. When you click on any of the icons you will get the dialog box asking if you wish to authenticate the trakt account.

Click on yes and follow the instructions on the dialog box to authenticate our account.

Tv Shows.

This section has 11 different sections. I will cover each section below.


As with movies you can search for tv shows. For this guide i searched for the walking dead show.


Once you click on done the results are displayed. Not just for tv shows but for every section.

I clicked on the tv shows and this brought the results as seen on screenshot above.

Once you click on the walking dead icon the seasons will be loaded.

When you click on the season of choice the episodes from that season will be loaded.

After clicking on one of the episodes. Metalliq will load up the players that contain the show.

For this guide i selected bob. This then loaded the stream. As its bob i choose you get presented with a dialog box with the choice of hd or sd.

Click on one of the links and the stream will load.


This section again pulls from the tmdb site. But this time ot lists the films by genre. As you can see from the screenshot above this is done in to different sections. There are sections such as action, comedy, crime, fantasy, romance,  thriller and war. Below are screenshots for the action, drama and reality sections.

On Air.

This section pulls the list from the shows that are on air at the time you go in tothe section. There are great shows such as the big bang theory, american gods, and elementary. There are 14 pages to go through.


This pulls the ftv shows from the tmdb site this time its the most popular shows. There are shows like silicon valley, 13 reasons why, general hospital and breaking bad are on this first page of 1000 pages.

Top Rated.

For this section has shows from the top rated shows list. There are shows such as the wire, sherlock holmes, fargo and the twilight zone.there are 67 different pages to go through.

Most Played.


These are the most played tv shows from trakt. On the list are shows such as arrow, modern family and the walking dead. There are 1024 pages for you to go through.

Most Watched.

For this section the most watched shows ion trakt are shown. Shows such as the americans, fast n loud, scorpion and wentworth. There are 11 pages to look through.

Most Collected.

This is the most collected shows on trakt, There are shows such as elementary homeland and westland. There are 10 pages in total to go through.

Most popular.

Most popular from trakt is the name of the game in this section. With show like fringe, lost, suits and orange is the new black are on the first page of 1210.

Top Trending.

This section is the most trending on trakt section. It has shows like the blacklist, greys anatomy, lucifer and supergirl. There are a further 56 pages to go through.

Use Your Trakt.

This section was covered in the movies section.


There are 13 different sections in this part. Below i will discus each n turn.



As with the other catagories you can search for different artists or albums. For this guide i’m searching for oasis.

As with the other sections. when you search for any thing it will bring up results for all sections not just the one your searching in.

After clicking on the music icon this will bring up a list of oasis albums.

Choose an album to play. Click on that album and you will get a list of the songs from the album.

As the music is set as videos in settings. When you choose a link it will load up the dialog box to choose a stream from.

Choose one of the links and the video will load.

Top 100 Artists.

This section as the top 100 artists from across the world. Different genres are covered in this section. There are artists such as ed sheeran, blur,  kings of leon and u2. For this guide i choose ed sheeran. When you click on the Artists icon you will be taken to a list of their albums.

So you have choosen an artist, in this case ed sheeran. And you get to the list of albums, next we need to choose an album to listen to. I choose the first on the list.

As you can see from the screenshot above. The list of songs is available. So now we choose a song, click on the icon and the song will load.

Just like with other sections above you can choose either hd or sd.

Top 100 Tracks.

This section is the top 100 songs. Songs such as clocks by coldplay, feel good inc by gorillaz, use somebody by kings of leon and bohemian rhapsody by queen are just some of the great songs on the list.

These are direct play links so when you click on any of the songs a dialog box comes up with links.

Click on one of those links and the stream will load.

Top 100 artists netherlands.

There are great artists such as the beatles, sia, artic monkeys and mumford and sons are listed in this great list of 100 artists.

UK top 100 artists.

This section has great artists such as david bowie, michael jackson, the cure and sam smith.

USA top 100 artists.

As with the previous sections there are some great artists listed here. Artists such as drake, fleetwood mac, the beachboys and eminem.

Canada top 100 artists.

Muse, vampire weekend, lady gaga and r.e.m are some of the artists on this list.

 Australia top 100 artists.

Chet faker, led zeppelin, queens of the stone age and stevie wonder are just some of the great artists on the list.

Thats the artists sections looked at now on to the tracks sections.

Netherlands top 100 tracks .

There are some great songs in this section. Songs such as hello by adele, 7 years by lukas graham, one dance by drake and piano man by billy joel.

Top 100 UK tracks.

This section has some brilliant tracks in it. Songs such as mr brightside by the killers, creep by radiohead, last night by the strokes and yellow by coldplay all feature in this section.

USA Top 100 tracks.

With songs like midnight city by m83, famous by kanye west, royales by lorde and don’t let me down by the chainsmokers. you can see what a great list this is.

Canada top 100 tracks.

This section has some great songs in it. Songs such as can’t feel my face by the weekend, intro by the xx, gold by kiiara and needed me by rihanna are in this list.

Australia Top 100 tracks.

This is the last section for the music section. This is the Australian section with songs like say it by flume, take on me by aha, California by grimes and new slang by the shins.

TV Channels.

When you go in to the tv section you will be greeted with a search string icon. Click on this and you will be greeted with  a search dialog box. For this guide i have searched for mtv.

So as you can see from the screenshots above. Once you enter in the search string and click on done you can choose from the dialog box, since i searched for mtv it give the option of which version of the channel i wanted. Click on any of the links and you can bring up the stream.


For the 1st 2 options in the screenshot you need to authorize your trakt account. For this guide i used the search option and searched for live tv.

Once i clicked on done this brought up a list of search results. i clicked on the second link and this brought up the bottom screenshot.

As you can see fro my blog this is an amazing tool that can only help make your kodi experience better.

I hope that you like the Blog on MetalliQ and check out my other blogs. If any one wants me to cover any addons please contact me on twitter DamoT



Inside Metalliq kodi Addon Great Developers OpenELEQ

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Anyway guys will catch up with all of you soon.

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Inside Metalliq kodi Addon Great Developers OpenELEQ

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