Install a Repository Kodi

Install a Repository Kodi

Install a Repository Kodi

For all the newbies out there, you’ll here the term “repo” and wonder what that means, a repo is a repository that contains addons used to get content such as Sports or TV shows.  so in simple terms an add-ons provide you with content, one of the most popular addon is Genesis; the author of this addon is Lambda and he has his own repository, when you load lambda repo, you can find Genesis to for you to install.

A repo can have multiple add ons. These add ons are grouped as Program, Video, Music etc.

I have another post fot installing the Fusion Repository that can be found here


Repository Addresses

Every repo has a URL,an address (or source), much like a HTTP that’s used on the internet,  you add this source into File Manager in order to install the repo onto Kodi.

Below you’ll find a list of the most popular source addresses that can be entered in to the file manager. so please bookmark this page for future reference in case you need it in the future.

The newest Repo at the minute is the  Ares Wizard, to get this repo you need to add, in to file manager, but i’ll go through that shortly, the difference between this wizard and say the Wookie wizard is you can load on different repositories rather then having them put on for you like Wookie does, also the Ares Wizard has almost all the popular builds included in it, these can be downladed once the wizard has been setup.

So here’s the list of Repositories:

  • TV Addons
  • Xunity     
  • Super Repo
  • Ares Project
  • NJM Soccer
  • Mucky Ducks
  • Metal Kettle
  • Renegades
  • MegaTron
  • BBTS      
  • Zues (down)
  • Entertainment
  • MTL       
  • Dexter   
  • Elderados
  • Genie TV
  • Pod God

Installing Any Repo Into Kodi


Highlight system to bring up the sub menu and select file manager,


Then click on add source


Then click on the <none> and this will bring up the following box where you enter the url.


Click on done and then click on the bottom box on the next screen to enter the name like this.


Once you click on done click on the home button on the bottom right of the screen, and the click on system again, then click on addons then install from zip and this will bring up the following:


Click on the repo you named in file manager, i.e ares wizard.


Then select the .zip file and wait for the notification to come up, the go back to the home screen and click on programs and you’ll get the following screen.


Click on the .zip file to access ares and once this has loaded this will bring up the following screen.


So I’ve now loaded on the ares wizard and from here i can select any of the headings at the top. (this will be covered in a further post)

So have a go at adding any of the named repo url’s above and see how you go on, if you get the following message check the spelling of url entered or see if you have entered it correctly, as you can see from the following picture i have entered not http://fusion.tvaddons.agloadall8

That’s all for now cheers for reading my post


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