Install F4M Tester Kodi

Install F4M Tester Kodi Repo

With quite a few addons asking you to Install F4M Tester Kodi, we thought we had better do a blog on it, What is it? and why do we need it for these addons on our device? The addon has been updated to 2.61 so ensure your device is running the latest version.


Install F4M Tester Kodi


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Just thought i would knock up this quick blog as we have had quite a few people ask about this addon, you would have noticed quite a few live stream addons will have a message from within saying that some or all of the streams require F4M Tester for streams to work. So what is F4M Tester and why do they need it and why do you have to install an additional addon to your device?

Well from looking at F4M tester in a little more depth in to what it does it works kind of like a resolver and helps Kodi play stream with a Flash Media Container and kodi xml contains the location of the media file. Its actually quite a clever little addon so well done to Shani for that.

Once its installed you can forget about it really and it will do its thing when its needed to do so and will update automatically like any other addon.

Here is the easiest way to install it on your kodi device.

What you will need is the Fusion Repository, most of you will have the repo installed already but just in case her is how to quickly add it

first off all you need tvaddons repository installed:- under system
– click on file manager
– click on add source
– type it in
– click done
– click to give it a name
– type fusion
– click done
– click ok
– return to home screen

If you have fusion repo installed just follow instructions below

For a Quick guide on how to install please follow the instructions below. You won’t be disappointed.

Step 1. Select System.

Step 2. Select Add-ons

Step 3. Select Install from Zip.

Step 4. Select Fusion.

Step 5. Select xbmc-repos.

Step 6. Select International.

Step 7. Scroll down and select

Then wait for enabled notification.

Step 8.  Select Get Add-ons/Install from Repository.

Step 9. Select Shani repo.

Step 10. Select Video Add-ons.

Step 11. Select Tester F4M addon

Step 12.  Select Install.

Then wait for Add-on enabled.

If you are having issues installing via shani’s repo, a zip can be installed from Shani github page HERE

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