Install from Zip – Remove Add-on

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Install from Zip – Remove Add-on


Ok Guys and Dolls,Here is a blog on how to Install from a zip file,Install an Add-on and then remove the Add-on.


I know most of you will be able to perform these tasks,But there will be some people out there that will be grateful for this Information.


So lets get on with it.


I will be using a FRESH install of Kodi and using the Confluence Skin.


Ok first thing first We need a Zip file.


For this blog i will be using the Lambda Repo zip.


If you dont have it already you can get it from HERE


First you will see a Download box containing the Zip file.



Save it somewhere you can find it for when we install it.


Ok now we have downloaded our Zip file we can open Kodi and go to SYSTEM.



Then Add-Ons.



Install from Zip.



Now we will be presented with a Navigation box,Here we have to go to the Directory to where we saved the Zip file.


Mine is on my C:/ but it will be the same principle for ALL Android users.



Once we have located our Zip file.



Just simply click on it.


And as you can see below,The Zip file is checking for updates at the top of the screenshot and at the bottom of the screen shot it tells you that the Add-On is enabled.



Ok so far so good.


Now lets Install a Add-On from the Zip file i have just installed.

We need to go back out to where we “Installed from Zip”.

And just above that line you will see Install From Repository.


Click that.



Then we should be able to see the Zip file we have installed.


There it is so now if we click on lambda.



We can choose an Add-On. By going to video Add-Ons.



For this i will install the Good Old Genesis.


Click on it.



And you see the Install.


Click install.



And you should that it is Downloading and once that has done.



You will see that is enabled.



Now all we have to do is go and find it in our Video Add-On section.


So navigate back to your Main menu and go to Video Add-Ons.



And there you will find Genesis.



So there you have it.


But wait What is you wanted to Uninstall an addon?


Ok there are TWO ways you can achieve this.

First way is Now your in the Video Add-On section you can HIGHLIGHT the Add-On you wish to DELETE and Right click OR Menu button on the Remote and you will see a box appear.


Click on Add-On Information.



Then Click Uninstall.



Click yes if your sure you want to Unistall and your Done.



OR you can go to your SYSTEM.






Then My Add-Ons.



Then Video Add-Ons.

Install from Zip


Then find the one you wish to Uninstall. and click on it you will then get the option to Uninstall.

Install from Zip


And there you have it.


Hope this was of some help to you out there.

Until next time.


Be Good.


And have a great new year.





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