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If you currently use favourites within your kodi set up then chances are you will like this one. Simply install Super Favourites. This addon gives you far more options and cool things that you can do with favourites so let’s take a look at just a few things before showing you how to install it.


OK, first of all let’s take a quick peek at some of the setings within this addon. Once installed (details below) go to Program Addons and with Super Favourites highlighted bring up your context menu by either pressing the menu button on your remote or by cliking “c” on your keyoard and click Addon Settings.


Install Super Favourites Kodi Addon


One cool feature, under the General section is that you can set a “Quickstart hotkey“, a number of addons do have this feature and it’s pretty useful for ones you use a lot. You can select one of the options by clicking on the little up/down arrows or you can select “Programmable”, you then have the option to select your own shortcut key.


Install Super Favourites Kodi Addon


The Display section allows you to customize the options within the addon and how favourites are shown.


Install Super Favourites Kodi Addon


The Global Menu section lets you set up some of the choices that are available within the menus which we will see being used later in this blog.

Also, at the top of this list of options is one called Enable the menu. This will change the options in your context menu and give you the options selected which is a really cool feature, so make sure it’s turned on.


Install Super Favourites Kodi Addon


The Advanced section allows you to import or export your Super Favourites, this can be a real help when changing set-up, updating, transferring data to an alternative device or just plain and simple backups.


Install Super Favourites Kodi Addon


OK, launching the addon now and its got a pretty simple look and feel to it.

The iSearch and iExplore fuctions are search engines that will look for features or categories etc within some of your addons (even specific movies or TV shows). I have to admit these two options are not ones that I have used a lot.

Let’s start off by looking at the menu items. There is an option to Explore your Kodi Favourites, This allows you to view the existing “standard” style favourites that you may have set up on your system.


Install Super Favourites Kodi Addon


Once inside your “standard” kodi favourites, there are now lots of things you can now do with them. Highlight one and bring up your context menu and you will see a few.


Install Super Favourites Kodi Addon


Click on Edit Kodi Favourite to get a whole host more. Oh what fun we can have with our “standard” kodi favourites now ! We can also copy them over and make them “Super Favourites”


Install Super Favourites Kodi Addon


Back to the main menu and really what this addon is all about, click on Create New Super Folder


Install Super Favourites Kodi Addon


What this does is create a folder for us, we can have as many or as few of these as we like and it allows us to categorize our favourites. You will get an option to name the folder whatever you like, here I have created one and called it SPORTS.

Now with the new folder in place, highlight it and bring up your context menu for more options. Let’s go for Edit Super Folder.


Install Super Favourites Kodi Addon


Loads more options now, even a quick method to change the colour of the folder description


Install Super Favourites Kodi Addon


We’ll take a look at the artwork later but for now let’s a link into our SPORTS folder. Just navigate through kodi to the required Addon and section and when you get to the item you want to link, highlight it and bring up the context menu. You will see that you now have a completely different context menu than what you have been used to and its good!

There is still the option at the bottom of the list to go back to the standard context menu if you like.

Lots of options now including links to the settings of both the current addon and the Super Favourites addon. I am going to select , Add to Super Favourites on this link to BT Sport 1.




I will now get the option of which Super Folder to put this link into, I will put it in my SPORTS folder.




And now, there it is inside my SPORTS folder. There is also an option to create  a further sub-folder if i want.




OK, bear with me, this is a cool tip.

As you can see there is no artwork connected to my link to BT Sport 1. That is because the addon where I got the link from did not provide any. However, right now it is the one that is working best for me. That doesn’t mean I have to make do with no artwork though.

Simply navigate to an alternative addon offering the same channel that has some artwork, highlight the link and bring up your context menu. Now you can select to copy the images. (sneaky I know).




Now I navigate back to Super Favourites (or hit your shortcut key if you set one up) and go to my blank BT Sport 1 link. Bring up the context menu and click Paste thumbnail.


Install Super Favourites Kodi Addon


And there we have it. Looks better now! And you can see I have repeated the above for another link from another add-on.






You can do this as well for the thumbnails on the Super Folders. You can even choose a thumbnail and use one of your own images if you like.




Here I have now added a MOVIES folder and added some links inside it, These could be to entire sections within your favourite addons or to specific movies.






So one way of looking at how you use your Super Folders is that you are sort of “creating you very own addons”, taking exactly what you want from all of what you have on your system and putting them together.

Totally customizable, there is so much more you can do with Super Favourites, I hope this little introduction temps you into having a go and seeing just what else you can do.

Just remember good links come and go so there is some maintenance required with Super Favourites to keep it in tip-top working order.

Why not let us know how you get on by contacting us on Twitter @Bestforkodi.

Here’s how to install Super Favourites if you don’t already have it on your system, its located within the Kodi Add-on Repository which should already be on your system..

  • Select SYSTEM
  • Then ADD-ONS
  • Scroll down and Select SUPER FAVOURITES
  • Select INSTALL


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