How to install Cartoons 8 kodi addon Repo

How to install Cartoons 8 kodi addon Repo


Good Evening Guys and Girls a BFK exclusive! Goliath is back with his amazing addons. This blog will show you How to install cartoons 8 kodi addon , the best Cartoon addon on Kodi by far, it has just had an update so is fully working again. My Boys love this addon it has something for all of them. Great to see you back mate!


How to install Cartoons 8 kodi addon Repo


Hope this blog finds you all well.

Wow what a month for BFK the site growth has gone through the roof again, to think we only launched in October to get the site hits we are getting is beyond my expectations. This would not have been possible without all of you so Thanks again from the whole team here. You are all stars and part of our team here. Please keep re-tweeting our tweets and sharing blogs on Facebook so more people get to know our site.

Loving the tweets we are getting for you guys to such a motivation to hear all of your positive comments and thoughts regarding the site.

This Add-on is a god send for any of you that have kids that love their cartoons and of course for us Big Kids!!

Its jam packed with thousands of cartoons and Kids Movies and is a must have add-on on anyone’s setup. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

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How to install Cartoons8 Kodi Add-on.
  • Kodi 17 Install GuideHOME Screen – Add-ons – Settings button (Cog icon) – Enable Unknown Sources.
    HOME screen – File Manager (folder icon) – Add Source
    Enter  in the top box – Enter Goliath in the bottom box-OK.
    HOME screen – Add-Ons – Add-on Browser (box icon).
    Install from zip file – repository.Goliath.x.x.x.zipWait for Add-on enabled notification.

    Install from repository –Goliath Repo – Video add-ons – Cartoon8 Addon – Install.
    Wait for Add-on enabled notification.

    Cartoon8 Addon is now installed and ready to use.
    The Add-on can now be located from HOME screen – Video Add-Ons – Cartoon8 Addon.

You are all ready to go and chill whilst your kids get their cartoon fix!


Big thanks to dev for this addon. Thanks for giving this to the people for FREE!!

Any issues to encounter with the addon please direct to the addon dev we can not help you with these. 


BestForKodi does not endorse any of the services on offer from this developer. 

This blog is purely for information purposes what you do with this information is up to you.


Do not contact as this is a third party addon. Remember you add these addons at your own risk.


How to install Cartoons 8 kodi addon Repo

Please remember that Best for Kodi offer no streams or control this addon. Please contact the developers of this addon if you have any problems. We offer no support for this addon as we have nothing to do with it. This is a third party addon and involvement or problems with this addon should be directed towards the developers or playlisters. Ourselves or Kodi offer no support for this addon,

It your responsibility to ensure that you comply with all your regional laws with any streams to be found on the web via Kodi Third party addons.

Whilst I am writing this would like to go on record to thank you all for your support.  The Site is still growing month on month. We really enjoy reading your comments on our twitter account all 58000 of you. if you don’t follow us you can do so by clicking HERE.

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Thanks from the whole team at #BFK


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How to install Cartoons 8 kodi addon Repo


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