Inside Picasso kodi Addon Great Developer Goliath

Inside Evolve kodi Addon Great Developers Goliath

Inside Picasso kodi Addon Great Developer Goliath. Welcome back to the another part of my look at the inside add-ons. For this blog I’m looking at one of the newest addons on the scene, Picasso by t5he great developer Goliath.

This addon contains quite a lot of parts. If you like his work why not follow him and drop him a message of thanks. Click here Goliath to go to his twitter feed.

First we need to load on the add-on, you can find the install guide on the following blog click here to go to the guide.

So first of all lets have a look at what you are greeted with when you go in to picasso.

As you can see there is plenty of parts to sink your teeth in to . Below I’ll cover each section in turn.


Once you click on the find me icon you will be presented with the search dialog box as seen above.

For this blog i have searched for star wars. On the screenshot below you will see the results from the search.

Movie Madness.

There are 9 different sections in here, below i will cover each section.

Movie Search.

As with the find me in the main screen, when you click on the icon you will get a search dialog box. For this blog i have searched for cars movie. Below you will see the results.

Uk Cinema Release.

This section gives a list of release dates for films.

Latest Movies.

This section contains some great movies in the list of 24 films. Films such as kong skull island, fifty shades darker and live by night are in this small list.

Featured Movies.

For this section there are 5 different pages. Each containing a variety of films from different years and genre. Films such as cars 3, chips and wonder women can all be found on the first page. To get to the next page just click on the next page icon.

Most Popular.

As with the previous page there are 5 pages that contain a variety films from different genres and years. Films such as avengers age of ultron, straight out of crompton and life of pi are on the first page.


This section lists each section alphabetically in different genres. Each genre can be seen on the screen shot above. In each section there are 5 different pages to search for films to watch.

4k Movies.

For those of you with 4k televisions this is the section for you. There is a list of 31 films that you can watch. As well as the films you can see above there are great films such as now you see me 2, the fifth element and the renevant.

Boxset Movies.

This section has 20 different boxsets. Films such as spider man, oceans trilogy, batman and scream are all in here. This section will grow as goliath adds more film boxsets to it.

Mixed Movies.

This section has 3 different lists i will cover these below.

Mixed Movies 1.

In the first section there are are over 260 films to go through. There are films such as allegiant, angry birds, baby jones baby, ice age collision course, petes dragon  and  zoootopia can all be found in this list.

Mixed movies 2.

This section has over 900 films in it. The first films on the list are the james bond films, these are my favourite in the list. Also in the list are great films such as air force one, battleship, cliff hanger, face off and rango can all be found in here.

Mixed Movie  3.

This is the smallest list in the mixed movies section. But there are some great films amongst the 25 films. Films such as amityville exorcism element and inferno are on the list.

That completes the Movies section, next is the telly box section.

Telly Box.

There are 7 different sections in the telly box section. All will be covered below.

TV Search.

This playlist in this section are actually headers for different lists. For instance if you click on the childrens audio books you get a list of books such as the princess and the pea, the grimms tales, treasure island, alices adventures in wonderland and the jungle book. There are sections of books in different laguages  for instance there are books in dutch, german French.

TV Schedule.

You will find a list of the latest tv shows with the date and channel they are on.

Latest Episodes.

As you can see there are 33 different TV shows to go through in this section. Shows such as dark matter, master chef, game of thrones and orphan black are on the list.

Popular Shows.

When you go in to this section you will find 153 different shows to flick through and find ones you want to watch. There are shows such as scream, empire, breaking bad and dr who.

New Shows.

As you the title states this is the section for the new tv shows that are out at the minute. Shows such as american gods, blood drive, the white princess and snatch can be found in here.

Picasso Picks.


There is a great mix of tv shows in this section. These shows are goliaths personal picks. With shows such as ashes to ashes, broad church, narcos and westworld there is plenty to pick from.


With only 5 shows in this list this is the smallest list in telly box. But with great shows like airwolf, knight rider and chips. What’s not to like about this section

That completes th telly box section, next is the sports area.

Sports Area.

For all you sports fans this is the area for you. The 3 sections will be covered below

Live Games.

There are 3 different lists in this section. Each are taken from different add-ons. The lists will change on a day to day basis, showing the games for that day. Below is a screenshot of what the list looks like.

Sports Channels.

With over a hundred different sports channels in this section your set. All the sky channels are available. Also available are the bt channels, club channels such as mutv, Liverpool tv and Chelsea tv. Other channels such as espn and tsn  can be found here.

Other Sports.

This section contains lists for the lesser covered sports. There are sections for basketball, golf, formula 1 and even karate has it’s own list.

That’s the sports section finished next up is the tunes section


Here we have the music section of Picasso. There are 13 different sections available in here. I will cover each below.

UK top 100.

As the title suggests this section gives you the top 100 singles. You will find links to the videos for the songs. These will change week to week.

Live Music.

This section has been music stations from around the world. There are stations from different countries and genres. As well as those on screenshot above. You can find stations such as heavy metal tv, several mtv stations, music afrika  tv and the vault.

Local Radio.

In this section you will find radio stations from the United kingdom. There all the bbc stations, all the absolute stations, several capital stations and several kiss stations.

World Radio.

With over 180 radio stations from around the world. Covering different countries and genres I’m sure you will find something to sit back and listen to.


For those of us that like to sit back and listen to an  album or 2. This is the place for you. There are albums from Eminem, faithlessand Paul oakenfield. Plus many more to look through.

Music Genres.

In this section there are 11 different music sections split in to genres. I will cover each of these below.


You will notice that there is a list of ten playlists in this section. This is the same for each of the sections in the music genre section. With songs such as feels by calvin harris, you can be by planet funk and the man by the killers in the first playlist you can tell the types of songs you can find in the rest of the lists.

Drum N Bass.

As stated above there are 10 different play lists this time the genre is drum and bass. And with songs such as holding on by graffix, chasing dreams by mutated forms and feel the beat by kg in the first playlist you can find plenty of great songs in the other lists.

Love Songs.

Again there is ten different playlists in this section. You can find songs such as hello by adele, all of me by john legend and unforgetable by natalie cole in the first list.

Old School Party.

This is my favourite section. I love the old school party tunes. And with great tunes like ms jackson by outkast, billie jean by michael jackson and smack that by akon. You can party all night long with these playlists.

Power Ballads.

This is the power ballad songs section. For those tat like to sing along to some great songs this is the section for you. And with songs such as i do it for you by brian adams, uptown girl by billy joel and aint no sunshine by bill withers. You’ll find loads of songs to sing along to in all these  playlists.


For this section the ten playlists are full of some great songs. In the first list there are songs such as dark horse by katy perry, thats what i like by maroon 5 and grenede by bruno mars.

Rap n Hip Hop.

This is my second favourite section in the lists. And with songs such as humble by kendrick lamar, feel it by young thug and bounce back by big sean in the first list you can see what kind of songs you can look forward to in the other lists.

R n B.

There are some great song’s in these playlists. And with songs such as stay or go by Monica, say goodbye by chris Brown and  sexy love by ne-yo in the first list you can see what’s available.


Lets have a look at the quality of songs you can find in this section. In the first list there are songs such as what am i a Rastaman by culture, hurry up and come by cocoa tea and of course plenty of songs by the reggae God Bob Marley.


This is the section for all you air guitarists out there. There are some great songs such as radioactive by imagine dragon, sex on fire by the killers and lost in the echo by linkin park in the first playlist. And with plenty more great songs in the other lists there is plenty to go through.


Trance is the last section in the genres section of the tunes section. Lets have a look at the kind of songs available to listen to. In the first list there are some excellent songs such as children by robert miles, 9pm till i come by ATB and gamemaster by lost tribe. There are some other great songs in the other lists, so if trance music is your thing have a look through the lists and see what you can find.

Music Decades.

This is a small section but is a great section. As you can see the section is split in to 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. In each section you will find 10 playlists.

Back to the 90’s.

So lets see what type of songs can be found in the first of the decades lists. Tunes such as don’t speak  by no doubt, truly madly deeply by savage garden and cotton eye joe by rednecks are available in the first playlist. So why not check out the other lists.

Back to the 80’s.

This list takes me back to my childhood. The list of songs in the first playlist alone, shows the type of quality you can expect. The first 3 songs alone in this list are classics. You have sweet child of mine by guns and roses, take on me by AHA and every breath you take by the police shows you what i mean.

Back to the 70’s.

The 70’s are the focus of this section. So lets have a look at the songs available. I’m sure there are some great disco tunes available in here. With songs like dancing queen by abba, night fever by the beegees and hot stuff by donna summer, you will not be disappointed with these playlists.

Back to the 60’s.

In the last lis in the decades section the 1960’s are the topic. So lets have a look at what type of songs you can find in here. In the first playlist there are songs such as hello, goodbye by the beatles, just drop in by kenny rogers and i heard it through the grapevine by marvin gaye.

Concert section.

In this section you will find streams for bands playing in concert. Bands such as limp bizkit and linkin park are available in here.


This section has been split on to 4 different section I will cover all below.

Ultra Festival

Here’s a list of 65 videos of the ultra festival. so what is the ultra festival here’s a brief definition Ultra Music Festival is an annual outdoor electronic music festival that takes place during March in the city of Miami, Florida. And as you can see from the screenshot above there are some big names that appear there. Tiesto, armen van buuren, kaskade all had sets here. At the bottom there are full vids from the days that the festival is on.


This is the creamfield section. So what is creamfields heres a little definition Creamfields is a large British dance music festival featuring DJs and live acts. 68 different sections to go through in this section. There is a mixture of live sets by artists such as andy c, calvin harris and fatboy slim. There is also highlights from different years 

Tomorrow Land.

So what is tomorrow land festival heres a little definition, Tomorrowland is an electronic music festival held in Boom. There is 64 sections in here for you to watch, with live sets from artists such as robin schulz, arwin,arwin van buuren. there is also a few full sets.

Mixed festivals.

As the title states this is a mixture of festivals, Ultra, tomorrowland, slam and jungle bell streams can all be found in here. There is quite a few pages to go through so watch at your own pleasure.


As the title suggests this is a section full of 40 different playlists. There is several clubland playlists, a Christmas playlist, Rag n bone man and even a lazy afternoon playlist. So if you just want to sit back and relax or dance around the living room or want a playlist for a house party this is the place for you.

Rave Cave.

Heres a little description about this section. Dj Ry is a ambitious 23 year old from the NorthWest of England, He has been professionally DJ’ing for over 6 years and producing his own floor filling anthems for some time now. The main expertise of this prolific Dj/Producer are Hardcore, Hard bounce and hardhouse and technical mixing. So if you like this type of music then play the streams and enjoy.

People’s selection.

At present there are only 4 sections on this list. If you wish to have a list of your own on this section then contact Goliath via twitter, click here if you want to contact him regarding a playlist.

Liams Selection.

Liam obviusly likes his heavy metal as there are some great bands like ac/dc , iron maiden, korn and mortorhead on this list.

Banjo’s selection.

There is a wide mix of genres in this list. With songs by erasure, Adele, Madonna,  little mix and michael jackson, you can see what this list has to offer.

Matts Selection.

This is a small playlist with artists such as knife party, bring me the horizon, nero and skrillex.

Geoff’s selection.

Another small list in this section. Artists such as bad manners,gary numan and ocean colour scene can be found here.

DJ section.

At present there is only two dj’s covered in this section. With more to follow in the future.


There are 7 different sections in the docutainment section. I will cover each below.


For the first section in the docs section, murder is the topic. In here you will find some great series, such s the infamous making a murderer. Also in this section are series such as  murder in paradise, murder made me famous and i’d kill for you.  Goliath has also included a list of random episodes, that takes the number of sections available to 95.


There are 82 different sections in here. All covering all things paranormal. There are Series such as Paranormal witness, when ghosts attack  and my ghost series. Also included in this section is random documentaries such as the real amityville story.


For the fishermen among us, this is the section for you. There is over 100 streams available in this section. Streams such as river monsters, extreme fishing and lots of random streams for you to go through.


In this section there are some great series such as hanger 1, ufo hunters and alien mysteries, also included in the 134 streams are random documentaries such as the great alien conspiracy, the truth behind crop circles and the great ufo cover up conspiracy.


There is only 19 different section in here. For those that don’t know what Scientology is here is a little description.

Scientology is a body of religious beliefs and practices developed in 1954 by American author L. Ron Hubbard . Hubbard describes the etymology of the word Scientology as coming from the Latin word “scio”, meaning know or distinguish, and the Greek word “logos”, meaning “the word or outward form by which the inward thought is expressed and made known”. Hubbard writes, “thus, Scientology means knowing about knowing, or science of knowledge”.


All, types of sports are covered in this section. From football, boxing and even wwe, everything is covered. With streams on individuals such as mike tyson, connor mcgregor and michael jackson. There is lots to scroll through to find some great streams.


In this last section goliath has placed 22 different streams. This is a mixture of everything that can’t be placed in any of the other sections. With streams such as mankind the story of, mountain monsters and the fbi files, this shows what kind of streams you can find.


These are the fitness section to get us in shape. There are Brazilian butt lift streams, streams on Zumba and even some for the kids. There are the t25 & p90 workouts. If you only have a short amount of time then there are some 30 minute workouts and some ten minute ones as well.


As you can see there is only 2 sections in here. I will cover both below.

Stand up.

There are some excellent shows in this section. Comedians such as Bill Bailey, Frankie Boyle,Lee Evans and Russel Howard can be found in here. There is plenty of streams to go through.

Comedy shows.

In here you will find some great comedy shows, I love all of these shows. With shows such as all! allo,father ted, and gimme gimme gimme available you wont struggle to enjoy these.

Talk to me.

Here is another small section. both will be covered below.

Audio Books.

For those among us that like to sit back and listen to some books. Here is a section just for you. There are audio bokks for kids and adults alike. For kids there are nursery rhymes,  fairy tales and harry potter. For the women among us, there are romance books and erotic books, and for the men among us there is great stories such as oliver twist, war of the worlds and the seven wonders of the ancient world. These are in the greatest audio books.


This section is under construction.

Little Ones.

Every addon has to have a kids section in it. And this section has plenty for the kids to watch. I will cover each of these below.

Animation Movies.

As you can see there are 10 different pages available. Each page has 26 different movies to watch. On the first page there are movies such as 2 of the despicable me films, 2 of the kung fu panda filmsand kids favourite frozen.

Jul (Christmas)

Again there are 10 pages of films to go through. On the first page there are films such as 5  harry potter films, brave and the lion king.

Kids Songs.

This is the sing along section for the kids. Songs from great films such as mary poppins, bambi and the lion king can be found in here.

Nursery Rhymes.

There are 52 different streams available in this section.  this sectio  is for the younger kids out there, you can learn colours and numbers.

Peppa Pig.

This will definitely be on of the most watched sections in the kids section. There are plenty of streams to keep the children entertained with 52 available on each of the several pages..

Mickey Mouse.

This has got to be my favorite section in the kids section. I love mickey mouse, it takes me back to my childhood. There is a mixture of old and new cartoons in here..

Donald Duck.

IF you have mickey mouse then you have to have donald duck. Again there are plenty of streams available in this section, there is a mixture old and new streams available.

Tom and Jerry.

When you go in to the section, all you will see is the word playlist. Click on this and you will find the above screenshot. You can choose from these to access more streams. .

Learn ABC.

This section can help you teach your kids different subjects. Kids can learn numbers, colours and the alphabet.

Learn english.

In here you find helpful streams that help kids learn how to speak english. There are streams that teach the names of animals, the opposites and even the different names of food.

Bed Time Stories.

You can put this section on when its your kids nap time. There are classic stories such as rapunzel, the gingerbread man and jack and the beanstalk..

Mr Bean.

This section is a mixture of streams.


So what is pocoyo. Here is a little description. Pocoyo  is a Spanish-British pre-school comedy animated television series. Pocoyo, a 4-year-old boy, interacting with his friends Pato (a duck), Elly (an elephant) and Loula (a dog). Viewers are encouraged to recognize situations that Pocoyo is in, and things that are going on with or around him. The narrator usually speaks explicitly to the viewers and to the characters as well. Each character has its own distinctive dance and also a specific sound (usually from a musical instrument), and most episodes end with the characters dancing..

Classic Cartoons.

Popeye and betty boop are just a few of the cartoons that you can watch in this section. There are 64 different streams that you can watch. .

In The Night Garden.

This section is for another kids favourite. But unfortunately at the time of writing a lot of the streams have been deleted at source.

Fireman Sam.


For the last section in the kids section,  the to pic is fireman sam. Here you will find links to streams from the popular show.

How To.

This section has 2 different subject sections. I will give a brief guide on these below.

How To.

There are some streams in this section that teach you how to do things. Such as how to ride a bike, how to do levels on minecraft, how to build things with lego. I’ll cover each section below. You will notice that there are 2 different icons for each section. I found that the first link for each icon brings up the lists featured below.

Ride a bicycle.

There is plenty in this section to help you when you have a bike. With tutorials on how to save mony when buying a bike right through to how to beat cycling burnout. Also streams on hot to build your cycling fitness and how to come back from injury.


This section has plenty of tips and tricks in how to help you become a better Artist. From how to draw facial features and body shape Right through to how to draw monsters and animals. This is a great place to learn to draw.


If you would like to learn about Japan and its cultures then this is the place for you. There is plenty to look through with streams like how to pick up girls and of course how to learn Japanese.


For everything to do with minecraft this is your place. From the first stream on a new world and other streams on building and music there is plenty to help you with the game.

Cake Decorating.

For the cake lovers amongst us this is the section for us. There are streams on how to make cakes that look like a dog, hats and even a play doh pot. There are quite a few pages to go through.

Play Games.

Stream son how to play games on the different consoles. Games include luigi, dr Mario, ssb4, and pacman. There is something for all gamers.


Links to streams about electrical issues. There are 20 streams in this section covering issues such as how to install a 3 way dimmer switch and how to install a light switch..

Windows 10.


There are streams around different issues on windows 10. There are streams advising about the different updates availavble. Also there are some streams about the differet sections available on windows tem.


This section has streams to teach you about how to become a better basketball payer. There are streams that teach you how to become a better dribbler with your left hand, How to be a better defender and how to beat defenders.

Pronounce It.


These streams help you to pronounce works and sounds better.  

Mountain Bikes.

These streams give advise on how to ride a mountain bike on different terrains. Such as how to ride descents correctly and how to brake like a pro. There is plenty of streams to go through on this section.


In this section there are two pages that teach how to dance hip hop. From learning the basic steps right through to how to do somersault’s there is plenty to help you become a great dancer..

DIY Craft.

This section is definitely for the craft makers amongst us. There are links on how to do different hairstyles and gather up skirts. Aldo there is links on how to change needles on sawing machines and even streams  on how to wrap a present and do the bows for the presents .


This is a list of streams that teach you how to make bass music on a pc.

Making films.

This is just a small list on how to make films. Whether you want to make films like tarantino or brad pitt then would watch these Streams.


There is 16 different streams regarding board game cafe’s. this is taken from the snakes and latte’s youtube streams.


For those big kids amongst us this section teaches us how to build things out of Lego. Included in this section are how to build the uss enterprise. a minecraft wolf and even a Pikachu. there are several pages to go through on this section.

Website Building.

There is 26 different streams on how to build website on this section. There is a devs starters kit,The series starts with part one documentation and goes to part 23 free hosting with GitHub.

Magic Tricks.

During my time of using kodi and doing the blogs for best  for kodi. I have never come across a section like this one, magic tricks is a new one for me. Below i will cover each section in this part of the addon.

Best magic show in the world.

At present this section is under construction.

Matt Franco.

Matt Franco was America’s got talent show and these 6 streams are some of his best tricks that led him to win the show. The magic tricks are really good i suggest watching them.

Easy Magic tricks Revealed.

This section has streams that show you how to do some of the simple tricks that you can amaze your friends with. Tricks such as passing a coin through a glass or a coin disappearing in a glass of water can be found n this list.

Office Magic Tricks Revealed.

There is 24 streams in this section. These are magic tricks that you can learn using things used in offices.

Magic Tutorials.

These are some in depth tutorials on how certain tricks have been done .

Collins Key.

Collins key was another magician that appeared on america’s got talent. This section has 22 of his magic tricks, including some from the show.

Close Up  magic tricks.

These 22 streams show some of the close up magic tricks and explain how they are done. tricks such as the jumping matches trick and how to push a glass through a table can be found in here.

Card Tricks Revealed.

This section concentrates on card tricks and explains how they are done. Tricks like 4 aces to the top of the deck and snap change can be found in  these streams. So if you want to learn card tricks this is the place for you.

Sleight of hand card tricks.

This is another card trick section. But this one concentrates on the sleight of hand tricks. That means where its the speed of the hands that make the tricks work. Tricks such as the new york card trick and the false over hand trick are on this section.

School Tricks

These are some tricks that you use on your school mate. Some of them are card tricks and some use technology.

Get Scared.

As you can see this section has been split in to two. Both will be covered below.

Horror movies.

This section has 5 pages of films available. On the first page there are some great horror movies such as blair witch, split, the shallows and cell. I highly recommend checking out this section.

Horror Images.

If your after some pictures of creepy horror pictures to use as backgrounds then this is the section for you. There are 3 different sections to look through..

All things Creepy.

There are 52 different streams available on the first page and a further 28 on the second page. This section has some really creepy streams available on here. There  is streams on true Halloween stories, actual kidnapping attempts and stalker stories.

True Stories 1.

Here we have the first of the scary true stories sections. There are quite a few pages to go through on here. With stories on haunted houses, ghost stories and mountain ghost stories.

True Scary Stories 2.

This section contains the second true scary story section. Again there is plenty of pages available to go through. There are paranormal, stalker and even gym stories to watch.

Scariest ouija board.

As you can see from the screenshot above there are quite a few streams to watch on here. From the scariest ones to truely horrifying ones.

Real Scary Ouija Board Stories.

You can watch more streams on ouija board, this section has 21 streams to watch.

Real Ghosts Caught on Camera.

As you can see from the screenshot above this has links to streams showing ghost activity. There are poltegiest, ghost and demon streams available to watch.

True Horror Stories.

The last section of the horror section has different stories available to watch. There are stories of subjects such as creepy encounters with strangers, criminal encounters and even internet stalkers.


This section has been split in to 3 different sections. For this section i am not going to show any screenshots of the actual sections in case there is any kids reading this blog.

To use this section you have to set a password so the younger ones can’t access the section.

Adult Videos.

As you can see there are 11 different sections to go through. There are top rated streams, hd streams and you can s=even search for streams

Adult Channels.

There are 31 different different channels available to look through.

Adult videos.

This section has streams available to watch. Due to the titles of the streams i will not list them now.



As you can see Goliath has put a lot of work in to this addon and as you can see from this blog, he caters for everyone,

I hope that you like the blog on picasso add-on and enjoy the addon. If any one wants me to cover any addons please contact me on twitter DamoT





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