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Good Morning Guys and Girls. EzZeRmAn takes a look this morning at How to Install the MusicMan Addon. A great addon for your music needs. So lets get it installed and see what it is all about.


Hello again BFKers. I’m here again to bring you the Install for MusicMan Addon guide.


If you like your Music …………. You gotta have this, believe me. There is music from all over the world in this 1 click addon. When i say “1 click” I mean 1 click.

These Video Addon-on links are Bang On.

What more can i say, Seeing is believing so lets get straight on with it.


Install the MusicMan Addon.


First it File manager.



Then we need to add the source.


The source being.


Please note that the URL http has a S on the end not the standard http!!!

Install the MusicMan Addon


Once we have entered the source we need to give it a name.

In this case its kanerepository.



Now if we head back to our system.



Then Add-ons.



Then install from .zip.



We can install from our zip file we created.



Then wait for the Add-on to be enabled.



Once enabled we can head over to out Add-on section on the main bar.



And in there we should find our new MusicMan Add-on.



All we have to do now is go and find whats in side there.


There are far to many for me to screenshot. But heres a couple of what you will see in this Top Add-on.




The quality is very nice indeed also.



So hats off to the MusicMan for this add-on.

This will absolutely be getting added to my Build


Well that’s it for this one. Hope you have enjoyed and have hours of fun with this great Add-on.


Till next time take care.




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