Upgrade to Kodi 16.1 and Install Wookie – New Source


Upgrade to Kodi 16.1 and Install Wookie – New Source


As of 14/09/2016: There is now a new source for the Wookie.


If  you are not aware of the fact that now that Kodi is going forward then so do the builds within the Kodi world.

If you are a user of the Wookie Builds then now you have to be running 16.1 Kodi or higher.  If you are running anything lower than this and you do an update from the Wookie Wizard. You may not get all the features of the build.

Wookie Lite, Wookie Retro, Wookie New Look.


Also if you install from the Community Build Section then there are builds in there also that wont RUN on anything less than 16.1 (Mine included).

Having noticed on the social media sites this afternoon on Match day 1 of the EPL, I noticed that there there were a few people asking why they were not getting certain features in there Wookie build once they had updated.

Well this is the answer to 95% off you.


So for those of you who are running anything less than 16.1 then this is the guide for you as I’m going to show you how to…


Uninstall your old Kodi.

Re-install Kodi 16.1.

Re-install the Wookie Wizard.

Ok lets get there its a Doddle


From my experience to get the best out of anything you need to start from new so to do that we need to get shut of our old Kodi and to do that we do the following.

Open you Box,Tablet Android device.

Go to you browser and Download Kodi 16.1 you can get the most stable version here at KODI DOWNLOAD

If you type Kodi downloads you should come up with the Kodi site.



Click on your desired Platform , for this i am using Android so if we click on  APK install : ARM.



Click it and your Download will begin.



Once its download it will be in your Download folder.



So now we know we have safely downloaded 16.1 Kodi we can no proceed to delete our old version of Kodi.


We now need to go to System settings.



Click where it says Apps and scroll to Kodi.



Click On the Kodi app and then Click on Uninstall.



Once that has done you need to close down and then go to your File Manager and go to your download folder where we downloaded 16.1 in the beginning of this tutorial.



Click on the new Kodi and it will ask you do you want to install.



Click install and the install will begin.



Once installed it will prompt to open you can open from this point.



Once you open Kodi will start and you will see that your new version is 16.1.

Upgrade to Kodi 16.1 and Install Wookie


So now we have are new Kodi all we need need to do now is install our new Wookie build.


So with your new Kodi we have to go to System/File manager.



Then we need to add source,


Then we need to enter the source that is http://wookiespmc.com/wiz

This is a brand new source as of the 14/09/16.


Click done.



Then lets give the source a name,…i.e wookie.

Then click OK.



Once you have done that we need to go back to System.(MY FAVORITE PLACE).



Then we need Add-ons.



Then its Install from zip.



Then we need to select the wookie.


Once we select the wookie we need to click on .


Succumb to the wookie.


Then all you have to do is wait till you see the Disclaimer.


Once you see this you can press RETURN on the remote.

Upgrade to Kodi 16.1 and Install Wookie


Then we can go back to the maim menu bar and head for video add-ons.


In there we should find the Wookie.


Click on the Wookie.



Then click on Install Wookie.



Now we get to put our Build on,… Its up to you from this stage on.



Alternatively you can chose the Community section.



And chose from various builds in that section also.

Upgrade to Kodi 16.1 and Install Wookie


So there you have it People,… from start to finish on how to up-grade to 16.1 and have the latest Wookie Build.

Hope this sorts a few problems out for a few of you.

Till next time.


Be Good.

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