Install Kodi on your iPad or iPhone without Jailbreak

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Install Kodi on your iPad or iPhone without Jailbreak


One of the most common questions asked on the forums is can i install Kodi on my I.O.S device? Well the answer is Yes.

My next question to person asking is your device jailbroken? if Yes the answer is very simple as Kodi is available in Cydia



If No the answer is still yes but just not as simple there are two options iPAWIND their site can be accessed and read HERE it does cost $15 a year.

Or you can the following below which was given to me by the guys at TvAddons you require a Mac computer and the latest version of Xcode.


This is not a simple process as you can see below and probably easier to jail break your device, i would not attempt this unless you are very competent and understand the process.   


Connect your iOS device to the Mac you want to install Kodi to.

1: Download and launch Xcode and create a new iOS application.

2: Enter « Kodi » (without the quotes) in the « Product Name ».

3: Enter your own name in the « Name of Organization ».

4: Define the « Organisation Identifier » field to display « com.yourname », replacing « yourname » with your name clearly, then press the « Next » button to continue.

5: When prompted with the error « No correspondence provisioning profiles found », click the « Fix Problems » button to correct it.

6: Click the « Add » button when prompted to sign in using your Apple ID.

7: When you are prompted to « Select a development team to use for supplies, select your Apple ID from the dropdown list and click the » Select « button.

8: You should not see any errors in the application window of Xcode.

9: Download the latest Kodi DEB installation file to the « Desktop » of your computer.

10: Download and extract the latest version of the iOS App Signing the « Desktop » of your computer.

11: launch the « iOS App Sign », and select the installation file you downloaded DEB Kodi.

12: Select your « signature certificate » with the « Provisioning Profile » you just made, and click the « Start » button and enter a name for the new installation package.

13: Return the application of Xcode and click the « Window » menu and select « Devices »

14: Click on your device on the left menu bar, then press the « + » button at the bottom left of the right of the window.

15: Select the IPA file generated by the iOS App Sign in « Step 13 » in this guide when prompted, then wait a few minutes for the installation to complete.

16: Disconnect your device and enjoy Kodi at its best !.

Congratulations! You should now have installed on your iOS Kodi non jailbroken device.



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